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The Story of Ozone

This document has been designed to demistify the ozone rash phenomenon, and give effective solutions to aid in detoxification strategies that may be used with ozone therapy to eliminate side effects, specifically, the ozone-induced rash.

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The Ozone Therapy Rash

Introduction: The Dreaded Ozone Rash

"Ozone rashes" occur with many individuals doing ozone steam sauna therapy. This has caused a great deal of confusion, and we spent five years studying and developing a solution to this problem which has kept thousands of individuals who obviously need ozone therapy, from being able to enjoy it.

An ozone rash is a side effect of doing transdermal ozone therapy, and results in sometimes painful and ichy lesions that may resolve quickly, or may continue to develop for weeks, months, sometimes even years of continued therapy. Sometimes the lesions are very tiny bumps with a painful perimeter; sometimes they are full weeping lesions. Sometimes a rash occurs only in an isolated location, and other times it spreads over large portions of the body.

The Confusion

One individual with a stage four brain tumor utilized ozone therapy to completely eliminate the tumor and experienced no side effects. Yet another individudal, apparently very healthy, self administers ozone steam sauna therapy and breaks out in a full body rash. One individual can only handle ozone therapy late at night once weekly (and pays for it for the rest of the week), while another individual can do ozone therapy twice daily with no adverse consequence.

Why? Is one individual less toxic than another? One individual healthier than other? Is one individual sensitive to ozone therapy, while another is immune?

The traditional explanation for the ozone sauna rash is that individuals who experience the rash are too toxic to be able to conveniently be able to eliminate the toxic waste via the normal elimination channels, and hence the body must attempt to eliminate the waste products through the skin.

While this is true, it is only a half truth.

The actual truth lies in the antioxidant capabilities of the human body at a cellular level. Individuals who react to ozone with a severe detoxification rash are individuals who have vastly depleted antioxidant levels in the body, or individuals who have alot of toxic waste stored in fat cells, or individuals suffering from chronic/systemic infections (which results in the accumulation of toxic acidic waste build up in-body from the pathogenic organisms). In such cases, ozone therapy is either causing extreme oxidative stress and massive amounts of damage due to oxidation, or the ozone is breaking down too much toxic waste for the liver to be able to handle processing.

Individuals with low antioxidant levels are literally burning the body with oxygen and producing free radicals that the body is not able to cope with.

When the body does not have adequate levels of the amino acids cysteine, glycine and glutamate, the body's cells cannnot adequately produce glutathione, nor can the body properly utilize Vitamins C and E (as well as other very important antixodants). Therefore, glutathione is the first and most important antioxidant to deal with, although, by no means is it the only one.

Here is the both the genius and the danger of ozone therapy: Malfunctioning cells cannot properly utlize antioxidants regardless of levels present in the body. These cells fall in milliseconds to the power of activated oxgyen. However, if ALL of the body is depleted of antioxidants, then even "normal" cells become extremely vulnerable to oxidative stress, and what should be one of the most powerful, safe, and healthy therapies becomes simple torture to the human body. A human body that is strong enough can eventually overcome this phenomenon, as one of the main points of oxidation therapy is to challenge the immune system to improve its overall function, and to oxidize that which doesn't belong in the human body to begin with. However, sometimes it can take months or even a few years to walk through this firey process, and those who are so ill as to need it the most can rarely bare it.

Luckily, none of this is necessary.

In order to develop and "discover" our protocol, we needed to take the human body from a healthy cellular state, where an individual could do 30 minutes of ozone twice daily with no reaction, to a depleted state where the ozone rash occured with a single ozone sauna session... and then back again. Having accomplished this, we feel that, with the information below, any researcher with the wisdom to adapt the protocol can quickly and safely reverse low antioxidant levels, and experience ozone sauna therapy as it was meant to be experienced. While the protocol and information in this document is safe, it should still be considered an experimental research protocol.


Question: But I have the perfect organic diet, shouldn't my body's antioxidant capability be wonderful?

Answer: We were quite suprised to find the answer to this question is a resounding: No. If you are rashing out, your antioxidant levels are likely not optimal. Even if you believe you have perfect eating habits, you should consider either having your antioxidant capabilities tested, or follow the protocol.

Question: But I eat massaive amounts of fruit including berries and organic vegetables. Shouldn't that be enough?

Answer: Especially no. The antioxidants you are taking may be too high on the glycemic index. Since nearly one out of three individuals has an undiagnosed candida overgrowth, chances are the antioxidants you are taking are not being effective, and are contributing to acidic waste build up in the body due to candida and potential co-infections.

Question: But my problem is metal toxicity. Of course people with metal toxicity are going to rash out no matter what, right?

Answer: No. You can sweat metals and actually turn a towel brown without rashing out at all, with the understanding that metal toxicity and pathogenic infections often come hand in hand, and both of these conditions, when symptomatic, may also both indiciations of low antioxidant levels at the cellular level. Long term chronic infections deplete the body of antioxidants and likely reduce the body's antioxidant capabilities.

Question: All this makes sense. But won't doing this antioxidant-based protocol negate the effects of the ozone therapy?

Answer: No. This is the biggest misconception of all. Cells that are cancerous or diseased will fall to the power of activated oxygen regardless of the level of antixoidants active in the body. Accumulated toxic waste also has no antioxidant barrier, and activated oxygen will continue to oxidize these substances(allowing easier elimination by the body). This is easily demonstratable by measuring oxygen levels in the body before and after ozone steam sauna therapy. The main reason one need not be concerned with antioxidant intake during ozone therapy is the fact that the primary active element in EXTERNAL ozone therapy is not ozone. It is extremely complex organic peroxides that serve to release activated oxygen into the body even days after an ozone steam sauna session. And even when the body's antioxidant levels are high, the immune system is still challenged by the oxidative stress of the therapy. The big difference: With adequate antioxidant level, the oxygen therapy simply does no harm to healthy cells.

The Protocol: Restoring Antioxidant Levels & Adequate Body Hydration

For the average individual who needs it, it will take about two to three months to restore the body to a state where severe ozone rashes will not occur.

The first key to being able to restore function to the body is proper hydration. Unfortunately, just drinking water is not often enough to restore fluid balance to the soft tissues, since vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are required. Point and case is the individual who drinks water all day long, and still complains about dry skin.

The interested individual will need some simple pH testing strips (we will provide links below for supplies) for saliva and urine testing. The urine should be tested once first thing in the morning, and the saliva should be tested througout the day.

There are many different ideologies and belief systems associated with pH testing. Many of them are simply wrong, but there is little harm in believing in the wrong ideology, because the corrective measures often suggested are all beneficial.

Urine pH: The urine pH should be between 5.5 - 5.8. Any variation outside of this range indicates disfunction in the body.

Saliva pH: Saliva pH should always be in the range of 6.75 - 7.0. As long as the pH reads above 6.0, an individual can work to dleiver nutrients at a cellular level.

All due diligence must be employed to restore the body's vitamin, mineral, and hydration state. The easiest way to accomplish raising a low saliva pH level is by using freshly squeezed lemon water. Squeeze 1/4 lemon into alkaline water, and drink as much as needed. For some people, it may take more time than others to raise the saliva pH. Eating green leafy vegetables (steamed if necessary) are also a good way to alkalize the body. For some individuals, the problem is that the body is not getting enough essential fatty acids in the diet. The recommended supplements below should correct this, but if not, the individual should consider deeply researching a temporary anti-candida diet for the duration of the detoxifaction period.

For the most part, we agree with Dr. Donald Feeney of the ACA Council for Nutrition regarding pH levels in the body. His article may be viewed here: http://www.councilonnutrition.com/pH-EVALUATION.pdf. Although we believe that saliva pH levels between 6.0 - 6.5 are too low, and that they should be between 6.75 - 7.0.

To correct the potential dimineralization of the body, and to assist with the detoxifcation of the digestive system, a high quality edible homeostatic therapeutic clay should be used once to twice daily. Consider also utilizing nine times roasted bamboo salt, while drinking plenty of good water.

The body needs adequate levels of Vitamin C. At least 3,000 mg of Vitamin C should be taken daily. There are other key vitamins and nutrients, but they are included in our critical supplementation recommendation below:

In order to restore the body's antioxidant capabilities, high quality, bioavaiable antioxidants need to be taken. The only one we have found thusfar which are guaranteed to do the job are Pharmanex LifePak Nano Supplements. These need to be taken twice daily for at least three months to raise the body's antioxidant levels. For some people, two months many be sufficient, but we will even go so far as to state that as long as an individual wants to enjoy the benefits of ozone therapy, one should be dutifully increasing the body's antioxidant potential.

Even with a good diet and the above measures, the body often needs extra help dealing with acidic waste. Therefore, the next critical component is MSM, a natural sulphur supplement. However, in order for MSM to be as effective as required, the minimum dosage level may need to be as high as 20 - 24 GRAMS daily. For some, a therapeutic dose of five grams may be ideal. Purchasing MSM powder in bulk is required, and when purchased wholesale, it becomes affordable.

Individuals need to pay very careful attention when starting to use MSM. MSM, for most people, will cause a significant drop in saliva pH as the body flsuhes acidic waste. Individuals may have to start with very small amounts, and slowly build up daily. Once the target dosage level is achieved, it can take 3-4 weeks to have a noticeable therapeutic effect, and that therapeutic effect can continue to demonstrate benefits in the body for long periods of time if maintained (sometimes, it takes nine or ten months for the MSM's clinical effects to level off, so the wise individual will stick with the protocol).

The body needs the right kind of protein for proper tissue maintainence and especially to stimulate glutathione production. The easiest way to do this without getting into a debate about the different fad diets and eating philosophies is to supplement with undenatured whey protein. Immunocal is a great brand, and so is Dr. Mercola's grass fed undenatured whey protein powder. Once daily is great, but at least three times weekly is recommended. While expensive, this form of supplementation is worth the cost.

Finally, those who do have rashing problems, and who are implementing this protocol while doing ozone therapy, are strongly encouraged to take two to three clay detox baths weekly, in order to help the body recover from the oxidative damage that may still be occuring. Furthermore, a clay gel or clay paste applied to any rash or lesion will greatly assist its healing and also help to prevent its recurrence.

On occasion, indivdiuals still may experience the occasional small rash localized to areas of the body that hold a trauma history pattern. This is normal, and usually subsides within a few days. Applying a small healing clay poultice to the area often provides more immediate relief, and prevents the rash from continuing to develop.


In order to vastly reduce or eliminate an ozone-enduced rash, an individual must properly hydrate the body and restore optimal antioxidant levels. Good eating habits alone may not be able to accomplish this in the short term, so a supplement program may be required. It can take an average of two months of effective supplementation to achieve.


Question: What about liver cleansing and other detoxification protocols? Do these help?

Answer: Any additional support an individual can provide the body in the cleansing process is most excellent. However, we have a strong belief that colon cleansing should be done prior to actual liver cleanses. Individuals would be very wise to pay careful attention to what they put in the body if one is prone to rashing out with ozone therapy.

Question: How can I maximize the power of ozone steam sauna therapy? I understand that heat breaks down ozone quickly. I also understand that heat and steam open up the body's pores. Is there a balance to be acheived?

Answer: We have examined the work of dry ozone therapy, and have found that even without heat and steam, transdermal ozone therapy can be extremely effective. That said, the value of heat and steam therapy has many beneficial effects, even aside from allowing the activated oxygen to penetrate deeply into the body. Therefore, we have found that

1. Getting into the steam chamber while the steam generator is still warming up is a great idea. This allows the concentration of ozone to build up to a higher level.

2. Doing fifteen to twenty minutes of steam thereafter is sufficent for deep cleansing.

3. After the alloted steam time, it is highly beneficial to properly vent the steam (once the steam generator is off), and allow another ten minutes of ozone therapy while the skin is still wet, and while the chamber is cooling.

Supplies and Sources

Interested individuals should perform due diligence with regards to their own research on the above topics. Below are some recommend sources for products and supplies needed, but they are certainly not the only ones!

pH Strips to Measure Urine and Saliva - 4.5-10.0 pH indicator strips 100/box

OptiMSM Powder - MSM Powder Fine Crystals 1-lb

Pharmanex Lifepak Nano Supplements, One Month Supply - Pharmanex LifePak Nano anti-aging nutritional supplement  

Edible Homeostatic Therapeutic Clay (We recommend the six pound three clay internal use blend for use internally, and the 15 lb. container of bulk green desert clay for baths and/or to treat lesions, both are available on the ordering page) - Therapeutic Homeostatic Edible Clays

Immunocal, One Month Supply - HMS-90 Immunocal (30packs) HMS 90 Brand: Immunocal (or use another high quality whey protein supplement).

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