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SilverGen colloidal silver generators feature constant current circuitry, constant stirring devices, automatic shutdown functionality (Models SG6 Auto and SG7 Pro), and variable PPM control. In our opinion, the Silvergen SG-7 is one of the best all purpose, larger scale production (5 gallon batches) generators available for any price.

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Based out of Port Ludlow, Washington, SilverGen specializes in manufacturing generators and selling related supplies and equipment, including Hanna PWT meters and DC to AC power inverters ( cigarette lighter adapters ). Silvergen generators are custom manufactured by Trem, who is an individual of high integrity with years of experience with colloidal silver.

Featured Model: SilverGen SG7 Pro©

SilverGen  Colloidal Silver Generator Model CS3A, all rights reservered
  • 5 Gallon Capacity
  • 4 Silver Electrode Configuration
  • Large surface area electrodes
  • Water Circulation via a water pump
  • Timed Reverse Polarity
  • Auto-shutdown, adjustable concentration ( PPM )
  • PPM measurement reasonaby accurate via a Hanna PWT Meter
  • 10 PPM + concentrations

The SilverGen SG7 is an excellent large capacity generator that produces an end product that is roughly 98-99% ionic silver. The silver particulates are evenly distributed throughout the CS, as verified by TEM analysis. The system runs extremely clean due to the water circulation and the correctly implemented reverse polarity system.

CircuitrySilver Electrodes

The system utilizes timed reverse polarity, precision electrode spacing, and includes a water circulation pump along with the 4 silver electrode plate assembly ( each electrode is 1.5 inches wide). This configuration allows for higher current use, which results in faster production runs.

Production time is between 2.5 - 6 hours for 5 gallons, depending on the desired concentration.

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Topic: SilverGen Colloidal Silver Generators
5/5 (1)
SilverSeas (Las Vegas, Nevada, US) says...

We've been using the Silvergen SG7-Pro with great results for years. We highly recommend it!

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