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This document presents the results of 214 regular colloidal silver users who participated in a poll asking for information regarding any side effects encountered while using colloidal silver.

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Colloidal Silver Users Poll -

214 colloidal silver users responded to a poll organized and conducted by Roger Altman. The question: How many people have experienced side effects resulting from colloidal silver use?

  • 205 users reported no side effects from colloidal silver use ( 95.8% )
  • The nine users reporting side effects all found ways to eliminate the problems.
    • One report described intestinal gas
    • Three users reported loose bowels
    • Two reported Herxheimer reactions
    • Two reported general digestion problems
    • One reported a calcium adsorption problem
  • The average amount of time these 214 people have been using colloidal silver: 2.2 years

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Colloidal Silver
Safety Issues with Using Colloidal Silver: FDA, WHO, EPA

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