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Colloidal Silver Generators
Retail Buyers Guide - Buying a Quality Generator

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Colloidal Silver

Welcome to our colloidal silver generator center, which has been designed to provide information on quality colloidal silver generators and the processes by which colloidal silver is made.


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Colloidal Silver Generators

Colloidal Silver Generators: Isolated Silver Ions and Particles ( EIS ) is currently not endorsing any particular model of colloidal silver generator. Rather, this section has been designed to give the interested individual the information necessary to make a an excellent purchase decision.

Size Matters

The first decision anyone interested in purchasing a colloidal silver generator must make is reagarding the capacity. How much colloidal silver will you need? Just enough for yourself and a small family, or more?

The small units on the market are very affordable, but only produce enough colloidal silver for personal use. Most will generate enough CS for two people. If using the generator to produice CS for three or four people, plan to spend plenty of extra time running batch after batch, especially if a family is prone to illness in the flu season/winter months.

It is easier to produce a high quality batch of colloidal silver with a small generator, primarily because it is easier to manage all of the variables of colloidal silver production. The quality of an EIS (Electrically Isolated Silver) is dependent upon the acutal surface area of silver in the water. Smaller electrodes can be used without much consequence with smaller colloidal silver generators.

There are, however, several larger scale generators on the market that make exceptionally good colloidal silver. This is due to the fact that the manufacturers have a very good understanding of the production process. When looking for a large capacity colloidal silver generator, it is wise to choose a unit that produces five gallon batches. A generator that can make five gallons in four hours is a perfect choice, and allows for a maximum capacity of about 15 gallons a day without much of a problem.

Shape, Configuration and Placement of the Electrodes

The simplest generators simply use straight, pure silver electrodes (all silver used must be at least 99.99% pure) placed directly into water. While this method works, it is not the best method. Further, some units are sold with the electrodes having a top hook, so that the electrodes sit on the side of the glass containers. This is not correct, as it changes the conductivity of the water around the rim of the container.

Pay very careful attention to the electrode configuration. The more surface area of silver in the water, the better. The placement of the electrodes is also important. The electrodes should be in the middle of the production vessel. The spacing of the electrodes is also critical. For units with no circulation, the electrodes should be evenly spaced, with an equal distance between electrodes and the sides of the "brewing" container.


SilverGen Constant Current Generators

  • Priced from $119 - $597, constant current colloidal silver generator, water circulation, auto-shutoff, TEM available, antibacterial time kill tests completed.

Coyote ZEnterprizes Silverpuppy - Thermal Series 2 Colloidal Silver Generator

  • Priced at $99.00, low current limit, thermal convection stirring, unique electrode configuration

Sota Instruments Colloidal Silver Generator - The Silver Pulser and the Silver Pulser Lite colloidal silver generator

  • Priced from $90 - $250, low constant current, sleek engineering, doubles as a bio-stimulator, .9999 silver, SEM and antibacterial study available.

Biophysica Colloidal Silver and Gold Generators - CS2A, CS3A and CS12A - colloidal silver generators

  • Constant current colloidal silver generator with 12 current settings, motorized stirring, and automatic current stepping ( adjusts the current automatically to control the electrolysis process ). Models priced from $100.00 - $600.00. Biophysica now sells a kit for $200.00 for their current limited silver generator model CS2A.
  • Time kill studies done - 4 and 8 minute laboratory tests show that the Biophysica Generators perform excellent.
  • Ph analysis reads PH 6.96, very close to true nuetral.

The Open Directory Project - The Open Directory Project, Colloidal Silver Generators.


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Zapora Churchill
June 28, 2014 - 01:15
Subject: Silver Generator

What is the best Silver Generator to buy? Has anyone used a Gold Generator at all?
Zapora Churchill

March 25, 2014 - 23:11
Subject: 20ppm...please help

I'm looking for a high quality generator that will produce me 20ppm all day everyday. This dosage is recommended for the treatment I am to administer to a loved one daily 2-3 three times for an entire year. This is a very important matter and with so many out there I wondering if anyone knows which one could possibly be the direction I need. I appreciate anymore information. Nameste.

Janet – New Jersey
December 30, 2012 - 17:45

Has anyone reviewed the Atlas Nova company located in Washington State which makes colloidal silver machines? When I spoke to the representive there, she was indicating that not all distilled waters are equal. She said that the PPM (parts per million) varied depending upon the company's distilled water source and proccesses. She also indicated that a test meter for TDS (total disolved solids) ppm indicator was neccesary for proper results. There is a water tester machine for about $15.00 on line from HM digital with TDS capability. Atlas Nova claims that their water tester is for commercial use and costs $1,000.00, and if the distilled water was old, for example, the ppm would be too high, or if it was not at room tempurature, then you could be wasting your time and would not produce any product. I'm not sure if the color yellow indicates a good result, or if the water was old and therefore, not good. And what is the actual shelf life for safe consumption or external use? I am also looking for a gallon or less machine for home use. Does anyone have any answers for me?

Reply to Janet
William Keen – Texas
October 11, 2013 - 12:04
Subject: Choosing a machine

Hi, I have been using the "Colloid Master" from: for many years and have been satisfied with the product. The model shown is fairly new and I have not had a lot of experience with it but the previous model worked for several years.

Typically, I make about a quart of colloidal silver per month for myself and 2 - 3 quarts for others.

For the process I have used a large glass stein with a simple cover made of paper or a paperback book. The silver electrodes that come with the unit are simply bent over the edge of the glass and I bend them to get them away from the sides to allow for better creation via water flow.

I have never had a TDS (PPM) meter and the product has seemed to be very consistent (by taste). I have made CS with 3 different machines and in concentrations ranging from 15ppm to 300ppm (to be diluted 20:1 when used). My standard concentration is ~15ppm.

As for the temperature of the water; when current is applied to a liquid the temperature will rise. This certainly applies to CS/distilled water even with the low power applied. I NEVER use a stirrer and if you can see anything on the bottom of the container - it ISN'T colloidal silver!

I always use a coffee filter to make sure that there are no particulates in the finished product. Although small particles shouldn't cause any problems with argyria, they can accumulate and if you take enough it might turn you BLUE. Colloidal silver is too small to cause this.

One friend of mine had Agent Orange Disease and for many years he drank at least one (1) gallon of CS @ 30ppm DAILY. He survived having his skin fall off annually until the government came up with a "cure".

That silver was the best we have ever found and we each had a generator that used 15,000 volts AC and never had any particles. That machine is extremely dangerous for the novice and should never be used with children present.

FYI, in case you haven't heard, CS will stop food poisoning within 15 minutes after the full symptoms have appeared AND will kill canine parvo overnight at the 15ppm concentration with only one dose of ~1/4 tsp / 10 pounds of dog.

This stuff REALLY WORKS!

Daniel R Prentice – florida
November 20, 2011 - 08:19
Subject: nano particulate CS

i am looking for a generator that will make a size 8-10 nanometer particle CS can someone point me to the right machine?

Reply to Daniel R Prentice
Shahid – Karachi
May 28, 2013 - 04:51
Subject: Re: nano particulate CS

Does anyone want to buy generators I'm actually in a sales department in my company an selling all kinds of generators. If anyone wants to buy so plz let me know. I will tell u every detail of our generators

Daniel R Prentice – florida
November 20, 2011 - 08:13
Subject: nano particulate CS

i am looking for a generator that will make a size 8-10 nanometer particle CS can someone point me to the right machine?

Reply to Daniel R Prentice
jun – Oregon
November 28, 2014 - 00:32
Subject: Re: nano particulate CS

So I am looking for a silver generator such as this as well.
What have you found?
We are wanting to make more than a gallon per day for friends family and farm.
Thanks a lot.

November 14, 2011 - 15:21
Subject: silverlungs generator

what are peoples thoughts on the silver lung? i would like it to be 10ppm but 20ppm is not terrible. this product comes w/ a nebulizer; is it a good product? has anyone used it?

Reply to duke
January 18, 2012 - 04:37
Subject: Re: silverlungs generator

Duke, if you read their info it has a switch for either 10ppm or 20ppm. On the Home page in big blue moniker it reads 10/20 PPM... If it had a current limiter I would buy it now, going to look for similar with a current limiter in the time being. They claim it isn't needed but my ignorance tells me that could be the reason it has approx. 10% particles rather than 100% ions. I guess some people want particles too? Wouid prefer looped rods but their 7 guage size is superior to most out there. I also think I'd like a gallon at a time so I can soak my feet in it, water the dog, spray on itchy head, etc.

Reply to duke
Christopher – Mesa, AZ
January 01, 2014 - 22:20
Subject: Re: silverlungs generator

I have owned the Silver Lungs for about a year now. Two years ago daughter was sent home to die from a serious Aspergillosis infection in her lungs. She could hardly breathe. I decided to buy 2 bottles of CS from a local Herbal store. I had her nebulize about a tablespoon every 2 hours. After her first treatment she began to cough up tons of crap. She continued the treatment for a month at which time she could breathe normal and had her color back. I asked for x-rays and the results were a miracle and dumbfounded the Doctors. Her lungs were not only clear of any fungus but the scar tissue she had was gone as well. I immediately ordered Silver Lungs after some research so that I could have plenty of CS on hand. Buying it at $40 per 16oz was getting expensive.

I have since supplied a friend with a prostate PSA of 13.8. He began drinking CS and 3 months later that number was cut in half. A year later it was 1.8. The Doctor can't figure out how it happened and no big pharma drugs were used. He did take my homemade cayenne tincture with the CS.

I have an 8 month old mini schnauzer that was basically dead and barely breathing on Thanksgiving a few weeks ago. She was cold, unresponsive and barely breathing. I injected her sub Q with 3cc CS in the neck and within an hour she warmed up and became responsive. I continued oral CS and beef liver broth for iron to help regenerate blood cells every hour for the next 12 hours. At 1am in the morning I opened the bathroom door to give her another dose and she was sitting at the door waiting for me. She ran around and jumped all over the place like nothing had happened. I continued the routine for 30 days and treated all of my other dogs with CS during that time as well. She is perfectly fine today only 5 weeks later. No other meds were given.

After saving our little puppy I was referred to a breeder that had puppies with parvo. I took her some CS and gave her instructions. The puppy survived and was back to normal 5 days later.

I raise Nubian goats and one of my bucks had an infected abscess/cyst on his next where he received an injection a few days earlier. The hair was gone from the area. I injected the cyst with 1cc CS and rubbed cayenne tincture over it to prevent flies from getting to it. A few days later the cyst was gone. The hair grew back as well.

A few days ago I began to experience pneumonia symptoms. I nebulized CS a few times for 2 days and the symptoms vanished.

I also make a nasal spray of aprox. 1 part vegetable glycerin, 9 parts CS, 1 drop cayenne tincture, 1 drop eucalyptus essential oil, 3 drops nettle essential oil. Shake and snort 2 times in each nostril then lay on your back for a few minutes. Will clear nasal passages and stop a cough instantly.

I hope this info is helpful.

I am currently thinking of buying the Biophsica CS2-12 with silver, gold, iron, magnesium zinc, copper and tin electrodes. Doing a little research first. It makes much bigger quantities as I have quite a few people that want to buy from me for their families and animals.

April 07, 2011 - 11:20
Subject: build it your self.

I built one my self. just use batteries or a DC volt transformer.
I use 3volt over night 12 hours.
if you wont more or more speed use more volts.
very hot water speeds it up to.
the positive + pole will be the one to dissolve.
so each time you make some. swap the + and - .

December 08, 2010 - 15:28
Subject: Biophysica silver generator model CS2A.

I have searched the Biophysica website high and low and cannot find the CS2A model. You stated they have a package deal for 200.00. Do you know if this is a model that has been discontinued? I really like the data on there products but the prices are insane.

louise Coase – Cambridge
September 02, 2010 - 04:30

I would like to purchase a colodial silver machine, which is the best

Oscar Nepomuceno – Philippines
May 28, 2010 - 07:54
Subject: for tuberculosis

would CS taken internally be effective for a one year old girl suffering from early stage tuberculosis?

what model would you suggest that I buy ?

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