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Scientific Definition of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal - From the greek word meaning "glue-like", colloidal is a term referring to a state of matter. An element or compound is considered colloidal when the particles are sized between one nanometer and one micrometer, and the energy of the substance is predominantly governed by surface effects. A colloid is a solid, liquid or gaseous substance that is insoluble yet remains in suspension and dispersed in another fluid medium. Dissolved solids are ionic, not colloidal.

Colloidal Silver - A fluid containing predominantly minute silver particles held in suspension, where the particles carry a slight negative electrical charge known as a zeta potential. In a true colloidal silver, there is less than 5% ionic content (ionic silver, Ag+ is dissolved silver with a positive charge).

Silver Solution - Most colloidal silvers made and sold are actually silver solutions, comprised of less than 10% particulate (colloidal) silver. In a solution, the compound(s) are completely dissolved.

Commercial Definition of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver - Any fluid containing silver used for medicinal purposes, including ionic silver, silver protein, ionic silver compound, and silver colloids.

Definitions of other Important Terms

Oligodynamic - The medical definition of oligodynamic is "Active or effective in very small quantities." A high quality, isolated silver product is oligodynamic, as an example, because its effectiveness is significant at low concentrations.

A better definition for our purposes would be "Significantly effective at insignificant concentrations". Strong silver protein, as an example, is not oligodynamic, because high concentrations are required for effectiveness.

Picoscalar - A particle sized from ~1 nm to 10 nm in diameter.

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Colloidal Silver

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