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Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD
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This document highlights the scientific research of Dr. Robert Becker. Dr. Becker successfully proved the tissue healing properties of silver ions through laboratory studies and in-body experimentation. Author of Body Electric and Cross Currents, Becker has more than 30 years of medical research experience.


Custom modified universal silver electrolysis device with variable current control provided by

Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD
Silver Ions: Altered Cell Morphology, Anti-bacterial Properties, and
Stimulated Tissue Growth and Healing

Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD. ( retired )

Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., orthopedic surgeon and medical research doctor, is one of the early pioneers responsible for the resurgence of silver use in medical applications. Dr. Becker's primary area of personal interest has always been exploring the possibility of complete tissue and organ regeneration in humans. Through his fascinating journey which spans over three decades of dedicated research, he has brilliantly explored bioelectric and electromagnetic systems, reaching to understand and control the growth and healing process in complex organisms. Much of the following information was taken directly from the books The Body Electric and Cross Currents.

from "The Body Electric", Robert O. Becker & Gary Selden, William Morrow & Co., 1984

Robert O. Becker - The Discovery of Silver

Dr. Becker first used silver in 1971. His experiments at this time focused on proving that minute amounts of electrical current could dedifferentiate cells and stimulate limb regeneration in rats. For his experiments, Dr. Becker elected to use a platinum electrode as the negative pole ( cathode ) and a pure silver electrode as the positive pole ( anode ) with a 106 - 108 Megohms resistor wired into the circuit. He implanted the device in 35 rats, and achieved the most notable results using 1 nanoamp of current.

In 1972, Dr. Becker was ready to begin experimentation with electrical stimulation for bone growth in humans, particularly in cases where broken bones ( nonunions ) refused to heal. Again, Dr. Becker chose to use silver, primarily because he believed silver was less likely to chemically react with tissues and he believed that silver would transmit the electrical current most efficiently.

Testing conducted by Dr. Becker's team demonstrated that the positive pole of a silver electrode in a low current circuit would kill all forms bacteria within a 1/2 inch radius. Dr. Becker hypothesized that this effect was due to the delivery of silver ions directly into the adjacent tissues. Never-the-less, his primary concern was that the positive current at the treatment site might cause delays in healing. Up to this point, research indicated that growth stimulation occurred at the negative electrode.

Dr. Becker eventually concluded that while all five of metals they tested stopped growth of all bacteria, the current required for all types except silver required dangerously high levels of current. Dr. Becker hypothesized that the other metals killed bacteria by poisoning the bacteria and normal cells. Eventually, Dr. Becker confirmed that the silver deactivated or killed all bacteria with no side effects with small ( and safe ) levels of current.

Dr. Becker eventually began experimenting with silver-impregnated nylon as a form of wound dressing designed to kill bacteria; he continued to use "positive current" to kill bacteria and "negative current" to stimulate tissue/bone growth. Becker's team commonly used between 100 to 200 nanoamps of electrical current per centimeter of electrode in their research. Dr. Becker concluded that other researchers were using far too much current in related experimentation, and that electricity exceeding one volt posed the possibility of dangerous side effects in nearby tissues.

In 1977, Becker first noticed that the silver anode ( positive pole ) appeared to actually be stimulating bone growth as well as eliminating infections. By 1978 he had repeated this phenomenon a number of times, and decided to reevaluate the theory that only the negative current stimulated tissue growth.

In 1980 Dr. Becker, through extensive research and experimentation, concluded that the current was not the determining factor with this stimulated growth. Rather, it was the silver ions that were responsible for the accelerated healing at the anode. He found that cells within 5 millimeters of the silver were actually altered. In cultures, Dr. Becker demonstrated that silver ions effected cell changes to the extent that the cells grew extremely quickly, producing primitively formed cells including fully dedifferentiated cells and rounded fibroblasts. Furthermore, the process of using silver ions to stimulate healing resulted in a 50% reduction in the healing time.

While it is universally accepted by knowledgeable researchers that silver ions can, in fact, alter cell morphology, some dispute the claim that actual cell dedifferentiation occurs. However, these conflicting findings may be due solely to the actual amount of current used; increased levels of current may in fact interfere with the process. Dr. Becker is virtually alone in the belief that the amount of current used should be minute, approaching the same levels of the natural DC current present in the human body.

Before Becker's research group dissolved, Dr. Becker found that silver ions, electrically injected, could suspend the mitosis of ( cancerous ) malignant fibrosarcoma cells. Dr. Becker hypothesized that cancer cells, regardless of the initial cause, were cells caught in a partially differentiated and primitive state. However, this promising research was never fully explored.

Dr. Becker's conclusion was that low-current silver electrodes stimulate bone formation by dedifferentiating cells and possibly stimulating periosteal cells. Dr. Becker's greatest cautionary note is the observation that high levels of current will stimulate cancer cell growth; the key is low-current with pure silver electrodes.

Research Points of Interest

  • Red blood cells of a frog can be dedifferentiated by using extremely small amounts of current, measured in billionths of amperes.
  • Bone growth stimulation occurred with platinum electrodes ( at the negative electrode ) at a maximum of 3 micro amps ( generated by a power source delivering an initial 100 micro amperes )
  • The average amount of voltage required to induce electrolysis in human tissues was 1.1 volts of direct current ( any amount of current above this point can cause cell damage or cell death )
  • Becker's group demonstrated that by using silver electrodes and 0.1 micro amperes of current, bone growth stimulation still occurred, and nonunion fractures healed.
  • Dr. Becker noted that cancer cell growth was stimulated by 300% using the 10 microampere method.
  • Dr. Becker noted that the combined effect of the proper level of current and the delivery of silver ions could dedifferentiate cancer cells; both elements must be correctly applied for any results ( the activation of primitive-type genes in a cell nucleus ).
  • Dr. Becker realized that the silver electrode method could be used on a patient's cells, and that large quantities of primitive cells could be stored for use at later date.

In January of 1980, primarily due to political reasons, the inflow of research grant money stopped, and Dr. Becker was forced to close his laboratory, even though he was likely on the verge of incredible breakthroughs in full tissue and organ regeneration in humans.


Dr Robert O. Becker
The Body Electric & Cross Currents

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Donnie Nowling – alabama
July 22, 2013 - 22:26
Subject: want info on how much your machine is

i want info on your machine and will it help recurrt prostate infection. or if you need some one with prostate issue that that you need to experiment on. i am your guy


Michael R. Manning – Bensalem, Pennsylvania
June 24, 2013 - 15:57
Subject: Dr. Robert O Beckers rejection of PEMF bone break healing therapies

Along with Dr. Arthur Pilla, I was fortunately able to work with with Dr. Robert
O. Becker in six months of the year 1969 due to a chance meeting with an
associate of Dr. Basset, an orthopaedic colleague of his, Robert W. Pawluk, on
a flight to the west coast.
Both Dr. Arthur Pilla and I were fascinated by the original work that he was
doing with silver ions on the top floor laboratory of the Veterin's
administration hospital in Syrcuse, New York. However, we were disturbed by
his interpretation of the results obtained from an experiment that he was running from his funding agent, EPRI, a consitorium of power companies.
In this experimental protocol, he was exposing laboratory white rats to high
voltage electrodynamic sixty cycle fields to simulate effects created by living
under high voltage power lines. In this experiment, he was creating a pop-
eye condition in these rats ie, protrusion of the animals' eyes from their heads.
Dr Arthur Pilla and I could smell the copious amounts of ozone created by the
sixty hertz high voltage electrodynamic fields imposed across the rat's cages
and correctly sumised that irritation of the rat's optic nerves by the high ozone levels was creating the pop-eye effect in these laboratory animals. However,
Dr. Robert O. Becker would not accept our interpertation of his experimental
results. and presented EPRI with the pop-eye effect as the direct result of the
high 60 Hz. E-field. When EPRI examined his misinterpertated experiment and
found out the truith, They dropped financial support of his laboratory and the
facility wa disbanded in 1975.

mike – n.m.
August 08, 2012 - 22:36
Subject: colloidal silver for emf sensitivity

would it be helpful or harmful or neutral to take colloidal silver as an aid to counter emf sensitivity..... thank you...

Reply to mike
Eric Gijsberts – Auckland New Zealand
May 10, 2013 - 19:30
Subject: Re: colloidal silver for emf sensitivity

I am interested in your reply to Mike as it may have a bearing on my condition which is a ruptured disc and possible other injury to the lower 3 lumber vertabraes of my spine.

Thank you

Regards, ------- Eric Gijsberts

MB – Miami
July 13, 2012 - 18:35
Subject: Should I do micro-current treatment with + or -?

Should I cure wounds with positive or negative charge?

Should I stimulate tissue growth with which polarity?




Ross Andersen
April 12, 2012 - 14:50
Subject: Myomatic

Do you have a Myomatic for sale?

August 11, 2011 - 00:55
Subject: Davis and Rawls

The discoveries of Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr., will be of great interest to readers of Becker's books. They have revealed more about how magnetism affects living organisms than any other scientists in the world. They wrote four books, Magnetism and Its Effects on the Living System, The Magnetic Effect, The Rainbow in Your Hands and The Magnetic Blueprint of Life.

August 10, 2011 - 08:19
Subject: Where can I get that device?

Where can I get that device?

Craig – Maine, USA
October 13, 2010 - 13:26
Subject: Off topic, can anyone recommend an affordable Gauss meter ?

Hello from Maine,

I think I am exposed to high EMF at my work place, but I don't know much about it. I just ordered the doctor's book called Cross Currents so I can learn about it. In the meantime I'd like to order a Gauss meter but I don't know which one is good yet still affordable. Can I get some advice? Thanks, Craig

David G. Reed
August 13, 2010 - 01:00
Subject: Silver iodide, a universal antiviral? Should attack all viral crystal structures...

The beauty of silver iodide, in addition to its silver content, is the complex crystal arrangement that iodine contributes. This arrangement should attack any crystalline array, because the nature of iodine is both crystalline, and filamental. Where there is another crystal array, iodine should try and join in; at which time silver can do the most good, in closest proximity.

Problem? Well, the density is 5x that of water. And the ore is photosensitive, and would have to be mined in relative darkness. However, the mono-molecular form should be available either by dissolving the crystal form, or mining and refining the ore. Were I with HIV, especially in Africa, I would certainly jump to try it. The iodine should enter the cleaving planes of a viral crystalline array, and the cardinal points, and then when the virii are broken down to unit blocks STILL the iodine should break the cleaving edges, and the cardinal points, of even the smallest unit of a viral semi-crystal. And this, yet regardless of well known silver ion anti-infective qualities.

Look into iodine and silver iodide structures, as well as Dr. Becker's pioneering work. Most all silver salts are edible, and in fact are removed from the body in days, even in high doses.

If you have any sway with anyone anywhere wbleepedis able to give this a look, this is freely given. And the cost is about what anyone would be willing to spend on a continent troubled by plague such as Africa. This is not a highly complex treatment affecting DNA, nor a Salk-Sabin approach. This is down and dirty cheap enough to work, while still being cost-effective, and to also yet remain an anti-viral by its basic principles, able to be effective regardless of the virus, so long as the structure is semi-crystalline.

Thanks, Dr. Becker, for opening the floodgates. For the rest of your readers, wake up and smell the coffee. We have to do this now, before horrific mutations can occur.

Welcome to the 21st century.

rahim rahoui – vorrei se qualcuno mi potessi se il dispositivo potrebbe risulta
April 15, 2010 - 15:06
Subject: cerco una risposta

vorrei se qualcuno mi potessi dire se il dispositivo potrebbe risultare utile su una lesione al midollo spinale da trauma, o su ulcere da decubito in zone non innervate. grazie

Doc Wayne – Chicago
January 29, 2010 - 23:16
Subject: My-O-Matic

Does any one have the Frequency Lits for My-O-Matic Microcurrent Machines?

Reply to Doc Wayne
Mark Levine, DEC – Torrington, CT
March 01, 2010 - 16:29
Subject: Re: My-O-Matic

I have several Myomatic ($1999) and Electro-Acuscopes ($3999)for sale.


Frederick M. Brown, Ph.D. – PennState University
January 28, 2010 - 14:06
Subject: Dr. Robert Becker

I was Dr. Becker's first full-time lab assistant, with him for over three years in the mid '60s, and helped him develop his lab on the 9th floor of the Syracuse VA Hospital. Those were exciting days as we scavaged surplus military equipment to make research apparati, as he fought with hospital clinical administrators to give him money for his basic research. He was awarded Outstanding Researcher in the VA in 1963 or '64, and I was privileged to co-author my first paper with him in Nature on the photovoltaic effects in bone. Referring to the first item of "Research Points of Interest" listed above, I watched that August afternoon in 1966 as the frog's blood began dedifferentiating at a silver electrode's pole, and I then ran to the Med School to get him to see it. I left his lab shortly after that to complete my doctorate at the University of Virginia, and dedicated my dissertation to him, for so many positive reasons.

Reply to Frederick M. Brown, Ph.D.
mike walker – arizona
June 29, 2010 - 01:17
Subject: Re: Dr. Robert Becker

May I trouble you to ask, if you know about a second version of The Body Electric that I've been told exists? I've been unable to locate it, but I'm told it was also by the same name, but shorter in length and with a blue cover. Not Crosscurrents, but another one. Sorry to bother, but I have a great interest in this field, and would be most appreciative if you know anything about this volume. Thanks so much in advance -mike

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