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Sota Instruments Colloidal Silver Generators
Constant Current, Purest Silver, High Grade Components, Sleek Design, Biostimulator

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Sota Instruments, Inc.

Sota Instruments Inc., based out of British Columbia, Canada, manufacturers bio-electric devices designed for use in alternative medicine. Manufactured devices include a magnetic pulser, a water ozonater, colloidal silver generators, and a bio-electric zapper.

Featured: Dr. Robert O Becker

Sota Instruments Model ZBB5 Ionic Silver Generator and Biostimulator

Sota Instruments - Silver Pulser
  • .9999 pure silver electrodes used, chemical assay on file
  • Constant current circuitry - Operating at 31 Volts DC, outputing current at Colloidal Silver Wires: 1.5 milliamps (+/- 0.5ma)
  • Antibacterial study on file
  • Silver Pulser has a Bi-Phasic output frequency of ~3.92 Hertz (cycles per second) at a nominal voltage of 31 volts DC peak per cycle.
  • Timed reverse polarity
  • Auto-shutdown, adjustable concentration ( PPM )
  • PPM measurement reasonaby accurate via a Hanna PWT Meter
  • Food Grade solders and fluxes

Sota Instruments - Bob Beck Circuit
Original Bob Beck Circuit


We like the newer design specifications for the Silver Pulser. Operating at 31 Volts with Direct Current and outputing a managed 1.5 milliamps at 3.92 Herz. Sota Instruments understands the value in keeping the current low to ensure small particle sizing, which, while requiring that the batches run for a longer period of time, ultimately produces a higher quality end product than machines that "amp up" to reduce brew times.

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There are 3 comments
Sharon – virginia
December 02, 2009 - 10:22
Subject: TDS

I was in a class with Phil Fritchey and he told us we could find a TDS from Sota Instruments, however, it seems that my computer or the government is blocking me from getting to their site. Do you have a phone number or an alternative for finding one?

Reply to Sharon
Admin – Las Vegas
December 02, 2009 - 11:18
Subject: Re: TDS

Hi Sharon:

I'm not sure what's up with the Sota Instruments website. However, a Hanna PWT meter is the better choice for CS testing; you can do a search to find numerous suppliers.

johnny allen – troy, alamaba 36079
June 25, 2009 - 14:28
Subject: colloidal silver

to use as a disinfectant what is the ppm's you for in colloidal silver

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