August 2006
Nanotechnology’s State-of-the-Art Silver-based Germ Fighter

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Welcome to our silver news center, which has been designed to archive silver related news stories, articles, and press coverage.

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The Most Serious Infections & Oligodynamic Silver

"In 1989, Thurman and Gerba concluded that metal ions, such as silver ions, can destroy germs located both inside and outside of our human cells.14 Once a germ has entered human cells—such as HIV, which invades white blood cells—it becomes more difficult for drugs to attack the infection without becoming toxic to those cells. It wasn’t until 2000 that the precise reason why silver worked so well was finally made clear by a researcher in China named Feng...

"...The rich amounts of silver ions found in UPOSH easily rupture a germ’s outer membrane when present in the right amounts, causing the germ’s vital internal components be exposed in the bloodstream to our white blood cells. While the white bloodstreams attack the inner components, UPOSH continues to destroy these vital internal components by cutting up its vital enzymes. Furthermore, Feng showed that silver ions can easily reach into the nucleus of the germ, where its vital gene pool is located. Once silver ions combine with these genes, the genes become paralyzed, and the germ cannot replicate itself.15 Most recently, another researcher found that silver, when tied to oxygen, can actually electrocute the germ which has turned out to be a powerful way to destroy viruses such as HIV!16 It is very difficult to imagine that germs can develop resistance to the onslaught made possible with UPOSH when it is properly delivered to the locations of the infection."

- John W. Apsley, II, DC, MD(E), Immunogenic Research Foundation

Several landmark human studies are quoted in the paper which present the serious arguement that silver ions may be effective with the most dangerous infectuous disease conditions such as AIDS and Candida.

Read the full article in the August 2000 news edition at: The Immunogenic Research Foundation

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