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Nebulizers and Colloidal Silver: Severe and chronic Lung Infections

Many people use an ultrasonic nebulizer or even a humidifier for colloidal silver to help address lung conditions. I have used an ultrasonic humidifier and an oxygen nebulizer side by side. There is no doubt in my mind that the oxygen nebulizer is superior in performance, but they can certainly be expensive to run and very inconvenient.

At this point, the consensus seems to be that the highest quality alternative to using an oxygen nebulizer is acquiring an Omron ultrasonic nebulizer. The investment is still significant, but the end result is well worth the money spent. Of course, the greatest consideration is that one need not purchase oxygen for use.

That said, I really see nothing wrong with using even the ultrasonic humidifier. But there is one primary challenge when using both the ultrasonic humidifier and ultrasonic nebulizer. It is very difficult to get the colloidal silver into the lower reaches of the lungs, especially when an infection is present. Both devices "lob" a mist into the air, and it is up to the user to BREATH PROPERLY in order for the silver to reach deeply into the lungs. The colloidal silver will only be effective when it is able to reach the infection site.

When one uses an oxygen nebulizer, the mist is is DELIVERED into the lungs at ~ 20-30 PSI . Even so, I have discovered that one needs to pay particular attention to how one breaths, in order to avoid most of the silver being 'captured' by the bronchial/lung tissues long before reaching the lower lobes of the lungs.

Regardless of what device one uses, if one breathes with the lungs, the best that can happen is that the CS drains into the lower lobes. For the best results, breathing with the diaphragm is strongly suggested.

There are many benefits to breathing this way, but learning how to do so can be uncomfortable, because all of the organs in the lower abdomen must go through a change. The oxygen/nitrogen content of the blood is also effected, which can produce temporary dizziness and light-headedness, unless one permanently changes one's "breathing habits".

When one breathes in, one must breath in slowly, so that the mist coats the lungs with enough excess mist to reach deeper as one breathes. Otherwise, some areas of the lungs will not be saturated.

In cases where severe pneumonia is present, another challenge can present itself. When the lower lobes of the lungs are filled with fluid, the colloidal silver hits this fluid as if it were a brick wall. This can easily result in a "stand-off" between the colloidal silver and the infection, in cases where the immune system is simply not properly functioning.

There is an added treatment which I have recently been experimenting with and achieving excellent results. I highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing a "stubborn" infection in the lower lungs that has resisted treatment:

Use high grade Cayenne Pepper powder mixed in water ( or any form of cayenne besides capsule ). I would use the nebulizer first... Then, take your cayenne water ( about 1 teaspoon per glass of warm water thoroughly mixed ), take a big gulp, and hold it in your mouth for at least thirty seconds... Be certain that you have some of the cayenne under the tongue. When death by fire seems eminent and unavoidable, swallow the cayenne.

Now, yes, this is going to wake you up. This will definitely take you out of your comfort zone. Be Brave! The results are worth it.

Within three minutes or so, the lungs may start to "eject" mucus. The next nebulizer treatment, depending on the condition of the being, should be done between seven and fifteen minutes after ingesting the cayenne pepper.

Cayenne powder is often very affordable at a local co-op or health food store. One is well advised to use the "hot stuff", between 90 - 150 HU ( heat units ). A link to a superior quality cayenne may be found on the web site colloidal silver products page ( of course, we are not affiliated with the company selling the product ).

Further information on using cayenne pepper and colloidal silver can be found @:

Cayenne Pepper and Colloidal Silver

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