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Welcome to our colloidal silver generator / production center, which has been designed to provide the basic theory behind making colloidal silver, and provide the public with the means to make a safe and effective colloidal silver product. Documents in this section graphically demonstrate how to build the most basic colloidal silver generator possible, and then refine the process to improve the end quality of the product. We strongly suggest that one endevours to understand the basic model in some depth before refining the process, as this will greatly assist in the mastery of production.

Even many individuals who believe that they are producing advanced colloidal silver sometimes violate the principles of mastery. In each and every case, the consequence is an inferior product. We greatly recommend that individuals interested in experimenting with making colloidal silver study the principles in this section closely. Afterward, a great deal of creativity may be safely used to refine and improve upon the production process.

Please note that the basic generator is presented as a study tutorial only, designed to give a thorough understanding of the principles of CS production. It is not presented as a recommendation for a high quality generator product. The basic generator will, if used correctly, produce a safe product that has proven to be effective, but not a high quality product. We encourage readers to, after achieving a true understanding of CS production, refine the generator.

If you are interested in premium quality, pre-made silver, view our recommended silver products page.

Visit our pre-made colloidal silver generators section if you wish to explore and/or purchase colloidal silver generators.

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The Basic Colloidal Silver Generator
How to Make Colloidal Silver

The Basic Colloidal Silver Generator - Part One: Supplies needed for creating a low voltage direct current 4 nine-volt battery generator. No experience or technical expertise is needed to follow this simple graphic tutorial on basic production.

Constructing / Building the Generator - Once supplies have been acquired, this document provides the necessary instructions on assembling the generator for use.

Colloidal Silver Production - The basic theory and principles behind the electrolysis method of colloidal silver generation. This is an extremely important section, as it lays the ground work for more advanced production methods.

Using the Silver Generator - This document gives step by step instructions on producing a safe and effective product using the basic generator.

Final Notes on Making Colloidal Silver - A commentary describing the technical details of basic production. This section is also important to understanding the process of making colloidal silver.

Once one has an understanding of the basics, view our commentary:

Do it Yourself Low Voltage Direct Current Colloidal Silver Generator with Mechanical Stirring - A simple low current do-it-yourself lvdc generator that employs mechanical stirring.

Geiner's Basic Colloidal Silver Generator
Bob Geiner's Basic Colloidal Silver Generator with Current Monitoring

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