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Iontophoresis and silver, Dr Robert O Becker and silver ions
Dr. Robert O. Becker

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Hydrogen Peroxide ( h2o2 ) and Silver -  adding CS to silver
Hydrogen Peroxide

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Eytons' Earth: Healing Clay - Bentonite, Montmorillonite, Illite - Green Healing Clays of the World. Website exploring the use of healing clays in pelotherapy and natural medicine.

  Scalar*IS - Kinesiology, Metaphysics, Natural Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Standing Wave Form Technology   A Division of AVRA - Interesting Research Topics, Items, and resources.  
  Natural Skin Care Products
  Wildcrafted Herbal Products supplies 100% natural and organic skin and personal care products online. We only use the purest, most natural and organic ingredients to take care of your skin naturally.*    
   - Las Vegas Website Promotion & Search Engine Optimization   SEO Company specializing in website promotion, optimization, and pay per click ad managment.  
  Alkalize For Health   An excellent article on the importance of PH levels of the body and its effect on cancer.  
  Biomedx - Understanding Biological Terrain   Another excellent article on the importance of the body's PH levels.  
  Las Vegas Directory & Web Resources   Resource Websites for Las Vegas.  
  Child Care & Elementary School Classroom Furniture, Playground Equipment | Child Care Depot   Childcare Depot - Classroom Furniture and Playground Equipment.  
  HVAC ARC Silver Solutions - 'Ole Bob   Excellent website for research concerning the different methods of colloidal silver production via electrolysis.  
  Colloidal Silver Testimonials   Our very own project documenting reliable colloidal silver testimonials.  
  Lab - H2O2 testing strips   Utilize peroxide testing strips to determine the PPM concentration of hydrogen peroxide in colloidal silver. The strips are limited, however, as they measure from 0 - 100 PPM.  
  Isolated Colloidal Silver - UK   Family operated business which produces and sells colloidal silver in the UK.  

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----FAQ: LVDC Method of Colloidal Silver Production ----FAQ: General Colloidal Silver Production
----Measuring PPM of Colloidal Silver ----Classifying & Testing Colloidal Silver | TEM | AES | PCS
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LVDC Colloidal Silver Generator ----Silverlon ( Dr. Bart Flick ) ----How Much Silver Did I Drink? ----Faraday's Equation Caculator ----The Airbrush Oxygen Nebulizer ----Medical Nebulizer Tutorial----Constant Stirring

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Oxygen Nebulizers and Silver ----Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy ( H2O2 ) and Silver ----hydrogen peroxide dilution calculator ----Cayenne Pepper

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The Price and Value of Silver ( Pricing Silver Ounces ) ----Silver & Medical Applications ----Silver: Transition Element or Heavy Metal?
----The Silver Atom

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Micro-fine Silver Particles in the Lungs ----Intravenous Silver Ion Delivery & AIDS / HIV via Electrolysis | Catheter

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EPA Silver Safety Studies ----FDA and Colloidal Silver ----Silver Compound Toxicity ----FAQ: Silver Salts, Proteins and Isolated Silver ----Argyria and Colloidal Silver ----Argyria: Reported Cases ----Cure for Argyria ----Herxheimer Reaction ----Silver Side Effects Poll ----Roger Altman Silver Elimination Study ----World Health Organization Silver Toxicity Data-------Mark Metcal & Colloidal Silver

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