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The power of silver as an effective antimicrobial substance cannot be denied. The fact that silver is an infection fighting agent that, in various forms, is highly compatible for use with the human body has been established for centuries. This fact has been scientifically proven time and time again over the last eighty years.

Laboratory testing done by researchers, including the staff at Brigham Young University, Texas State University, UCLA -- among others-- has conclusively demonstrated that isolated colloidal silver is lethal to a great variety of bacteria and virii. Anthrax, HIV, and antibiotic resistant Staph and Pseudomonas are among the countless organisms that fall to the power of silver, and fall quickly.

While medical authorities still question and actively resist silver's rightful place in medicine, regulatory authorities and organizations such as the EPA recognize silver's antimicrobial capabilities to the extent that they are seriously considering regulating its use because it is such a powerful germ killing agent.

These facts, while often argued with by the uninformed, are not unknown to the authorities that govern health care worldwide. We are even aware that a few hospitals, quietly and secretly, produce their own formulations for use with patients to use when antibiotic treatment has failed.

The risks associated colloidal silver use pale in comparison to the dangers presented by modern drugs. Side effects are extraordinarily rare, and threshold limits to avoid any type of silver toxicity have been well established by the EPA.

While controversy surrounds the use of colloidal silver, silver has long been used in allopathic medicine and in water purification processes. NASA uses silver in the space shuttle to avoid having to use chlorine in the drinking supplies. Some hospitals in Europe utilize silver-coated catheters to help prevent the occurrence of opportunistic infections.

In fact, FDA approved Silvadiene ( Silver Sulfadiazine ), a cream made with a silver salt, is the number one burn cream used in hospitals to prevent infections and speed the healing of tissues in the most severe burn cases imaginable. Its use has saved tens of thousands of lives since it has gained wide acceptance. FDA approved Silverlon is a remarkable wound dressing that delivers silver ions directly into severely damaged tissues which prevents infection and speeds tissue formation and healing.

Silver nitrate was widely used in the eyes of newborns to prevent a blinding infection that was once commonplace. Colloidal silver has long been used in hospitals to prevent the spread of legionnaires disease in the hospital water supply. And as you'll learn on our website, silver nitrate is vastly inferior to the highest quality oligodynamic, electrically isolated colloidal silver products.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that offers such great hope in an increasingly virulent war against human infections and wound healing difficulties, you won't see silver in its most safe and potent form available for use in standard health care in the foreseeable future. While many companies ( the makers of Axenohl, for instance ) pursue research in silver compounds and silver medical devices, isolated silver ( silver ions and charged particles not in compound form ) remains untouched by by the health care industry.

Why? The expenses involved in gaining FDA approval for a product that cannot be patented outweigh any possible profit gained through such an endeavor. In today's business world, profits are measured in margins, and research and development money is allocated to products and technologies that offer the widest possible profit compared to the cost of production and marketing. Drugs and treatment technologies, having an established market, consume nearly all research and development funds.

Furthermore, since there is NO proven drug effect involved in the action of isolated silver, it is very difficult to establish guidelines for use inside the body, which is a requirement for the use of a formal medicinal substance. For instance, taking two aspirin will likely rid the average person of a headache. A fourteen day regime of tetracycline will rid the body of its targeted infection under normal treatment situations.

However, through oral use of isolated colloidal silver, it could take one teaspoon or many ounces, from 45 minutes to a few days, for the relief of a common sore throat. With the same type of infection, the required dosage levels can be variable from one person to the next, even with the same batch of isolated colloidal silver ( from our observations ).

While, even as this document is being written, several research hospitals are making great progress in the formulation of successful IV protocols for chronic viral infections, it is unlikely that definitive data will be available regarding the oral use of colloidal silver in the near future. The variables involved are great, and the commercial motivating factor is lacking.

However, this should not discourage anyone from exploring the uses of isolated colloidal silver. There is no need to pursue colloidal silver use in lieu of any other treatment modality. It fits safely and securely within ANY other treatment protocol, whether it is based in macrobiotics, alternative medicine, or modern allopathic medicine.

In matters of serious health issues, it is fear, ignorance and selfishness ( ego ) that one needs to guard against, both in self and with others. The power that an individual has begins with unbiased education and ends with swift and comprehensive action.

Isolated colloidal silver is an excellent agent for health. It is NOT, however, the elixir of life, nor the answer to every problem facing health.

Wisdom is best defined as accurate knowledge put into action. Our website is designed to grant the interested individual the necessary knowledge, insfar as it is available, to safely and effectively incorporate colloidal silver into any health regime, in a manner that does not needlessly compromise one's health.

Colloidal silver is lengthy subject. There are different types of products, such as silver salts, proteins, and other compounds, as well as electrically isolated colloidal silver products. Products vary in quality and strength. There are different ways to use silver: Orally, sublingually, via nebulizer or IV, topically and intranasally. And there are different ideologies behind treatment strategies.

The information and data presented as a part of our project deals primarily with isolated silver, although for safety considerations we do expound upon silver compounds. While many state that there is no conclusive evidence that one isolated silver is better than another, this is not true. Work done by Ronald Gibbs, as well as a few other labs and dedicated chemists, demonstrates a marked difference in effectiveness between products. Yet even the most crudely produced isolated colloidal silver has been shown to be effective.

Sections in our website define and explore all of these subjects, and information is frequently added. We invite you to explore the world of silver medicine and learn about silver's potential benefit as a tissue healing agent, an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and health-promoting substance.

The safety of isolated colloidal silver is an important topic, as fear abounds regarding the possibility of developing argyria, a cosmetic condition that results in gray skin pigmentation. We strongly suggest that the newcomer view our safety of use pages to alleviate personal concerns on silver toxicity, in particular, our page: Argyria: Facts and Fallacies.

Last, please take some time and view our collodial silver testimonials section, for inspiring and true stories about how colloidal silver has helped individuals in their pursuit of vibrant health.

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