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The Basic Colloidal Silver Generator
Part Two: Building the Generator

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This tutorial ( part two ) provides a detailed explanation on how to build the basic low voltage, direct current colloidal silver generator. Having obtained all the parts necessary for construction, assembling the colloidal silver generator will take about 15 minutes. Please note that the basic generator does not include any means of current or voltage control. It is remotely possible that alkaline batteries can explode when wired in series without such controls. If this is a concern, simply wire in a 24 volt light bulb in series.

Colloidal Silver basic colloidal silver generator tutorial

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General Assembly - Preparing the Batteries in Series

Lead and Clamp

Clip off the unused lead: For convenience, cut off the unused battery lead on each clamp attachment.


Attaching the Batteries Together

Attach the battery pairs: Take two nine-volt batteries and snap the positive pole of one to the negative pole of the other ( there is only one way this attachment will work ). Repeat the process for the second set of batteries. The end result is two sets of two batteries attached to each other.


All batteries attached...

Attach the two battery sets together: ( Do not perform this step until you are actually prepared to make your colloidal silver. Take the two battery sets and snap them together. The end result is four batteries attached together, which actually completes a circuit. Note: To avoid a potential hazard created by alkaline batteries wired in series, any concerned user may wire in a 24 volt light bulb in series. We have, however, never heard of a problem with the batteries exploding. This design should never include the batteries being encased without current control.


Positive and Negative Pole

Complete Setup

Complete Setup

The basic generator is now complete. The only remaining step is to prepare the glass and rods for use.

Next: The Basic Principles of Colloidal Silver Production


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There are 13 comments
Tony Smith – Dayton Ohio
March 16, 2014 - 16:41
Subject: salt, electrolyte

DON'T ADD ANY SALT or ELECTROLYTE or ANYTHING, IT WILL CAUSE CHLORINE COMPOUNDS TO BE FORMED WITH TABLE SALT(SODIUM CHLORIDE) AND CHLORINE GAS ! This would be making the solution possibly POISONOUS, STICK TO PURE DISTILLED WATER. IT MUST BE DISTILLED ! Boil the water for 15 minutes if distilled water isn't available to make your own. Then let it sit until it cools completely. This should remove most of the salt and minerals but store bought is better. I get the DISTILLED water that is PROCESSED WITH REVERSE OSMOSIS. STEAM DISTILLED AND OZONATION. Great Value brand bar code 78742 35191 for $0.89 a gallon. That is about the purest you can buy and for some reason it tasted good unlike some distilled water which tastes funny or bad like the water has turned bad. I got distilled from my local grocer (Fulmers - Magic Spring brand) and it tasted funny and made me sick for 3 days ! Their regular bottles water doesn't taste as good either as the Great Value.
There are a few Youtube videos of doctors that recommend drinking ONLY distilled water (no tap or spring water). I've been doing this for about 5 weeks now and actually seem to feel a little better. I don't know if that has to do with the water or not but it supposed to help your body filter better since it doesn't already have dissolved minerals in it. Hopefully the heavy metals such as LEAD and FLUORIDE have been removed or reduced but I don't know if that is the case or not.
If there is anyone out there with a way to test it let me know your results. All cities will have labs to test the waters safety for a few dollars. Just tell them your testing your well for lead, fluoride, ETC and bacteria. Might as well test everything if it doesn't cost any more.

Bigmag47 – Ca.
February 06, 2013 - 22:05
Subject: Adding baking soda?

You really shouldn`t add ANY salts at all. Though it will increase the production time it will also increase the mineral salts in the solution. You want PURE colloidal silver. I use a 33k ohm resistor in series with one side of the power supply. That basically limits it to just a bit above 1ma of current. It takes longer of course ( about 3 hours) or so, but will give you pure colloidal silver if you stop the process at the right time, which you can achieve using a laser pen. As the voltage across the load (the 2 silver wires) increases to around 30 volts, check the solution with a laser pen or a ppm meter. A ppm of between 5-20 is good.

Del – N.O.,La
August 01, 2012 - 18:09

Am very interisted in this new info. Will build the beginer C/S generator and am working on the 99.9 silver rods or coins.

Thanks much


Brian – Oregon
November 04, 2010 - 21:34
Subject: Silver Generater

I assembled my generater about 2 years ago usin three common 9 volt batteries you can buy at almost any store. Used multiple battery (3) connecters to wire the batteries in series to produce 27 volts. I cut a 99.9
precent silver Mexican Paso coin in half for the anode and cathode parts, drilled small holes in each for the attachment of suitable copper wires and attached small alligater clips by squeesing them on with pliers. Absolutly no soldering is to be done with any connection that is near the solution. Also the wire attachments to the silver should never be alowed to get wet either as we don't want silver copper, just silver. Copper can be toxic. I use deionized water with a tiny amount of sodium bicarb (baking soda) to get the reaction going as you will get no reaction with pure water as it doesnt conduct electricity much at all.
I also dont alow the electrodes to work longer then 3 min per pint as with the large electrodes you get a lot in a hurry. I then filter the solution thru a coffee filter to extract anything that wont go thru the filter. You dont want to have to bite big chuncks of silver. You want a clear solution when you are done. Solution is stored in 1 pint brown pharmacy bottles baught at my local drug store. You must store the solution in a dark place between 50 and 80 degrees and dont keep it longer then 3 months for safe usage. Dont over use but treat it like a drug or you might find the bad bugs might develop resistance against it. Use the old stuff in the garden to stop plant diseases but delute it about 10 to 1 and spray it in an old washed out 409 type spray bottles. You do save useful empty none toxic containers dont you? We must be earth friendly dont we? New stuff is good for pets as well. We use this stuff before we have to go to antibiotics so antibiotics will do what they are supposed to do. Any 99.9 coin will work and its a lot less expencive then buying silver rods and with the larger surface area, a lot faster working as well because of its surface area. Check the market price of silver and buy when you can. Good luck. Use what really works and dont get hung up on all antiestablishment anterianism. Use head.

Reply to Brian
ALEX – miami
July 11, 2012 - 07:07
Subject: Re: Silver Generater

Hope you get this...Had some questions on building my own C/silver generator..???
Thanks Brian...

October 14, 2010 - 10:37
Subject: please add me to newletter

wonder site thank you

Mary Jane Moore-Wright – California
July 29, 2010 - 09:09

It's a lot easier using an AC/DC generator, (applying alligator clips in the same manner), cheaper too!

André – Kuurne - Belgium
July 17, 2010 - 05:25
Subject: The distance of the silver electrods


If I learned my lesson well, the generator must supply +/- 30 V DC and a current of 5 ŕ 10 mA (reduced by the 33k resistor).
But what is the distance between the two silver electrods? Think I read 30 mm.
Is using demineralised (demiwater) water (destilled more than once) better?

Thanks and greetings, André.

ali baba
June 19, 2010 - 22:55

magnets can generate the power needed.

Reply to ali baba
March 09, 2013 - 21:22


Richard Whisler – Tucson, AZ 85747
January 12, 2010 - 20:17
Subject: colloidal AG generator

I am happy to have stumbled onto your website. My hobby has been chemistry since I was 8 years old. I was the top science student at St Peters High School, in Mansfield, Ohio. AS a matter of fact, I won first place in the annual science fair as a freshman. I continued my chemistry and biology studies at Ohio State, completing Majors in those two fields in 2.5 years. I am totally enthralled to receive shortcuts in building a generator. Give me a week or two and I will get back to you. Regards, Richard

June 28, 2009 - 14:31
Subject: Correction

Excerpt from instructions: "Attach the two battery sets together: (...Once the four batteries are attached a circuit has actually been completed.)..."

Correction: A circuit is not completed by connecting the two sets of batteries together.

The point is indeed minor, but correct information is the best information.

Laura – Coldwater, Micigan
June 09, 2009 - 20:58
Subject: Colloidal Silver Generator

great site, I plan on making one and trying it out.



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