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Welcome to our silver news center, which has been designed to archive silver related news stories, articles, and press coverage.

The original study referenced below was first published in Materials Research Innovations.

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ASAP Silver, manufactured by American Biotech Labs, is a unique silver solution comprised of very unique silver oxide crystals created with a patented process. Numerous studies have been done by major universities on their silver solution, and these unique nanoparticles are very worthy of investigation by those interested in medicinal silver products.

The study referenced below was first published in Materials Research Innovations.

Ultradilute Ag-aquasols with extraordinary bactericidal properties:
role of the system Ag–O–H2O

"We analyze the solid and liquid phases for the first time in detail using standard materials science analysis tools. The solid phase is analyzed using DTA, TGA, XRD, SEM, and TEM, and the liquid water phase is analyzed using FTIR, UV–VIS, and Raman spectroscopy. There are at least three crystalline phases in the system Ag–O: Ag, Ag2O, and Ag4O4, which are stable in air. In an aqueous environment between 0 and 100uC there is evidence that various combinations of metal, oxides, and possible ‘oxy-hydroxide’ complexes exist. Similarly, data from Raman and UV–VIS spectroscopy show definite changes in the structure of the water host. These results, in a preliminary way, are parallel to the many empirical observations made by physicians for the last 100 years on the use of metallic silver and water in various combinations for human health."

The astounding study published by Material Research Innovations, 2007 VOL 11 NO 1, focuses on exploring silver and oxygen complexes. The study represents a major first step in understanding complex crystalline reactions involving silver and oxygen. There are three crystalline phases in the system Ag–O: Ag, Ag2O, and Ag4O4.

Ag404 TEM - 50 nm
Ag404 TEM


ASAP HRTEM - Silver Crystals

The study provides empirical background data, and presents key theories for the existance of silver oxygen complexes. The authors present study data that while not conclusive, demostrate that complex silver and oxygen states can exist in aqueous solutions and that key reactions may help explain the bioactivity of silver colloids.

"Many of the 20–30 nm particles have a substructure with 5–7 nm particles held together by relatively weak bonds. The existence of these latter ‘mobile’, 5 nm, metallic, silver-containing units with some kind of oxide ‘ layers’ or ‘skins’ around them may be a very significant finding in looking for the cause of the bio-activity.

"Water plays a key role in ‘mobilizing’ such smaller Ag clusters, and it may be the mechanism for Becker and Flick’s so-called ‘iontophoresis’ of silver."

Read the entire study by visiting American Biotech Laboraties: Complete study in PDF.

To understand why further study is warranted concerning silver and oxygen complexes, read our own article:

Activated Oxygen

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Silver in the News

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