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This document explores silver metal toxicity and silver poisoning. Much of the included information was acquired from "old style" materia medicas. None of the information included in this document is directly or even closely related to isolated colloidal silver as we know it today. We include this information only for reference.

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Data Derived from Materia Medicas

  • Silver Metal Poising Toxicity Symptomology

    Anti Psoric and possibly anti-sycotic

    • Direct effect on cartilages

    • Direct effect on nerves and nerve sheaths

    • Effects the brain/nervous system over time

      • gradually softens tissues

      • targets "intellectual" sections of the brain

      • Slight changes to voluntary systems ( undefined )

      • May affect reasoning abilities

        • Physical symptoms of neck and back pain, and tearing pain throughout body

        • Mental fatigue and restlessness with vertigo

      • Symptoms masked by coffee/caffeine intake

      • Symptoms temporarily relieved by exercise

      • Cold weather increases pain from Rheumatism

      • Increased joint pain

      • knotting of cartilage

    • Effects left testes and right ovaries ( hardening )

    • Mental and emotional excitement to the point of rage

    • Experience of shock sensations in the limbs upon going to sleep

    • Skin irritation, itching sensation that cannot be relieved

    • Painful tension in the throat

    • Gray mucus from throat and sinuses

    • Heart Palpitations while lying on the back


    The above describes metallic silver poisoning. This illustrates the great importance of proper particle sizing in colloidal silver. Of course, the above applies to Metallic Silver in general.

In addition, metallic silver stimulates the body to eliminate other heavy metals. Acting as a chelating agent, heavy metals can be re-released into body tissues.

Silver Metal comes in the following forms: Tablets, capsules, powders ( ground silver ), as well as compounds such as Silver Nitrate and other protein/salts.

An Average DOSE of such substances can be as high as 5 mg daily. From the data on previous pages it is easy to see how silver poisoning can occur in a short period of time.

Saccharum Lactis ( Lactose Sugar ) can be mixed with Metallic Silver in order to minimize the toxic effects of such large doses.

  • Argenti Oxidum ( Silver Oxide ) - no dangerous side effects discovered

  • Argenti Nitrus ( Silver Nitrate ) - Toxic ( Argyria, even explosive if added with vegetable oils) see above symptoms.

  • Argenti Iodidum ( Silver Iodide ) - Reportedly does not cause Argyria in large doses.

  • Nitrates are extremely sensitive to organic matter and light. All silver salts are highly reactive with chlorides. Interestingly, dissolving in distilled water significantly lessens any reaction. Silver stains may be removed by scrubbing with Potassium Cyanide. The stains referred to are a result of the combination of silver salts with albumen, activated by light exposure.

  • Continued and prolonged use of silver salts produces degeneration of tissues and organs, discoloration of skin, hemorrhaging, nervous system impairment, large scale paralysis, loss of coordination, convulsions, and death by respiratory failure due to paralysis.

  • Potassium Iodide is recommended in conjunction with the silver salts to help prevent silver toxicity. Sodium Hyposulphite should be added to bath water to assist the body's elimination process.

The information above is based almost exclusively on Silver Nitrate. If colloidal silver responded even partially like these compounds, there would be thousands of cases of silver poisoning, with more being diagnosed daily. The facts? Not one case of silver toxicity has been found due to isolated colloidal silver.

In addition, the above data gives an excellent symptom baseline for those concerned with true silver poisoning. For those who have been using colloidal silver for years, a simple mental inventory of one's physical condition would provide the necessary information to set one's mind at ease.

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