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O3 - Ozone Therapy | Physiological Effects/Benefits
Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Reno, Nevada

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This document, originally written by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, highlights the physiological benefits and effects of ozone, as it used in alternative medicine. We currently have two "therapy, non-medical grade" ozone generators that may be custom built for personal experimental purposes: Ozone Generators for Therapuetic Use.

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Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD: 13 Primary Effects of Ozone, Abbreviated

Please note that Dr. Shallenberger's primary treatment modality is ozone via Major Hemotherapy, and not via an ozone tent or sauna.

1. Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells.

Ozone significantly raises the oxygen levels in blood for long periods of time after ozone administration.

2. Interferon levels are significantly increased.

Levels of gamma interferon can be elevated 400-900% by ozone.

3. Ozone stimulates the production of tumor necrosis factor ( TNF ).

4. Ozone stimulates the secretion of IL-2.

Interluckin-2 is one of the cornerstones of the immune system, and is secreted by T-helpers.

5. Ozone kills most bacteria at low concentrations.

The metabolism of most bacteria is on average one-seventeenth as efficient as the human metabolism. Most bacteria cannot afford to produce disposable anti-oxidant enzymes such as catalase. Very few types of bacteria can live in an environment composed of more than two percent ozone.

6. Ozone is effective against all types of fungi.

This includes systemic Candida albicans, athletes foot, molds, mildew, yeasts and even mushrooms

7. Ozone fights viruses in a variety of ways.

Ozone "attacks" virus particles directly. The part of the virus most sensitive to oxidation is the "reproductive structure". This is how the virions enter the cell. With this structure inactivated, the virus is essentially "dead". Cells already infected have a natural weakness to ozone. Due to the metabolic burden of the infection, the cells can no longer produce the enzymes necessary to deal with the ozone and repair the cell.

8. Ozone is antineoplastic.

Ozone inhibits the growth of new tissue because rapidly dividing cells shift their priorities away from producing the enzymes needed to protect themselves from the ozone. Cancer cells are rapdily dividing cells and are inhibited by ozone.

9. Ozone oxidizes arterial plaque.

Ozone has a tendency to clear blockages of large and even smaller vessels.

10. Ozone increases the flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells.

The increase in flexibility of the red blood cells allows oxygen levels to stay elevated for days, even weeks after treatment with ozone.

11. Ozone accelerates the Citric Acid Cycle.

Also known as the Kreb's Cycle or TCA Cycle, this is a very important step in the glycolisis of carbohydrate for energy.

12. Ozone makes the anti-oxidant enzyme system more efficient.

13. Ozone degrades petrochemicals.

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The Ozone Therapy Research Section of is dedicated to providing comprehensive information on ozone related technologies. Medical Ozone therapy is currently legal in 13 states. However, our project is designated as an independent research resource only. None of the information provided has been evaluated by the FDA, nor should any of the information be used in the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. Ozone as used in alternative medicine is highly experimental. Individuals who elect to self-experiment do so at one's own risk.

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