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This section provides information concerning Silver Citrate products which may be sold as colloidal silver. SIlver Citrate use is not as widespread as it's counterpart, Mild Silver Protein. In this document, we present an overview to challenge existing preconceptions on the use of the silver compound "silver citrate" as compared with isolated silver products.

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Silver Citrate - Benefits and Risks

AgO2CCH2C(OH)(CO2Ag)CH2CO 2Ag • xH2O
Silver Citrate - Commonly Referred to as Itrol
Simple Silver Citrate Precipitate: Ag3C6H5O7

The Case for Silver Citrate

Of all the common silver compounds explored for antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral efficacy, silver citrate solutions show the most promise, and by a wide margin. Axenohl, by Sistecam SA ( marketed by PURE Bioscience ), has become the modern benchmark for "silver citrate" quality; Axenohl and similiar products have been proven effective and useful for a wide variety of industrial applications.

In a report published by Sistecam, SA, March 18, 1999, Axenohl was diluted to 10 PPM Silver. Test solutions were modified using sodium hydroxide to yield solutions with a PH of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Analysis of the Axenohl product was conducted using an ICP ( Inductively Coupled Absorption Spectrometer ).

Tests performed by Performing Analytical Laboratory were then conducted to determine if Axenohl was effective as a surface disinfectant. The studies were performed according to industry standard methods on the following bacteria: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella cholerasuis, and Staphylococcus aureus. The Axenohl solution ( produced via an electrolysis process ) and a standard chemical silver citrate both had 99.999 kill rates within one minute, except the PH 5,6,7 solutions on Salmonella cholerasuis.

In another study, Labratorio Microtec, located in Costa Rica, determined that Axenohl, at 76 parts per billion, was effective in controlling mesophilic aerobes ( bacteria ) in the rural drinking water supply in Grecia, Costa Rica. 29 sample plates taken at five different sampling points were collected, and the bacterial counts at each point were compared. A statistically significant drop in bacterial counts was recorded, which coincided with the initial treatment point; the closer the sampling point was to the treatment site, the lower the bacterial count.

Pure Bioscience has a patented method to create Silver dihydrogen citrate.

Citrate complexes have an advantage in that pathogenic organisms consider citrates as actual food sources.

Many colloidal silver researchers and proponents of isolated silver speculate that silver citrate products may be ideal for emergency situations. It may also have great value for use in areas where delivery of low PPM isolated silver is not feasible and/or acquisition of distilled water makes creating quality colloidal silver nearly impossible, such as in third world countries. By stabilizing a silver solution with citric acid, silver citrate solutions may be created with a very high amount of actual silver content ( even 2000 parts per million ), and diluted in the available water supply.

A standard silver citrate solution may readily be prepared by combining a standard chemical powder with pure distilled water:


However, please note that www.silvermedicine.org does not advocate the use of high PPM silver compound consumption in the human body.

The Dangers of Silver Citrate

However, not all companies are as ethical as the makers of Axenohl. The use of high PPM silver citrate, like its mild silver protein counterpart, presents an increased risk for argyria. Some companies marketing "colloidal silver" make fraudulent claims about their products, such as those marketing Water OZ Colloidal Silver. Water OZ, perported to be an isolated silver product with the "smallest possible particles", tests out as a silver citrate solution. We are aware of three cases of argyria resulting from the use of Water OZ, and have noticed that the manufacturers have since diluted their product ( rather than simply market honestly ).

An example of common and dishonest marketing may be viewed below ( in this case, Water OZ Silver Solution, though many silver protein peddlers use similiar disinformation tactics ); we doubt that this particular distributor knows the truth about the product they are marketing:


At this time, we have not seen a direct antibacterial time-kill study comparison between a quality silver citrate product and a quality isolated silver product.

View our recommended colloidal silver products page, for silver products that are ethically marketed and recommended for those pursuing private research on silver as used in medicine.

For more information on the production of, and effectiveness of, silver citrate and silver citrate solutions, visit Pub Med:


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