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SilverSeas says...

For those interested in using colloidal silver but not making it, here is an affordable source of EIS at reasonable pricing:

Bulk/Wholesale EIS Colloidal Silver

...bulk purchasing only, however!

Kemp LaMunyon (Walla Walla, Washington, US) says...

Hello all, Would anyone be willing to share an article or two on making or using colloidal silver on family survival farm blog?


Greetings, Kemp:

I've thought about writing an article, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet!  For your prep blog, you might recommend that people get their own CS generator, and even make a tutorial on how to use solar power to make it.

Upload Upload
Kemp W. LaMunyon (Walla Walla, Washington, US) says...

Yea, I thought I might give it a shot but I got a F in high school english junior year and gave up on it. What a dumb dumb Anyway the Colloidal Silver really works into my prepper plans when no doctors and medical is available I think. If you or anyone here wants to write one you can post url and name at the top left, and I submit to all the media links I have.A lot

SilverSeas (US) says...

We added a new tutorial in the Ozone Therapy Section:

How to make the highest quality ozonated olive oil at home, using therapeutic grade equipment.

SilverSeas (US) says...

...our Yahoo email discussion group is being revived. Interested in a discussion group? Feel free to join the ~450 members currently subscribed: Email Discussion Group

jeff (Pasadena, California, US) says...

I am reading that ionic silver and colloidal silver are two different things, and that a product can't be both. It is either Ionic or colloidal. I also read that all home generators are ionic, and not colloidal, and that colloidal generators are much more complicated and expensive. If all of this is true, are we all making a less effective substance? I just bought a SilverGen SG7 Pro and it states that it is a Ionic/Colloidal Silver Generator. Am I being misled ?


SilverSeas says...

Hi Jeff:

Silvergen makes a good colloidal silver generator.

I know that some people teach this, but it makes no sense that water cannot have both ions and particles in it. Of course it can!

See below for some reading material:

Colloidal silver generators (EIS) make a product that is between about 85% and 99% ionic.

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