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This document provides resources for steam sauna tents and steam cabinets/chambers for use with ozone therapy.

Featured: True stories never before told...

Ozone Steam Sauna Tents, Chambers, and Cabinets

Ozone steam sauna tents are far more affordable than the steam cabinets available on the retail market. Steam Sauna Tents suitable for ozone use are available for about $270.00. While chambers and cabinets are far better, tents are a fantastic low cost alternative.

Please keep in mind when purchasing that these steam generators/tents will last about a year, at the most two years if cared for very carefully!

Ozone Compatible Steam Sauna Tent
Ozone Compatible Steam Sauna Tent

Our current favorite tent (similar to the one above above) is available from Amazon: Click here for product details.

Other product links (UK):


Ozone Ready Steam Sauna Cabinets & Chambers

Steam chambers last longer and are easier to clean and upkeep than steam tents. However, they are also far more expensive: - $2500.00

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Ozone Therapy & Generators


Featured: Activated Oxygen and Ozone

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