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Welcome to our ozone research center, which has been designed as an independent study center documenting and researching ozone technologies for use in water purification, food purification, and ozone therapy. This section includes a wide variety of articles about ozone treatment modalities, methods of generation, including information on cold plasma ozone, UV ozone generators, ozonated olive oil, ozone tents, saunas, protocols, and general research information.

Ozone - Research into Oxygenation & Ozone Therapies | Alternative Medicine
Electrically Activated Oxygen: The Power of Ozone

Martinus Van Marum
Nikila Tesla's Ozone Generator
Niccola Tesla
Martinus Van Marum
Credited with the Discovery of Ozone, 1785
( In 1840, Christian Friedrich Schöenbein
Correctly classified it )

Nikola Tesla's Ozone Generator

Niccola ( Nikola ) Tesla

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www.Silvermedicine.org's Ozone Research Equipment

We use a wide variety of ozone equipment for various uses, including UV generators, "cold spark" corona discharge, and have researched other types of technology, including PEM ozone generation and cold plasma ozone generators.

Please note that professional grade ozone equipment is quite different than standard "air" ozonators commonly found on the retail market.

Individuals interested in the non-medical practice of ozone therapy are strongly encouraged to read each and every article in our research section before attempting to use ozone for therapeutic purposes. While ozone therapy can be done safely, a strong understanding of how it works, and what to avoid, is necessary to avoid causing harm.

At times, we do have medical grade research equipment available for purchase; for details see our page: Ozone Generators for Therapeutic Use.

Please note that most UV ozone generators produce an ozone concentration of 2% or less, and are not very suitable for therapuetic use.

An Outline of www.Silvermedicine.org's Independent Ozone Research Program

Ozone Sauna Therapy: Information, Safety, Protocol, Effects - Activated Oxygen & Organic Peroxides

Our ozone sauna therapy safety section provides information on how to use ozone sauna therapy safely and effectively, and provides information on the specific effects of ozone sauna therapy. [ more ]

Beating the Ozone Sauna Rash - www.Silvermedicine.org's Custom Protocol

Finally, a comprehensive explanation and protocol to eliminate the dreaded ozone rash that is often experienced by those who need ozone steam sauna therapy the most.

1785 - Van Marum`s Frictional Electrostatic Machine
Van Marum's Electrostatic Machine
Van Marum's Electrostatic Machine

Positive Output

Negative Output

The Double Van Marum's

The "Double Van Marums"

Ultrasonic Ozone Spa Baths

The power of electrically activated oxygen and ultrasonic waves: Ultrasonic Ozone Spas are being used in hydrotherapy clinics and hospitals to treat back injuries, chronic back pain, spinal injuries and skin conditions. [ more ]

Ozone Spa Bath

Ozone and Water: Tips on Ozonating Drinking Water, Bath Water & Food

Tips and recommendations on using ozone with drinking water, food and bathing. [ more ]

Ozone Machines / Generators for Therapeutic Use

We currently have two ozone generators that may be custom built for personal experimental purposes: A custom build UV Ozone Generator producing 5% ozone, and a cold spark, oxygen fed ozone generator ( 140 Gamma ) producing between 1 - 10% ozone. [ more ]

1858 - Werner Von Siemens - Ozone Generator - Ozoniser
Seimens Ozonized Oxygen Generator
Siemens Ozonized Oxygen Generator
Seimens Ozonized Oxygen Generator

Primary Physiological Effects/Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Our "primary physiological effects of ozone" section includes the thirteen primary effects of ozone on the human body, as emphasized by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD, Reno, Nevada, and also information on the general benefits of Ozone therapy. [ more ]

Ed Mccabe: Oxygenation & Ozone Therapy | A History with References

Ed Mccabe is one of the strongest proponents of oxygen and ozone therapy in the public world, and has written several books documenting the beneficial effects of hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2 ), ozone, and other oxygenation therapies. Here, we include his famous "History and References" document, with links provided to acquire his published works. [ more ]

Ozone is Good? - Ozone is Bad?

  • This is an article by Dr. Majid Ali, Professor of Medicine of Capital University of Integrative Medicine
  • Editor, The Journal of Integrative Medicine
  • Formerly, Associate Professor of Pathology (adj.),
  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, New York
  • Formerly, President of Staff and Chief Pathologist, Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, NJ
  • Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • Diplomate, American Board of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
  • Diplomate, American Boards of Environmental Medicine
  • Past President Capital University of Integrative Medicine. [ more ]

Activated Oxygen and Ozone

Attain a true understanding of how ozone works by exploring our own article on ozone and activated oxygen. [ more ]

The Story of Ozone

Saul Pressman's 'The Story of Ozone'. [ more ]

Ozone Side Effects: Herxheimer Reactions, Healing Crisis, Exteriorization of Illness

Intensive ozone therapy for individuals who are ill is not without side effects. Explore our section documenting effects, and explore supplement management strategies and cleansing protocols designed to assist the body in cleansing.

The Ozone Sauna Rash - Healing Crisis, Immune System Response?

Ozone Generator Technologies & Equipment - Overview

Information and resources on the different methods of ozone generation. [ more ]

Ozone Therapy Steam Sauna Tents, Chambers, & Cabinets

Information and resources on ozone steam sauna tents, chambers and cabinets. [ more ]

Ozonated Olive Oil - The Origin of - Glycozone - OZOL - Oils

Ozonated olive oil is an excellent way to nourish the skin and provide a slow method of ozone saturation. [ more ]

How to Make the Best Ozonated Olive Oil at Home - DIY Tutorial

How to make the highest quality ozonated olive oil at home. [ more ]

How to Make Fully Ozonated Castor Oil "Goo"

Tutorial outlining how to make partially and fully ozonated castor oil. [ more ]

How to Make Lipozonoil Zeta - Para Rizol Zeta

Tutorial outlining how to make partially and fully ozonated castor oil. [ more ]


Explore this fascinating discussion about the relationship of O6 to ORMUS/ORMES ( Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, written by Chris Carter. [ more ]

Oxygen, H2O2 and Ozone: Email Lists and Forums

G Groups Email Discussion Group:

Forum: Activated Oxygen and Ozone therapy forum

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