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This document is designed as an introduction to using colloidal silver, and provides a broad outline on the possible benefits of use, according to those who have studied and used both silver colloids and ionic silver solutions. This essay clarifies the three fundamental properties of silver for medical use, and is intended as an introduction to the topic of using colloidal silver.

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Today, an estimated 800 search queries will be performed on the top two search engines in reference to colloidal silver. About 24,000 total searches were done on colloidal silver in March of 2007. Google's search engine has indexed 1.3 million web pages referencing colloidal silver. On these pages, one can find the following information:

  • Colloidal silver can kill if you breath it
  • Using colloidal silver is risky with no benefit
  • Colloidal silver destroys internal organs
  • Using colloidal silver will turn you blue/gray
  • There is no silver IN most colloidal silver
  • Colloidal silver cures 650 diseases
  • Using colloidal silver is completely safe
  • Colloidal silver is a partial key to immortality!
  • Colloidal silver is the secret to living disease free

There are hundreds of private companies offering either colloidal silver or colloidal silver generators for sale. Each of these companies, vying for marketing position, have dozens of reasons why their product is superior. Many of them tout tens to hundreds of testimonials. Some, despite new regulations, give extraordinary lists of what colloidal silver can be successfully used for.

It is no wonder, then, that there is such great confusion and lack of continuity in the colloidal silver production industry. Whatever answer a seeker wishes to discover, he or she can easily find.

This section, and the sections that follow in our website, are primarily geared toward providing an unbiased look at the available ideologies, data, and anecdotal evidence available regarding the effectiveness and use of colloidal silver. It is our earnest desire that the reader leaves these sections with a comprehensive and cohesive understanding of colloidal silver usage.

Why do People Use It?

Modern man has made vast strides toward increasing the knowledge base of humankind in the last one hundred years. Change has been the constant in our rapidly developing technical society, and modern medicine has made extraordinary leaps in illness diagnostic and treatment technologies. Yet, the fact remains that ANY change in internal or external environmental conditions takes generations to fully materialize long term impact. Only time will ultimately tell if all of the changes we have enacted in ourselves and our world will be "blessings in disguise" or turn out to be wolves in sheep's clothing.

The best documented evidence that demonstrates why one might consider this pertinent information is the medical profession's private war against bacteria and viri. There is a unique window of opportunity of study here. Bacteria and viri have short life cycles, and thus many generations of "evolution" occur in a very short period of time.

In a forty year period, the medical profession has gone from being on the verge of wiping out infectious disease to the startling turnaround of being unable to successfully treat mutated strains of viri and bacteria that are killing thousands of people every year. The medical model currently has no strategy to deal with this growing crisis, aside from a futile attempt to develop stronger and more versatile drugs.

Make no mistake, we are now losing this war against pathogenic illness, and this is the primary reason so many people are desperate to seek out alternative treatments to address infectuous disease.

With these ideas in mind, we searched for documented references of colloidal silver use that might give a broader baseline for understanding long term use of colloidal silver and its long term impact on the health of humans. In other words, was silver a part of the normal diet for any indigenous people, and could it be demonstrated that silver was safe in reasonable quantities through generations of silver consumption spanning at least 200 years?

Although we suspect there are other special locations in Asia, the best researched evidence of extremely long term use of silver in the diet is via studies conducted with the people of the Hunza valley, in the northern part of Pakistan. Studies conducted by Dr. Henri Coanda ( an engineer, not an MD ), among others, document a high level of silver, clay particles, and other trace minerals in Hunza water supply. The Hunza valley has attracted much attention due to the ( at one time ) incredible state of health of the people and their above average life spans. While the colloidal silver content is not the only unique property of their water supply, it is certainly suspected to be a contributing factor. Increased levels of naturally occurring silver are also present in the surrounding soils as well. The Hunzakuts have been subject to above average levels of naturally occurring silver for generations upon generations with no adverse side effects.

Colloidal silver made via the electrolysis method cannot fairly be compared to the unique natural water of the Hunzakuts. However, as the following references show, ionic silver has a few very unique properties that lend a great amount of credence to the idea of colloidal silver use for improved health.

Extensive research conducted by Robert O. Becker ( a research medical doctor who wrote the book "The Body Electric" ) conclusively demonstrated several important facts: 1) silver electrodes placed at the site of a wound eliminate bacterial infections 100% and speed tissue repair and growth. 2) Most likely because of its charged state, ionic silver encourages the production of stem cells, or at the very least causes fibroblasts to alter their normal cellular morphology.

Despite hundreds of references online that list colloidal silver as an antibiotic, it is not per se, since the action of colloidal silver is cellular-type specific. Numerous laboratory tests, including those formally accepted by the FDA ( as part of FDA approval process for products such as Silverlon ) have shown that silver has significant biocidal and antimicrobial properties. Further data concerning these and other tests may be found in other sections of our web site.

There is more than one documented method by which a silver ion may assist to either destroy, help in the removal of, or otherwise render a single-celled organism innefective as an infection causing agent in the body. The primary method, however, is via special cell receptors located on the cell walls of bacteria. Silver ions attach to these cell receptors and inhibit cellular respiration. It has also been demonstrated that minute silver particles and/or ions may penetrate the cell walls of virii and/or bacteria, inhibiting cellular respiration and/or reproduction.

While it is generally accepted that in order for organisms to develop an immunity to the properties of silver they would have to evolve to complex celled organisms, this is not entirely true. Bacteria have been identified in silver-rich soils which have developed a resistance to the effects of silver by utilizing cell-generated chemical reactions which prevent silver from directly effecting the cell. However, as Dr. Bart Flick has demonstrated, if these strains are removed from the silver-rich environment, they quickly relinquish their resistance, and this method of defense has been shown to be ineffective against a quality medicinal silver solution.

The Three Medicinal Properties of Silver

The three properties that colloidal silver users are attempting to harness by its use are:

1. The infection fighting, biocidal properties demonstrated by silver.

2. The tissue healing properties of silver, as demonstrated by altered cell morphology resulting in increased ( and healthy ) cell reproduction.

3. The electrical stimulation properties of colloidal silver ( it is theorized that colloidal solutions with an increased zeta potential assist the body to regain health through various means which are not yet fully understood ). Included in this classification would be catalyst reactions in the body with substances like minute amounts of hydrogen peroxide.

Understanding these three properties is a key element in determining both when and how colloidal silver might be effective for use as a health-maintaining and health-restoring substance in the human body, and forms the primary foundation for all colloidal silver use.

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