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Welcome to our archive section, which is a collection of interesting and relevant threads from our Google Ozone/Oxygen/Sauna Discussion Group.

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An Open Letter by Ed Mccabe | Statement of Truth

Written on December 31, 2004, this thread opens with a post from Ed Mccabe, also known as "Mr. Oxygen".

[ Open Letter by Ed Mccabe - Read More ]


[ top ]'s ozone therapy research section is dedicated to providing accurate research information on therapuetic ozone use, and will include sections on water ozonation, UV and cold plasma ozone generators, ozone tents, ozoning with saunas, bagging, and ozonated olive oil. Our information is provided only as research material for those studying alternative medical therapies and is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness, disorder, or physical condition in or on the human body. We do not diagnosis, prescribe, or offer treatment advice with ozone therapy, only research information for independent researchers.


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