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SilverSeas (US) says...

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jeff (Pasadena, California, US) says...

I am reading that ionic silver and colloidal silver are two different things, and that a product can't be both. It is either Ionic or colloidal. I also read that all home generators are ionic, and not colloidal, and that colloidal generators are much more complicated and expensive. If all of this is true, are we all making a less effective substance? I just bought a SilverGen SG7 Pro and it states that it is a Ionic/Colloidal Silver Generator. Am I being misled ?


SilverSeas says...

Hi Jeff:

Silvergen makes a good colloidal silver generator.

I know that some people teach this, but it makes no sense that water cannot have both ions and particles in it. Of course it can!

See below for some reading material:

Colloidal silver generators (EIS) make a product that is between about 85% and 99% ionic.

SilverSeas (Las Vegas, Nevada, US) says...

For those people who make their own "home brew" colloidal silver, it is a good idea to do before and after quality checks starting with the distilled water used.

First, use a meter to test the conductivity of the distilled water. Ideally, it should read under 1.0uS.

Next, test the pH.

Testing the pH of distilled water is not as easy as it sounds. Our method:

1. Start with a properly calibrated digital pH meter, and have some pH 7.0 buffer solution on hand.

2. Add about 200 ml of the buffer solution to a clean glass. Test the pH. Make a note of the pH. While it should be 7.0, your meter may be slightly off (my last test was 7.04).

3. Next, add an equal amount of your distilled water to the pH buffer solution. Retest. If the water is perfect, the reading should be the same. Make a note of pH. Our distilled water was very slightly alkaline.

4. Last, test the pH of your end colloidal silver. The 2nd and 3rd pH readings should be exactly the same!

SilverSeas (Las Vegas, Nevada, US) says...

Someone finally created a silver iontophoresis device!

Dr. Robert O. Becker was among the first to use this form of electromedicine. His book, "Body Electric" is really a great resource.

Although it is a bit pricey, I would love to experiment with one of these devices. If anyone has ever used silver iontophoresis, I'd love to hear about it!

...the device is being sold for wound care, tissue regeneration and for combating infections.

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