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Welcome to the most comprehensive and objective source of information on isolated silver colloids and ionic silver solutions in the world! Silver is a not-for-profit venture based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, organized to provide the public with accurate and comprehensive information and research about "isolated" ionic silver and particle silver ( positively charged silver ions and clusters of negatively charged, minute silver particles ) as used in allopathic and alternative medicine. Silver is antiseptic, has proven antibacterial properties and is antimicrobial.


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Silver is a not-for-profit website dedicated to providing accurate information on medical silver and generators, retail products, the safety and use of silver products for external and internal applications in alternative medicine, and general information on production, manufacturing, and the different types of ionic silver and silver colloids available. We provide do-it-yourself silver generator tutorials, commentaries, scientific data on silver and scientific studies, dosage analysis, and a wide variety of private research material regarding silver ions, silver particles, silver colloids, and ionic silver solutions. Our information is provided only as research material for those studying medicinal silver and alternative medical therapies, and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness, disorder, or physical condition in or on the human body.