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Welcome to our colloidal gold generator / production center, which has been designed to provide information on colloidal gold and generators. Please note that we are growing this section slowly, as it is difficult to truly evaluate claims made about the various uses and effectiveness of gold colloids.


Colloidal Gold ( Nanoparticles ) Generator Resources

There are several different methods available for making colloidal gold. Some of the more common ones utilize laser technology. Others utilize a high voltage arcing system. The most affordable method utilizes lower voltage with a bicarbonate solution primer.

A quality true colloidal gold should be a ruby or amber color. We recommend that users AVOID ionic gold products, such as gold salts (such as gold chloride). Ionic gold is very easily toxic, and may adversely effect the central nervous system if doses are not carefully monitored.

For production of true colloidal gold (and other minerals) we currently recommend:

Organix Colloid Generators: DIGIPRO™ Particulate (HVAC) High Voltage Laboratory Colloidal Power Systems. The NST-120 Deluxe package is an exceptional high voltage colloidal generator unit, capable of producing colloidal gold, platinum, iridium, etc. Purchase of the unit also includes a comprehensive colloid production guide.


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