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Biophysica Colloidal Silver Generators
Constant Current (AC), Mechanical Stirring, Stepped Current Control

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Colloidal Silver


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Biophysica colloidal silver generators feature advanced AC microcircuitry which limits the flow of silver ions during production and increases the particle to ion ratio. Models include a mechanical constant stirring device, 12 setting manual current control, and a voltage output monitor.

Follow this link for our colloidal gold generators section: Colloidal Gold Generators

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Biophyisca, Inc.

Research and consultant company specializing in conventional and alternative health devices and equipment

  • Iontophoresis Device
  • Neodyme Magnetic Generator
  • Colloidal Silver and Gold Generators
  • Photon / Scalar Wave Devices

Featured Model - CS12A Colloidal Silver Generator©

Biophysica Colloidal Silver Generator Model CS3A, all rights reservered by Biophysica, Inc.
  • Capacity 1-2 Liters
  • Capable of making colloidal gold ( gold electrodes extra )
  • Large surface area electrodes ( 0.9999 grade silver )
  • Slow generation process helps to ensure proper hydration of silver ions

This unique colloidal silver generator is capable of producing 12 different types of metal colloids / solutions, including gold, titanium, platinum and selenium. This is the first generator we've seen that contains microcircuitry that automatically steps up the current during production.


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There are 5 comments
March 06, 2015 - 06:14
Subject: Colloidal Gold Generator

I have a company in Italy where we produce health food and I am interested in your machine.
Is it possible to realize a machine for the production of 20/30 liter of colloidal gold at once?
Thank you for your answer
Best regards
Maurizio de Vonderweid

Freddie Chew – Singapore
February 22, 2014 - 01:36
Subject: Silver Generator

Hi, I would like to purchase a AC Current 230V-1Phase-50Hz Silver Generator for home use. Please recommend a reasonably affordable machine. Also, what does the machine come complete with. Kindly also let me know the pricing with shipping to Singapore. Thank you.

Best regards,

jason – Canada
May 07, 2013 - 16:16
Subject: SilverGen SG7 Pro

Hi, I'm looking to buy the SilverGen SG7 Pro, could you tell me if you sell to Canada? Thanks.

Angie Stehle – Ireland
January 21, 2009 - 09:14
Subject: enquiry re. silver electrodes

Hello, Would it be possible to buy your colloidal silver generator and get replacement silver electrodes as well? Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. Kind regards, A. Stehle

Reply to Angie Stehle Admin – Las Vegas, NV
January 21, 2009 - 12:00
Subject: Re: enquiry re. silver electrodes

Hi Angie:

You'll need to visit their website and contact them regarding the sale of their colloidal silver generators.

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