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Olive Leaf Extract
East Park Research: d-Lenolate Olive Leaf Extract

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Olive Leaf Extract: D-Lenolate

The olive tree has been used by humans for over 6,000 years. The bible refers to it as "the tree of life", and for good reason. Revelations, in the 22nd chapter, actually referes to to olive leaf directly: "...the leaves of the tree were for the healing of all nations."

The ancient Egyptians extracted the oil from from the leaves, and believed that the leaf symbolized heavenly power. They utilized the oil, along with sacred clays, to mummify their kings.

In Greek mythology , the olive tree was believed to have powers to illuminate the darkness, help heal wounds, heal illness and provide nourishment. It was believed to enhance libido.

In the mid-nineteenth century, it was reportedly used to treat and cure malaria. Researchers of the time also discovered that olive leaf extract increased blood flow in the coronary arteries and prevented intestinal muscle spasms.

In the late 1960's, Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company researchers discovered that elenolic acid, which is derived from the olive leaf, killed every single virus tested. Upjohn eventually failed to extract an element that would be clinically effective in the body.

While there are many olive leaf products on the market, it was East Park Research, Inc. developed an olive leaf extract that preserves the natural therapeutic compounds found in certain olive leaves. East Park Research now has patent protection on the proprietary extraction process.

We strongly believe in the East Park brand, although there are some other products that have a higher amount of another beneficial olive leaf extract, Oleuopein.

What is Olive Leaf Extract?

Upjohn Pharmaceutical isolated a compound called calcium elenolate extracted from the elenolic acid from the leaf of an olive. However, the calcium elenolate quickly binds with protein, which inhibited the antimicrobial properties of the extract. The research was abandoned by Upjohn when they failed to synthesize a compound that would remain bioactive in the body.

East Park Research, Inc. discovered that there were actually two forms of elenolic acid produced by the olive leaf (stereo isomers). Scientists distinguish between sterio isomers by using polar positive light. The l-elenolic acid reflects polar positive light to the left, while the d-elenolic acid reflects polar positive light to the right.

East Park further discovered that the so-called "right handed" elenolic acid did not bind with the same proteins and amino acids in the blood as its counterpart did. After three years of continued research, they discovered how to extract the component that remains bioactive in the body: d-Lenolate.

D-Lenolate, like many of the olive leaf extracts for sale, comes in a capsulized powder.

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How Is Olive Leaf Extract Used?

Olive Leaf's antimicrobial properties are dose dependent.

For general health maintenance, one 500 mg. capsule can be taken twice daily with food.

In the case of a compromised immune system or illness, two 500 mg capsules should be taken three to four times daily.

In emergency situations, higher dosage levels may be taken to tolerance.

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What has Olive Leaf been Successfully Used for?

Infectious States

Olive Extract is a proven antimicrobial substance that causes no direct harm to the human organism. It can be used as a very powerful and effective anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic.

It can be combined with other substances such as colloidal silver use, MSM, and other antimicrobial programs to directly address infections in the human body.

Olive leaf extract works by dissolving the outer lining of the microbe's cell walls.

From January through June of 1999, a clinical, double-blind study was performed by Dr. Bernard J. Mizock’s in Chicago, Illinois. The study, designed to test the immune system enhancing power of East Park Research Inc.'s olive leaf extract, was conducted with 30 subjects for 60 days. The test targeted individuals with chronic yeast infections.

The results? Virtually all of the subjects taking East Park’s D-Lenolate had normal blood counts and basal metabolic panels. The mean score at baseline was 250. Within 60 days of taking D-Lenolate, symptoms were reduced by greater than 50%.

Dr. Mizock's conclusion was that D-Lenolate, the isolated active compound found in olive leaf extract, will reduce the symptoms of chronic yeast infections by greater than 50% within 60 days of use, with no apparent side effects.

Normalize Blood Pressure

While not proven in humans, olive leaf extract has been shown to lower blood pressure in animals.

Inhibits oxidation of low density lipids

Regular use of olive leaf extract helps reduce retention of the "bad" cholesterol.

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OLE - Possible Contraindications, Warnings and Cautions

  • Can cause digestive irritation (reduce dosage, take with meals)
  • Should only be used cautiously by individuals taking Coumadin (acts as a blood thinner)
  • Can cause extensive die-off symptoms (adjust dose to tolerance)
  • Will attack a few soil-based organisms in the digestive tract, including Bacillus subtilis.

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User Experiences

MD on East Park's Olive Leaf Extract

"We continually hear from patients about new and unexpected benefits. Although we do not have long term perspectives as yet, preliminary clinical results are very positive."
- Dr. James R. Privitera, M.D.

Dental Infections Quickly Reduced

"Some patients have told me that Olive Leaf Extract took down their dental infections in a matter of hours! The response is quite impressive."
- Dr. Phil Selinsky


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What the Critics Claim

The only criticism we've found on d-lenolate is the lack of scientific evidence and lack of FDA approval.

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Buying/Purchasing Olive Leaf Extract


Fubao Health Store - East Park Research's olive leaf extract.

Olive Leaf Extract  - An excellent book about the researched benefits of using olive leaf extract, written by Dr. Morton, MD.

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References and Outside Resources

Basic over-view article on OLE - Health and Energy's article on olive leaf extract.

East Park Research - Las Vegas based East Park Research's website.

Comparative Analysis - Comparing olive leaf extracts.

Olive Leaf Extract  - An excellent book about olive leaf extract written by Dr. Morton, MD.

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