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If you've never heard of how silver can be used in
natural medicine, you owe it to yourself to learn more...

Many people don't know it, but silver is one of the safest and most effective infection fighting agents known to man. It has a very low toxicity to mammalian cells (like those found in humans and animals) but is highly lethal to many single celled organsisms.

You may be skeptical, but we ask that you take a moment to explore the scientific information our website has to offer, so that you can have the accurate and unbiased information to judge for yourself, and make your own informed decision.

Silver Oxide Particles - ASAP
What's this? An Example of Tiny Bioactive Silver Oxide Particles
Transmission Electron Microscopy - ASAP Colloidal Silver

Not just any silver will do, but silver in a few very specific states:

1. Extremely tiny, bioactive particles of silver held in a suspension of water (imagine submicroscopic crystals so tiny that they don't "sink" to the bottom of a glass of water, and so small that you have to shine a laser light in order to see them).

What's this? What would normally look like a clear glass of water
shows a tyndall effect when a laser light is shined through the water
which makes the silver particles visible to the naked eye...

2. Positively charge silver ions, which are single atoms of silver with an electron missing.

Silver in both of these forms (commonly known as colloidal silver) has been scientifically proven to kill nearly every type of infection causing organism, and in a time frame of between 90 seconds and seven minutes, depending upon the quality of the end product.

We call silver solutions that contain only distilled water and electrically active silver EIS, which stands for Electrically Isolated Silver.

What's this? A TEM micrograph of thousands of submicroscopic particles of silver
Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Silver

What does this mean to you?

  • Conditions such as ear infections can be addressed simply and affordably, and usually resolve within 24-72 hours without the need for antibiotics (simply add a dropperful of colloidal silver to the ear while lying down for twenty minutes at a time).
  • Many lung infections, even severe ones, can be cured using a simple ultrasonic nebulizer to deliver silver into the lungs
  • When silver is effective, it is even effective against dreaded antibiotic resistant strains (the so-called "super bugs"
  • EIS has a very, very low toxic threshold; it is very difficult to take too much, as long as you have the right kind of product

Wherever an infection needs fighting, silver is one of the best resources available to help the body's immune system respond. While not always a cure all for infections, hundreds of thousands of people have learned that silver is a great tool which aids in the fight against any infectious condition.

  • Silver solutions can be used topically - just spray it on to the skin
  • Silver solutions can be used orally - just drink an ounce, preferably on an empty stomach
  • Silver solutions can be used by IV (by qualified MD's only)
  • Silver solutions can be used in breathing treatments - via a nebulizer - the most effective way to treat lung infections and the second most effective way to deliver bioactive silver into the blood.

Our website, a repository of knowledge given freely to the public, provides extensive information about how to make, purchase, use, and research silver.

Please feel free to browse our extensive website... To learn more about the basics, we invite you to explore our next article:

Introduction to the Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Infections - New to silver use in alternative medicine? This is a great place to begin your explorations into the potential benefits of ionic and particulate silver.

Want to get deep into the history or the science? View our article: Antimicrobial Silver - Universal Germ Conqueror - A technical essay, fully referenced, exploring the history and use of high quality silver hydrosols.

Or, look at our product recommedations.

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Colloidal Silver

Newest Comments
Earl on SIS Machines at 6:53pm (25th-May)
Earl on Silverpuppy Generators at 6:31pm (25th-May)
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