Building a Low Voltage Direct Current Colloidal Silver Generator ( LVDC )
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This tutorial provides a detailed explaination of all of the parts needed to construct the most basic colloidal silver generator possible. The material provided in this entire tutorial provides the means of creating a basic colloidal silver generator that anyone can safely build, with no technical or electronics experience required. Please keep in mind that the basic generator creates a product that is inferior to more advanced production methods. We have found, however, that the basic generator, when the instructions are followed, produces an effective colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver basic colloidal silver generator tutorial

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Supplies Need to Build the Generator

4 Nine Volt Batteries
Four nine volt alkaline batteries are needed to achieve the desired 30 volts of electricity. Although four batteries in series total 36 volts, the drain on the batteries quickly starts to bring the total voltage down. See the advanced basic generator pages for modifications to control the current/voltage output. Also note that three batteries can be used, but for our tutorial, we suggest four.


Lead and Clamp

Two nine-volt battery-to-clamp adapters
and two metal clamps.


Glass Beaker or Cup

One glass production vessel ( 6 - 12 ounces )


99.9% Pure Silver Rods

Two fine silver rods ( 9 cm rods shown, minimum 14 gauge ) or two strips of 18 gauge fine silver wire. Any silver used must be at least 99.9 percent pure. See our products page for sources.


• One gallon of distilled water ( Walgreens and Arrowhead are two recommended brands )

• A roll of pure white paper towels

• One pure nylon scrub pad ( the green Scotch Brite pads )

• A glass or FDA grade plastic container to store the colloidal silver in ( UV protected glass is recommended )

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