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"The Silver Puppy" is a favorite among those who make colloidal silver at home for personal use. It is an affordable, well engineered product that makes a quality colloidal silver. The new "Silver 9" offers improvements over the earlier model Series 2, which in itself was already one of the best EIS generators out there.

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Coyote ZEnterprises

Based out of North Carolina, Coyote ZEnterprises specializes in manufacturing high quality colloidal silver generators for personal use.

The newly revamped "Silver 9" colloidal silver generator features constant current technology with looped silver electrodes which reduce the silver oxide buildup at the end of the electrodes. The electrode configuration also extends the shelf life of the electrodes and greatly improves the end quality of the silver brew. Ken (owner of Coyote ZEnterprises) was the first to pioneer the use of this type of electrode configuration.

The new Silver Puppy now features automatic reverse polarity switching (square wave alternating polarity). The new unit uses an internal rectifier to sort out input polaraties automatically, and features a new transistorized feedback circuit which "perfects" the current flow.

Another new feature that sets the Silver Puppy apart? It uses Faraday calculations to determine the parts per million when making colloidal silver above 10 PPM. Users who want to just "plug and play" can do so; the unit will automatically turn off when the conductivity indicates that 10 parts per million has been reached.

Those who wish to make a higher concentration of colloidal silver can use the new built in, programmable "PPM calculator" to automatically produce the higher concentration.

This little puppy is a really excellent unit!

Silver Puppy - Colloidal Silver Generator - Silver 9

If you currently own a Silverpuppy, please review and rate it below!

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Topic: Silver Puppy Generators
5/5 (8)
Earl (Yampa, Colorado, US) says...

I have been using the Silver Puppy for a little over a year and am very satisfied with it. I am really glad I decided on this brand. I would not buy a different brand.

Slim (Florida, US) says...

I spent a lot of time researching all of my options before buying this unit, which I decided to buy because it won for price, ease of use, quality of the resulting EIS and consistency of results. I first looked at dozens of options, and narrowed it down to just 5. Of those, I concluded that this one was the best option for most of what such a generator can do.

I bought it and started testing it out. At first I didn't know what to expect, what EIS could do, etc. I quickly discovered that it is indeed highly antiseptic, and it has become my go-to antiseptic of choice for most purposes. The quality of EIS produced by this unit is as uniform as it is possible to make, since the unit cannot control for ambient temperature, water purity, chemicals in the air, etc., all of which can affect the quality of a batch.

Mine has already paid for itself many times over. Overall, I give it 5 stars and heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to make their own for a great price.


Thanks for the great feedback, Slim!

Seraphina musacchio (Cleveland, Ohio, US) says...

Hi, i just found your website, thanks for all the useful information. Im wondering if any of the generators that you have listed have a documented particle size in nano meters? Sudies that ive read show that particles between 5 and 15 nanometers are most effective in the treatment of hiv, which is my desired use.



These generators make EIS, not true silver colloids.  You have to be very careful when using silver particles in that range.  Silver nanoparticles below 20 nanometers need to make via the "chemistry method" of colloidal silver production in order to avoid particles with cytotoxicity.

Look up the silvermedicine page on facebook for links to scientific studies done on this exact topic.  We haven't updated the website on this topic.

Be careful who you trust when it comes to silver nanoparticles.  It's best to learn how to make them yourself, a lot of "silver colloid" products are made using HVAC, which is basically just blasting silver particles off of the electrode.  Not only do jagged silver particles oxidize, they are highly cytotoxic.

Eventually we plan on having an advanced section which would include a tutorial on proper silver colloid production.

Cindy (Alberta, Canada) says...

Just made my first jar of silver. Super easy done in 5 hours for 10 ppm clear instructions. I am a very happy customer.

SilverSeas (Las Vegas, Nevada, US) says...

We've owned three or four of these units over the years, and recommend them to "newbies" who want an easy to use, reliable unit.

Matt says...

Are you still using the Silver 9 or are you using something else now that you're not a "newbie" anymore. Also, do you use the magnetic stirrer on the Silver 9?

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Newest Comments
Earl on SIS Machines at 6:53pm (25th-May)
Earl on Silverpuppy Generators at 6:31pm (25th-May)
Silvermedicine on Community Message Board at 2:23pm (30th-Mar)
Bart M Scivally on fda.php at 2:17pm (30th-Mar)
Bill Myers on Natures Toolbox at 10:38pm (25th-Mar)

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