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A Look at Severe Silver Poisoning

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Colloidal Silver

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This document explores silver metal toxicity and silver poisoning. Much of the included information was acquired from "old style" materia medicas. None of the information included in this document is directly or even closely related to isolated colloidal silver as we know it today. We include this information only for reference.

Cellulitis Treated with Colloidal Silver


Data Derived from Materia Medicas

  • Silver Metal Poising Toxicity Symptomology

    Anti Psoric and possibly anti-sycotic

    • Direct effect on cartilages

    • Direct effect on nerves and nerve sheaths

    • Effects the brain/nervous system over time

      • gradually softens tissues

      • targets "intellectual" sections of the brain

      • Slight changes to voluntary systems ( undefined )

      • May affect reasoning abilities

        • Physical symptoms of neck and back pain, and tearing pain throughout body

        • Mental fatigue and restlessness with vertigo

      • Symptoms masked by coffee/caffeine intake

      • Symptoms temporarily relieved by exercise

      • Cold weather increases pain from Rheumatism

      • Increased joint pain

      • knotting of cartilage

    • Effects left testes and right ovaries ( hardening )

    • Mental and emotional excitement to the point of rage

    • Experience of shock sensations in the limbs upon going to sleep

    • Skin irritation, itching sensation that cannot be relieved

    • Painful tension in the throat

    • Gray mucus from throat and sinuses

    • Heart Palpitations while lying on the back


    The above describes metallic silver poisoning. This illustrates the great importance of proper particle sizing in colloidal silver. Of course, the above applies to Metallic Silver in general.

In addition, metallic silver stimulates the body to eliminate other heavy metals. Acting as a chelating agent, heavy metals can be re-released into body tissues.

Silver Metal comes in the following forms: Tablets, capsules, powders ( ground silver ), as well as compounds such as Silver Nitrate and other protein/salts.

An Average DOSE of such substances can be as high as 5 mg daily. From the data on previous pages it is easy to see how silver poisoning can occur in a short period of time.

Saccharum Lactis ( Lactose Sugar ) can be mixed with Metallic Silver in order to minimize the toxic effects of such large doses.

  • Argenti Oxidum ( Silver Oxide ) - no dangerous side effects discovered

  • Argenti Nitrus ( Silver Nitrate ) - Toxic ( Argyria, even explosive if added with vegetable oils) see above symptoms.

  • Argenti Iodidum ( Silver Iodide ) - Reportedly does not cause Argyria in large doses.

  • Nitrates are extremely sensitive to organic matter and light. All silver salts are highly reactive with chlorides. Interestingly, dissolving in distilled water significantly lessens any reaction. Silver stains may be removed by scrubbing with Potassium Cyanide. The stains referred to are a result of the combination of silver salts with albumen, activated by light exposure.

  • Continued and prolonged use of silver salts produces degeneration of tissues and organs, discoloration of skin, hemorrhaging, nervous system impairment, large scale paralysis, loss of coordination, convulsions, and death by respiratory failure due to paralysis.

  • Potassium Iodide is recommended in conjunction with the silver salts to help prevent silver toxicity. Sodium Hyposulphite should be added to bath water to assist the body's elimination process.

The information above is based almost exclusively on Silver Nitrate. If colloidal silver responded even partially like these compounds, there would be thousands of cases of silver poisoning, with more being diagnosed daily. The facts? Not one case of silver toxicity has been found due to isolated colloidal silver.

In addition, the above data gives an excellent symptom baseline for those concerned with true silver poisoning. For those who have been using colloidal silver for years, a simple mental inventory of one's physical condition would provide the necessary information to set one's mind at ease.

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Jim – Tx
March 24, 2014 - 13:37
Subject: Silver Poising

Dose sliver filling have any affects on Systums of dizziness ?
I'm going through all kinds of tests to see,any one got any answers

Sandi – Australia
August 10, 2011 - 17:43
Subject: Removing silver from the body

I read a study which found elevated levels of heavy metals in the urine after partaking of food (or soup) with cilantro (coriander). This indicates the heavy metals are being removed from the body. The metals mentioned were lead, mercury and aluminium. Does anyone know if silver would be removed in the same way?

May 07, 2011 - 15:47

Hello all.
I am curious about the Silverlon patch. Does anyone know about the side effects? If there are any.

Common Sense
December 28, 2010 - 06:30
Subject: OMG, really

You people are actually using silver or other metals to get "well"! I came accross this drivel while looking for a simple method to make coloidal silver for gardening applications. And I have to admit, I have a little elss faith in humanity after reading the above. Look at the wiki pages on Argyria, a.k.a. SILVER POISONING! Metal builds up in human tissues. It can be deadly in the case of lead and mercury or just disfiguring in the case of Silver. Sure, might not kill you. But WHY do it? I suggest seeking mental health treatment if you are that desperate and searching for something, anything to feel better. Smoke weed, it's natural and will make you feel far better than drinking silver for gods sake!

Reply to Common Sense
March 04, 2013 - 17:13
Subject: Re: OMG, really

I wish I had had the sense to think like you when I was in bad pain ( stomach) last August, and took a capful a day of 10PPM CS, for around 7 to 10 days or so; maybe an extra cap on one or two of those days. I also took a cap a day for a few days last November when pain returned. It was hurricane Sandy and no doctors were open, and I did not want to hit the ER.

Now grey color comes in and out of my left hand, the nerves along the sides of my left finger may be permanently wrecked, I had muscle aches, fatigue and now a headache. It's not a circulation issue per my heart center. Now I have to go beg them for help finding a toxicologist who can help me!!!! I hope they can. Over a year ago I never would have done something like this. I'm just glad I didn't take more.

Steve Smith – Pocahontas, AR
November 17, 2010 - 04:37
Subject: recommended silver detox

Does anybody know of the best way to flush silver safely or the stats on any known timeframe leading up to dangerous levels of toxicicity?

January 30, 2010 - 13:51
Subject: Throat Spray125ppm

I have had a bad sore throat. 3 days ago, I went to health store, saw colloidal silver throat spray 125ppm. The clerk said it was safe, I purchased & had sprayed it 20-30 times in 24 hrs before I researched and found that was 7-10 times too much! The next day I had a medical test, during which they gave me an IV. Thinking over this, I'm wondering if it was saline, and if this will affect the excess silver in my system. Today I feel strange, no appetite, light headed. Don't know if it is just a result of the anesthesia they gave me to do the scope. Wondering what I should do!

Potassium Iodide
December 05, 2009 - 14:25
Subject: potassium iodide

Is potassium iodide over the counter?

David Mull – PA
October 18, 2009 - 16:18
Subject: Colloidal Silver Poisoning

I am a 48 y/o male and I have been making colloidal silver for the better part of 8 yrs. and consuming it mostly every day. My skin has turned a blue tint. I finally diagnosed myself with silver heavy metal poisoning Feb '09. I have discontinued use of silver since. My body is now symptomatic effecting almost every organ. Asthma, Hyperglycemia, emotional instability, loss of coordination, sleep disorders, loss of energy, etc, etc. All my testing has come out negative and drs. do not know what to do for me except to treat the symptoms. Do you know an expert in the field whom could help me detoxify as i cannot find anyone with experience.
I currently am taking a vitamin supplement i found on the internet which does seem to help me, but this therapy takes many, many months and i don't know what the full outcome may be.

Reply to David Mull
Jeni Vermeulen
January 26, 2010 - 00:26
Subject: Re: Colloidal Silver Poisoning

Hello David

The answer to your problem lies in getting hold of Tissue Salts also called Cell Salts. Particularly Tissue Salt #12 (Silica) and Tissue Salt #11. They are both proven to remove the heaviest metals from human tissue and can remove tar from smokers lungs and asbestos from out of miners' systems. You can get them online or at any pharmacy. Take 2tablets of each 3x a day until you come right. Do a little research on them online if you want- they are sourced from plant sources mostly, but not one of them is ever going to poison you. Good luck!!!

Reply to David Mull
debbie – Australia
June 08, 2010 - 03:04
Subject: Re: Colloidal Silver Poisoning

Hi - how did you go with your research? I have just spent 12 months removing Mercury from my body and just got back my first hair test which revealed I am now way overloaded with Silver ( the mercury was blocking a true reading of silver in the first hair test last July ). I thought I would be really well once I got the mercury out of my body through the chelation process and the reading are in the tolerable zone now but I although I am not sick as such, I am never 100% well and my fatigue levels are high - hopefully you have some ideas on silver removal now???

Reply to David Mull
July 02, 2010 - 12:08
Subject: Re: Colloidal Silver Poisoning

The reason all of your tests came back negative is you have an anxiety disorder and or panic attacks. The linden methode can be found on the internet 100% effective Or find a psycologyst that specializes in this. Treatment should not take very long. Results come quickly if you are honest about it.

Reply to David Mull
October 26, 2010 - 10:22
Subject: Re: Colloidal Silver Poisoning

intravenous chelation therapy pulls metals out of the body and not oral chelation.

Reply to David Mull
dr.yves levesque m.d.
July 09, 2011 - 07:39
Subject: Re: Colloidal Silver Poisoning

I have studied and investigated a few of my patients in the last year and have found a very
useful resource on the subject of heavy metal toxicity:andrew hall cutler Ph.D ;he is a chemist
very well informed on these difficult to treat and diagnose conditions.You can refer to his web
site for further suggest you be very carefull with any kind
i.v. chelation before getting expert advice from a specialist in internal medicine and environ-
nemental medicine .


Reply to David Mull
kyrasivertson – bangcock thailand
April 13, 2012 - 09:41
Subject: Re: Colloidal Silver Poisoning

i hate vancouver canucks

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