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The Medical Airbrush Oxygen Nebulizer
Building an Oxygen Nebulizer for Use with Colloidal Silver

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This tutorial is designed to provide graphic instructions on building an oxygen nebulizer for use with colloidal silver. Please note that some people feel that a medically rated oxygen tank should be used in place of an industrial one, and if one is available we concur. This is an experimental device for the treatment of chronic lung infections, and may be experimentally used to deliver isolated colloidal silver into the body via the lungs.

Please note that a medical grade ultrasonic nebulizer (pictured left) is an affordable alternative to building an actual oxygen nebulizer (pictured in the instructions below). The price on this type of medical device has become quite reasonable in the last few years, and for most purposes, the ultrasonic nebulizer works excellent and is very convenient to use.


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Constructing an oxygen nebulizer with a standard welding kit and airbrush set perfect for use with colloidal silver...

Before beginning, take a moment to either load the airbrush oxygen nebulizer construction document or download the text document equivalent and print a copy. Right click and choose save as...

Browse through the photos below to become familiar with the nebulizer itself. The construction of the colloidal silver airbrush oxygen nebulizer is actually quite simple, although at first glance it certainly may appear confusing.

Utilize the instruction page to acquire all the necessary components. The most expensive parts of the system are the oxygen tank and the oxygen regulator. If one is comfortable buying online, often has some excellent auctions on oxygen regulators and medically rated oxgyen tanks. Clicking on the ebay link will open the browser in a new window, and display any current auctions for oxygen regulators. While a two-stage regulator is preferred for many non-related reasons, a single stage regulator will work fine. The regulator MUST, however, be rated for oxygen use. The tank must also be specifically rated for use with oxygen ( a medically rated oxygen tank is preferred ), and should be used only with the nebulizer and not welding!

Graphical Aids to the Instruction Page

Constructing an oxygen nebulizer with a standard welding kit and airbrush set perfect for use with colloidal silver...

The completed nebulizer will look similar to the unit shown above. There may be differences, of course, in the oxygen tank and oxygen regulator itself.

Harbor Freight Airbrush


Oxygen Tank

When purchasing the components, verify that everything is rated for oxygen use. All metal components should be made of copper. An oxygen tank should be purchased exclusively for use as a colloidal silver oxygen nebulizer. Oxygen tanks that are not medically rated should NOT be used for welding and nebulizing.

Hose Rated for Oxygen Use

The hose connects the oxygen regulator to the modified fluid container via the airbrush assembly ( shown below ). This hose is available through welding supply houses. We recommend that you assemble all of the airbrush parts, acquire the regulator and the tank (welding supply houses carry both, but watch pricing!), then take them with you to the welding supply house. If the staff is friendly, they will custom cut the hose, and add your hose attachments, bypassing the need to purchase clamps to secure the hose each end. You can fill up your oxygen tank while you are there. Just let them know you need 100% oxygen.


Cap from the Airbrush Assembly


Cap Connected to the Hose, then to the Airbrush


O-ring to Seal the Cap


Cap Connected to the Oxygen Hose

All of the components fit together by using an open-end wrench set or two sets of suitable pliers ( the wrenches are far easier to use! ). Notice the copper fitting on the hose end. Simply purchase the exact described parts in the text, and it will become evident how the pieces fit together.

2 Stage Oxygen Regulator

The copper handle is used to regulate the pressure. We recommend between 20 - 30 psi for normal nebulizer operation.

Oxygen Regulator Attached to the Tank

Notice that a large wrench is necessary to secure the regulator to the oxygen tank. Our advice? Don't worry about it - a welding supply house needs to remove the regulator in order to fill the oxygen tank anyway, and they will usually secure it upon doing so.

The Valve for the Oxygen Tank

The handle shown is used to turn the oxygen flow on and off. Always test the fully assembled unit for leaks. There are many methods to secure leaks. Make sure all the components are secured tightly, use two O-ring in the airbrush assembly, and/or use sealing tape ( available at a welding supply house ) at every seal.

Congratulations! You now have the ugliest colloidal silver medical oxygen nebulizer ever created on the face of the Earth! However, if you purchased a two-stage regulator, you also virtually have a welding kit, a water pick for the teeth, a superior artistry tool, and an emergency oxygen supply system. If you already owned a welding kit, you built a potentially lifesaving oxygen nebulizer for under $30.00 that can quite possibly outperform standard outfit hospital units.

Please pay particular attention to the usage advice given in the text instructions, as well as on the nebulizing with colloidal silver before using the oxygen nebulizer for colloidal silver use. All due caution must be observed both when using oxygen and delivering a substance into the lungs. This is a research protocol only.

Obviously, the oxygen nebulizer can be modified to be used with air. However, we do not recommend doing so. One might save money, but it is always wise to attain the highest level of purity possible.

Please note that any similiar airbrush kit can be converted... Including this one at Harbor Freight:

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There are 7 comments
January 24, 2013 - 16:07
Subject: vido

i would like to know how or were to get what ever i new to watch the vidows , i've tryed down loading the program that they sent me to please HELP

December 05, 2011 - 12:58
Subject: metal fittings

fittings need to be BRASS and/or COPPER most fittings used with oxygen are BRASS

September 20, 2009 - 22:40
Subject: Reducing coupling for oxygen nebulizer

Dear Brooks,
When I bought the airbrush assembly from Harbor Freight, I also bought the brass airbrush adapter (#47986-OVGA) thinking this would work as the reducing coupling to be used between the airbrush hose and the oxygen hose. When I received it it had a warning that the brass contained lead. Is this going to be a problem when using the nebulizer, and if so, do you know of any other coupling devices that don't contain lead that could be used?
Thanks, Christine

July 20, 2009 - 10:02
Subject: oxygen

here you go

moujahed – 656 Marion Rd Parkholme S.A
April 14, 2009 - 02:33
Subject: oxy

how much would that cost thnx

February 15, 2009 - 12:35
Subject: using colloidal silver in a steam vaporizer

Would using a steam vaporizer be an effective method of delivering colloidal silver to the lungs, nasal passages, and throat? If so, do you have any recommendation on the amount to use when mixed with distilled water?

Thanks .


Reply to Rick Admin – Las Vegas, NV
August 16, 2009 - 10:41
Subject: Re: using colloidal silver in a steam vaporizer

Ultrasonic, no-heat vaporizers or humidifiers would work better. However, nowhere near as efficiently as a nebulizer or oxygen nebulizer.

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