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Trace Minerals
Trace Minerals, Nutrition & Health

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Trace Minerals

While there is much debate about what forms of supplements one should be taking in order to deliver critically necessary and bioavailable trace nutrients into the body, there is one clear fact stands above the debate:

There are numerous greatly important, and often overlooked, trace minerals that are only available in naturally mineral-rich soils. If soils are depleted in these nutrients, the entire ecosystem that relies upon soil nutrition will be depleted.

And what relies upon soil-based nutrition? All land-base life.

Organically rich, natural soils are the true primary and fundamental building blocks for all land-based organisms, second only to sunlight in importance. It is no coincidence that chronic illness has become rampant throughout civilization since population growths have forced mankind to develop modern farming practices.

As if nutrient-bereft soils were not enough, premature cultivation of fruits and vegetables coupled with gas ripening and food overcooking vastly reduces the nutritional value of most of the foods that people in large cities consume on a regular basis. Eating organically grown foods is a great practice, but there is no guarantee that a soils is actually renaturalized to nature's standards... especially since our understanding of all micronutrients and trace minerals is sorely incomplete.

This section of Nature's Toolbox is dedicated to providing reliable and critical medically relevant information about some of these vital nutrients.

Liqumins ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops - This is one source we use as a trace mineral water additive (, although we only use about one drop of water per gallon.

Cerium in the form of cerium oxide nanoparticles (CeO ---> CeO3) - Cerium oxide as a nutritional trace mineral.

Chromium: An important trace mineral for diabetics - Chromium is an important mineral that assists the body in breaking down sugar.

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