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Brigham Young University ( BYU )
Time-Kill Study: ASAP Colloidal Silver

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The BYU silver study documents the results of a quality colloidal silver product compared to standard antibiotics, as used against a wide range of illness-causing organisms. The study conclusively demonstrated that based on the in-vitro studies conducted, colloidal silver may be an effective antibiotic alternative.

Featured: Dr. Robert O Becker

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Unsponsored BYU Laboratory Studies Conducted by Dr. Ron W. Leavitt
Professor of Microbiology at Brigham Young University

Product: ASAP between 1.25 - 5 PPM, Isolated Colloidal Silver

Studies Indicate that ASAP May Be an Effective Antibiotic Alternative

According to Dr. Ron Leavitt of BYU University, as reported by Deseret News, Tuesday, May 16, 2000, a quality colloidal silver may serve as a suitable antibiotic alternative.

Lois Collins of Deseret News quotes Dr. Leavitt as writing "The data suggests that with the low toxicity associated with colloidal silver, in general, and the broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity of this colloidal silver preparation, this preparation may be effectively used as an alternative to antibiotics."

The original study tested ASAP colloidal silver against tetracyclines, fluorinated quinolones (Ofloxacin), the penicillins, the cephalosporins (Cefaperazone) and the macrolides (Erythromycin). Among the microbes tested were streptococcuses, pneumonia, E. coli, salmonella, and shigella.

AM Silver has removed the original study data from their website. However, you can still view references to the studies on their site: Click here.

Lois Collins also quoted Ron Leavitt as stating, "When one of my research assistants suggested that we check this out, I was real skeptical of something that sounded a lot like snake oil. I said we'd do it if they would pay for the supplies. But whatever the data is, it is. We agreed there would be no restriction on publication of the data."

Although Dr. Leavitt stated that there would be no restriction on the publication of data, apparently Brigham Young University disagrees. In a letter dated July 23, 2002, the assistant to general counsel for BYU, stated:

"Any studies that occured at BYU were not intended for dissemenation to the general public."

In what can almost be construed as a blanket attack against first ammendment rights, BYU has been sending intimidating cease and desist orders out to individuals and organizations referencing the study. These letters not only pursue the reasonable demand that copyrights be respected, but further demand that BYU not be mentioned in conjunction with the study at all, despite the fact this information now exists in the public domain.

Further, attached to these letters is an official BYU position statement, where the antimicrobial effects of colloidal silver are compared to bleach. While it is clear ( in fact, self evident ) that studies done in-vitro cannot be applied to a clinical situation, comparing colloidal silver to bleach can only be regarded as a very distasteful disinformation tactic. While the sarcasm of the comment is not lost in the statement, the undiluted truth is. As the quote by Dr. Ron Leavitt above indicates, colloidal silver has a low level of toxicity ( see our pages on silver toxicity for details ).

The Colloidal Silver Database Website's position is that we are not in violation of copyright laws in this matter. Furthermore, we believe that the general public has a right to know the facts associated with the controversy, insofar as doing so does not infringe upon the rights of the parties in question, as a part of our journalistic expression.

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There are 3 comments
October 07, 2014 - 18:36

How do I get this?

frank – brigham city
December 02, 2012 - 00:28
Subject: colloidal silver

i had just seen an iridologist and i was told to get some colloidal silver just not sure which brand is safe to get do you have any recomendations you can send me an emial.

Liz Leavitt – Utah
June 29, 2011 - 00:19
Subject: Colloidal Silver

ASAP is NOT a Colloidal Silver!! If you read the research, you will see that it is a Silver Solution (SOL). It is created by an entirely different process. There is a distinct difference in the two. Please read the research done by Dr. Ron W Leavitt, Brigham Young University

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