The Story of Ozone
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Dr. Saul Pressman, currently residing in Canada, holds the degree of Doctor of Chiropathy from the Romano Byzantine College of Norfolk, Virginia. He is licensed by the Romano Byzantine Synod to teach the Ozone Hyperthermic Technician Course, which is accredited by the College.


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Ozone & Oxygen Molecue

The Story of Ozone
Individual Chapter Links

The History of Medical Ozone - A chronicle of the history of medical ozone therapy.

Types of Ozone Generators - A brief view on ozone technologies ( does not include PEM ozone technologies ).

Ozone Concentration - Guidelines for concentrations used in ozone therapy.

Ozone and Magnets; Ozone for Prevention - Ozone and magnets.

Ozone Therapy Protocols - Specific protocols for the use of therapuetic ozone.

The Importance of CT Value & Ozonated Water - CT value and ozonated water.

Ozonating the Lymph, Breathing Ozone, Nature's Gift - Ozonated oil, ozone and the lymphatic system.

Dosage and Frequency - Brief guide on dose and recommended frequency.

Methods of Application - The different methods used with ozone and the human body.

Hyperthermia - Heat treatment and therapy.

The Healing Crisis & Collateral Therapies - Healing crisis and ozone.

Superoxygenation for Health & The Cause of Disease - How oxygenation effects well being.

Confirmation of Dr. Warburg's Work and Prevention of Cancer - Oxygen and cancer.

What Does Ozone Do? How Does Ozone Work Biochemically? - How ozone works biochemically.

Vaccination or Ozone? - Opinion sub-article on vaccination.

Infection Theories Contrasted, Flax Oil, & Oxygen Therapies - Sub-article on infection theories.

Ozone Benefits for Athletes & Free Radicals - Sub-article on the benefits of ozone for atheletes, and comments on free radicals.

Ozone Has Been Used to Treat & Using Ozone in the Home - How ozone has been used therapeutically.

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