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Iontophoresis and silver, Dr Robert O Becker and silver ions
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Hydrogen Peroxide ( h2o2 ) and Silver -  adding CS to silver
Hydrogen Peroxide

Knowledge is power: But only as powerful as the mind which grasps it, the heart which believes in it, and the hands which wield it.

Welcome to our new silver culture center, which has been designed to explore the "lighter side" of silver: Silver jewelry, art, poetry, and fashion. Although gold and diamonds are invariably preffered forms of earth to adorne one's body with, silver has long been associated with simplicity, elegance, and pristine beauty, representing the softer and spiritual side of life. Browse elegant silver jewelry, view awe-inspiring silvery art, read silver-rich poetry, and explore both modern and ancient fashion.

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Silver - Art, Jewelry, Poetry: Fashion & Culture

Silver: Wearable Jewelry and Art, Personal Selections

Silver is a perfect artistic expression, embodying a desire to highlight the beauty of the earth while steering away from materialistic possession.

Silver Culture: Poetry and Multimedia Art - Culture: A growing collection of Silver and "Silvery" Art & Poetry.

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