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Welcome to our silver safety center, which has been designed to provide in depth information concerning silver toxicology and safety issues. The documents below address all known concerns of colloidal silver use, including cosemtic argyria, silver poisoning, and herxheimer reactions. EPA, FDA, and WHO reference material with commentaries are included for a well-rounded and comprehensive perspective concerning the safety of colloidal silver use.

Featured: Up to 68% of the population may be magnesium deficient...

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Silver Nanoparticles: The EPA petition to regulate all colloidal silver products as pesticides - Jan. 2009: THe EPA has been petitioned to regulate all silver nanoparticle containing products as pesticides.

The EPA: Colloidal Silver Safety and Toxicity - The Environmental Protection Agency's Integrated Risk Assessment System ( RISK ) includes a complete and comprehensive analysis of silver toxicity in the body through an annotated commentary referencing accepted and published scientific studies. This document conclusively establishes the minimum amount of silver required via ingestion to be placed at risk for argyria, and gives conservative users a definative answer to the question: How much can be safely consumed?

The FDA and Colloidal Silver - Explore an extensive document on the FDA's actions against silver use since the 1999 unclassified drug ruling. This commentary includes an example of the imfamous "cyber letters", chronicles the FTC's involvment in enforcing the FDA's ruling, and explores the many issues involved in regulation.

Silver Metal Poisoning and Compound Toxicity - Although we believe there has not been a case of true silver poisoning in at least 40 years, this document highlights interesting information derived from Materia Medicas. The information included here does not truly apply to quality isolated silver products, as it would be impossible to ingest enough silver to enduce actual silver poisoning.

FAQ: Silver salts, proteins, and isolated ionic silver and particle silver - This document addresses common concerns regarding the different types of products available, focusing on describing and understanding quality products made via the electrolysis method, exploring the differences in strength ( concentration ), and contrasting all of these variables with non-isolated silver products.

Argyria - A cosmetic malady, argyria is caused by silver which has been deposited into body tissues. The case of Stan Jones and Rosemary Jacobs are explored in our extensive essay. This document places argyria in the proper context, without the hype associated with either side of the controversy.

A Cure for Argyria - View our initial comments on the first known case involving the reversal of argyria via our Natural Medicine and Colloidal Silver Forum.

Argyria Case Reports - Confirmed cases of Argyria, classified by product type.

Herxheimer Reaction - Colloidal silver use can cause a reaction (commonly known as a herx reaction) in some circumstances involving the rapid elimination of pathogens and the subsequent immune system response. This document and commentary addresses, in depth, the exteriorization of illness, herxheimer-like reactions, and strategies to address any effects caused by bacterial/viral die-off as the result of successful treatment.

Colloidal Silver Side Effects Poll - 214 regular users were polled, and the results demonstrate that well over 90% of regular users have experienced no significant side effects.

Roger Altman's Silver Elimination Study - A private researcher studied consumption versus elimination, and concluded that the body, under normal conditions, is extremely capable of quickly eliminating silver from the body.

World Health Organization: Silver Toxicology - The WHO's Food Additive Series: Silver. This document includes the original text and our commentary on the data presented.

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Featured: Up to 68% of the population may be magnesium deficient...

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