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Welcome to our colloidal silver science and research center. This section is designed to provide reseachers with study data demonstrating and documenting the properties of silver colloids and ionic silver solutions from a wide variety of reputable sources.


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Scientific Studies & Research Documents

University of Texas Colloidal Silver Effectiveness Study - This study conducted by the University of North Texas demonstrates the in-vitro effectiveness of a 15 PPM and a 30 PPM isolated colloidal silver product against a wide range of illness-causing bacteria.

Colloidal Silver Antibacterial Study - Microbiologists at Brigham Young University ( BYU ) - This time-kill study documents the effectiveness of silver as an antimicrobial substance. BYU Microbiologist Dr. Ron W. Leavitt concluded that a quality product may possibly serve as an antibiotic alternative.

Colloidal Silver and Natural Bentonite - This comparison study documents the improved effectiveness of natural bentonite when combined with isolated colloidal silver. This time kill study was accomplished using gram-positive Staph ( wild and MRSA ).

Colloidal Silver, Healing Clay, and Skin Cancer - A private research experiment on utilizing cansema, colloidal silver and healing clay with skin cancer. Warning: The images included in this section are very graphic.

Dr. Robert O Becker - A summary of Dr. Robert Becker's research conclusions on the biological effect of silver ions in electromedicine. Famed author of Body Electric and Cross Currents, Dr. Becker has published extensive information on the tissue healing properties of ionic silver.

Silver Iontophoresis - Explore the possibilities of silver ion injection via iontophoresis in this document based on the experience of Dr. Robert O. Becker. Electrically delivering silver ions into tissues may be advantageous in the treatment of skin conditions and infections.

Attributes of Silver Particles and Silver Solutions - Frances Key's chart on the properties of silver ions and particles.

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Betty (France) says...

, I have taken orally colloidal silver for a bad food(canned seafood) poisonning -started to be effective instantly took it for 3 days- helped a lot.

for bad colds with cough ,stops coughing very quickly

skin infection

amazing results every time!

Lou Kraft (Kennesaw, Georgia, US) says...

I have been looking unsuccessfully for research regarding the use of IV CS. I contend that the high salt (NaCl) content of the blood would create AgCl, an inert conversion of Ag+ nanoparticle silver.



Yes, this is an issue, but even silver chloride does have antimicrobial properties.  Most EIS also has between 1-3 PPM of nanosilver particles, as well.

Natural Immunogenics, under the guidance of Dr. Apsley, pioneered many EIS treatments using Argentyn 23, which is medical grade and sterile.  One pioneering method included injecting medical grade hydrogen peroxide a certain amount of time AFTER doing a silver IV, which resulted in the rapid reactivation of bio-active silver.

An associate of mine many years ago did silver IV, and it greatly helped her with her multiple sclerosis.  She continued using a home-brew EIS silver with just a touch of H2O2 added RIGHT before consumption.

She eventually completely cured her MS, and went on to help a few others do the same...  that said, it will not always cure MS, because MS is not always caused by a pathogenic condition.

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Cellulitis Treated with Colloidal Silver

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