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This section focuses on ozone for use with food, water, and bathing: Tips, suggestions, and ozone equipment recommendations.

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Bathing with Ozone

Bathing with ozone is an excellent way to help gently detoxify the body. Three ozone baths a week will help to revitalize the body's largest organ: The skin.

While water will hold more ozone than air, this type of therapy is not as effective as a sauna therapy, unless a way is devised to completely insulate the the bath to maintain higher levels of ozone concentration.

Ozone baths may be taken with ozone at a concentration of between 2% and 5%. The cheaper table top water ozonators ( available from $200.00 - 400.00 ) can be used in bath with good results with the skin. Of course, it is far better to use quality equipment.

For baths, it's important to use a wide-face diffuser, rather than the common small cylinder diffusers that will likely be shipped with any ozone generator purchase:

granite disc diffuser - ozone baths
[ Stone/Granite Large Disc Diffuser ]

These diffusers will eventually clog up, but they are affordable enough to be able to replace every few months:


To prepare an ozone bath, be certain to turn on the ozone generator and place the diffuser in a non-metal bath tub at the same time you start the bath, to ensure as much ozone saturation in the water as possible. Also, be certain that you provide good ventilation in the room.

Ozonating Fruits, Meats & Vegetables

Ozonated Strawberries

In order to properly ozonate and thus sterilize food, a correctly engineered appliance should be used. Most of the food and water ozonators on the market produce enough ozone to use as a food ozonator. However, the methods that they employ to disperse the ozone, such as the type of diffuser and the container used, are poorly thought out, and show a vast lack of understanding in how ozone works to improve food quality.

The end result is that the ozone does not fully disperse into the water in the container. This greatly reduces the ozone penetration into the foods being ozonated, and significantly effects the ozone's ability to destroy pathogens and detoxify the food.

One needs to have:

1. A device which fully disperses the ozone into the water and the container holding the water.

2. A container which allows for sufficient in-water "hang time". The ozone ( O3 ) needs to remain in the water long enough to produce activated oxygen ( O- ). Both the O3 molecule AND the O- molecule play an important role in food and water ozonation / sanitation.

The only properly engineered personal or home food and water ozone generator appliance we've found:

Oxygenie Food Oxywasher

Oxygenie 2009 Food and Water Sterilizer - Ozonator / Ozone Generator

Ozonating Drinking Water

Ozonating water has many benefits. When ozone is properly used, it will quickly destroy any bacteria or virri. It will nuetralize many chemical contaminants in the water. It will cause substances such as chlorine to either crystalize or outgas. It will temporarily restructure the water, as well as oxygenate it.

Water should be ozonated for between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on the concentration of ozone used and the saturation of ozone in the water. Many people use very inefective methods to ozonate water. In order to achieve the maximum possible saturation, the water should be completely aerated with ozone. This not only allows complete saturation of the water with ozone, but the action of the water combined with ozone results in the water's ability to literally eject crystalized substances out of the water ( if a very impure water is used, one will then note visible crystalized substances on the top of the glass container used ).

Once the water is ozonated, it will have a very slightly acidic taste for about one second when placed in the mouth.

Ozone and Water
Ozonating Water
Ozonated Water

Notice that the diffuser is the same size as the glass container.

Notice that water in the glass vessel is completely aerated.

Notice that the shape and size of the glass container allows plenty of "hang time" for the ozone.

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