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Biophysica colloidal silver generators feature advanced AC microcircuitry which limits the flow of silver ions during production and increases the particle to ion ratio. Models include a mechanical constant stirring device, 12 setting manual current control, and a voltage output monitor.

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Biophyisca, Inc.

Research and consultant company specializing in conventional and alternative health devices and equipment

  • Iontophoresis Device
  • Neodyme Magnetic Generator
  • Colloidal Silver and Gold Generators
  • Photon / Scalar Wave Devices

Featured Model - CS12A Colloidal Silver Generator©

Biophysica Colloidal Silver Generator Model CS3A, all rights reservered by Biophysica, Inc.
  • Capacity 1-2 Liters
  • Capable of making colloidal gold ( gold electrodes extra )
  • Large surface area electrodes ( 0.9999 grade silver )
  • Slow generation process helps to ensure proper hydration of silver ions

This unique colloidal silver generator is capable of producing 12 different types of metal colloids / solutions, including gold, titanium, platinum and selenium. This is the first generator we've seen that contains microcircuitry that automatically steps up the current during production.

Biophysica offers a wide range of metal colloid generation options, with prices starting at about $700.00 per package.

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Colloidal Silver
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