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Welcome to the most comprehensive and objective source of information on isolated silver colloids and ionic silver solutions in the world! Silver Medicine.org has been organized to provide the public with accurate, comprehensive research information about antimicrobial "isolated" ionic silver and particle silver (positively charged silver ions and clusters of negatively charged, minute silver particles) hydrosols, also known as silver solutions, as used in allopathic and alternative medicine.

We are not able to answer specific health queries or address any specific medical case, recommend dosage levels, or otherwise prescribe or recommend silver use for any condition.

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Ionic Silver Hydrosols and Colloids: Colloidal Silver 101, Basic Information on the benefits and use of silver - This section features important articles and commentaries that provide basic and important general information about antimicrobial silver hydrosols for use in medicine, especially for those who are just beginning research.

Silver Safety & Toxicity: Ionic Silver Solutions, Compounds, and Isolated Silver ( EIS ) - The most comprehensive section on the safety of silver on the net, including special articles on silver and argyria, silver and the EPA RISK study, the FDA's perspective on issues of the safety and effectiveness of silver colloids and ionic silver solutions, and silver toxicity data from materia medicas.

Ionic / Colloidal Silver Homemade Generator - How to Make Colloidal Silver Yourself! - This section includes a graphic tutorial on building a basic silver generator ( covers the basic and critically important principles behind the electrolysis method of production ) as well as covering advanced production methods and popular generator modifications and CS generator designs.

Retail Generators: Make Your Own ( Home Made ) Colloidal Silver ( Ionic Silver ) - Our retail guide and review of quality ionic silver generators available for purchase.

Colloidal Silver Uses / Using Colloidal Silver - An extensive collection of commentaries on the different ideologies and methods behind using antimicrobial silver, including combining isolated silver with other medicinal substances such as cayenne pepper, hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2 ), and healing clays ( such as bentonite, illite and montmorillonite ). This section covers topical applications, oral use and nebulizer use.

Colloidal Silver Scientific Studies & Medical Research - Visit our collection of private study material, analytical laboratory analysis, and time kill studies exploring the antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties of silver colloids and silver ions.

Commentaries - Unique commentaries and documents compiled from the knowledge-pool of silver colloid enthusiasts and professionals world-wide.

Using Colloidal Silver - Testimonials - Now, visitors can add and view testimonials: Our testimonials project is one of the most ambitious projects ever developed, designed to thoroughly, safely and responsibly explore the growing body of anectodal evidence documenting the effectiveness -- or the lack thereof-- of using silver.

Antimicrobial Silver - Universal Germ Conqueror - A technical essay, fully referenced, exploring the history and use of high quality silver hydrosols.

The Best Silver Products - Our section of recommended products and services that represent the best products we have found on the market, including retail CS and silver generators.

Colloidal Silver Yahoo Email Discussion Group - Discussion group for colloidal silver, alternative medicine, and natural medicine.

Colloidal Silver Forum - Online Forum.

Bob Berger, 'Ole Bob, & Colloidal Silver - Bob Berger, who passed away in June 2006, was a pioneer in the study of colloidal silver production. He will be sorely missed. This page/section has been created to preserve his work, from an archived copy of hvacsilver.com ( which no longer exists ).

Email List Group Archives - A collection of the most significant and fascinating posts from our yahoo group email list.

EIS Colloidal Silver Definition - Our coined defination of Electrically isolated silver.

Colloidal Silver Solutions / Reviews- Review of the most popular and reliable retail colloidal silver products (microsite) .

NEW: www.Silvermedicine.org's EIS Colloidal Silver - Wholesale - 1 Gallon Containers - High quality and affordable colloidal silver at wholesale pricing.


Natural & Alternative Medicine Research
Therapies Compatible with Colloidal Silver Use

O3 - Ozone Therapy: Ozone Tents, Ozonated Olive Oil, Ozone Sauna Therapy - While Ozone is not compatible for use in colloidal silver or with colloidal silver production/generation methods, ozone therapy offers extraordinarily powerful treatment modalities to address chronic illness and wellness.

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Topic: Colloidal Silver - Medical
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Janith Hooper (Oakdale, US) says...

When did the colloidal process begin? What year was it, please. Thank you.


Greetings, Janith:

Are you asking when ELECTROLYSIS was first used to produce colloidal silver?

I ask because silver has been used medicinally for an extremely long time.

If you clarify your question, we'll see if we can get an answer for you!

Janith Hooper (Oakdale, US) says...

Thank you for your reply. I am a writer and had mentioned a use for Colloidal Silver in one of my novels. This is what a reviewer posted after reading my book: "Colloidal Silver was not used until the early 1990's. Silver in other forms was used but the colloidal process wasn't invented in 1959."

I would love to let this reviewer know that she is wrong and that Colloidal Silver has been around for centuries. But, rather than do that without proof (I did research this, but I don't remember from where I got my answers), I thought I'd find out from people who know for sure. All I need to know is, was Colloidal Silver used as a natural antibiotic back in 1959? Thank you so much for your help.


Hi Janith:

The confusion is in the reviewer's use of language.  "Colloidal" is not a process, it is a state.

References to ELECTRO-COLLOIDAL silver use even here in the United States can betraced to 1924.  This may be the first time ELECTROLYSIS was used to produce colloidal silver. (Surgical Infections, Volume 10, Number 3, 2009, J. Wesley Alexander, History of the Medical Use of Silver)

However, it is very likely that COLLOIDS made of silver have been in use for much longer.  The colloids would have been produced by grinding silver down into the finest silver possible.   Also, some of the old alchemical methods of working with silver may have also produced colloids.

I hope this helps!

PS:  Don't be too hard on your readers!  LOL

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Colloidal Silver

Newest Comments
James Heathen on silveruse3.php at 10:29pm (15th-Jan)
Pam on medical-doctors-silver.php at 1:53pm (12th-Jul)
Earl on SIS Machines at 6:53pm (25th-May)
Earl on Silverpuppy Generators at 6:31pm (25th-May)
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