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MSM: Natural Organic Sulphur Supplement

Sulphur is a natural and critically necessary nutritional component for human health. For example, sulphur is responsible for the ionic exchange capacity of the sodium-potassium pump in cells; it is responsible for the cell permeability. In fact, sulphur is the eighth most common element in the human body.

Sulphur is also a component of insulin. A deficiency in sulphur can lead to low insulin production and/or cell resistance to insulin.

Sulphur is also necessary for carbohydrate metabolism. It is also used in tissue respiration. Deficiency can cause naturally dying healthy cells to be replaced by dysfunctional cells, which can then lead to many chronic health complications.

A deficiency in sulphur can also hinder the body's ability to eliminate free radicals. It can can lead to allergic responses by the immune system including asthma and hay fever. It can lead to frequent headaches, fatigue and gastrointestinal problems.

Sulphur is a component of organic proteins in the human body. It is responsible for maintaining the structure of the proteins.

Sulphur is used in the production of skin, blood vessels, organs, hair and nails. It helps in the formation of karatin, which is essential for healthy skin and nails. It is also critical for maintaining tissue connectivity.

Sulphur also aids in the production of immunoglobulin. Immunoglobulin maintains the normal immune system. It catalyzes the chemical reactions which change food into energy and neutralizes toxins in the body.

Natural organic sulphur compounds are easily destroyed. Food processing, food drying, food storage, and food cooking are among the most common reasons people become deficient in sulphur. Poor habits such as smoking also contribute to low bioactive levels of sulphur.

Individuals who are extremely healthy and who eat a raw food / paleo diet may not have any need for supplementation. We strongly encourage "the rest of us" to experiment with supplementation. Individuals who need sulphur will notice significant health benefits within about three weeks; sometimes within two or three days.

Even so, we believe that MSM is one of the most important supplements for general health maintenance, especially for those individuals who have a history of chronic illness. Individuals with skin complaints or who desire to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair will no doubt be very greatful for the benefits MSM can provide.

What is MSM?

MSM Molecule - C2H6O2SMSM is a common abbreviation for Methylsulfonylmethane (Dimethyl Sulfone). It is also known as DMSO2 due to the fact that when DMSO breaks down, the resulting compound is MSM. MSM is made up of two atoms of carbon, six atoms of hydrogen, two atoms of oxygen and one atom of sulphur: C2H6O2S = (CH3)2SO2 . As a hydrocarbon, it is an organic molecule, and is present naturally in the human body.

MSM is part of the natural sulphur cycle in nature. Ocean plankton produce and release a sulphurous gas which is lighter than air (dimethyl sulfide - DMS). The gas rises into the ozone layer, where ultra-violet light converts the sulphur to MSM and DMSO. These compounds, now slightly heavier, return to the earth in the rain, and are absorbed into soils where they are adsorbed and concentrated by plants.

MSM makes up 85 percent of the sulfur found in all living organisms (MSM and its related compounds).

MSM is the single perfect suplphur supplement due to the fact that it is already an organic, useable form of sulphur. THere is no known toxicity for MSM, although those with a sulphur intolerance or allergy should obviously not use it.

All MSM supplements are derived processed chemically by reacting dimethyl sulfoxide with hydrogen peroxide; therefore, individuals should pay attention to manufacturer standards rather then source materials. For extreme purity, the reacted solution should be quadruple distilled. Some marketing companies claim that MSM derived from the lignin of pine trees is superior, but this is only marketing hype. It's the manufacturing standards that determine the quality of the end product.

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How Is MSM Used?

MSM is available as a dry powder or in capsules. It is used as a supplement taken orally. Standard dosages are from 500 mg daily up to six grams daily.

Individuals suffering chronic ailments who choose to supplement with MSM should work up to taking at least 2000 mg. (two grams) of MSM daily.

Some individuals choose to supplement with Vitamin C as well, believing that there is a synergy between the two substances.

In some cases, MSM is used topically, either in a cream or having been mixed with water.

MSM is quickly metabolized by the body. MSM has been measured in all tissues of the body within 24 hours of ingestion. Most used MSM is eliminated from the body from between 45 and 90 hours, with trace amounts being eliminated in the urine 450 hours after ingestion.

Due to the rate at which MSM is used by the body, the standard daily dose should be cut in half, and taken twice daily. Individuals electing to take the maximum dose of six grams would take three grams in the morning and three in the evening.

For people with chronic health problems, serious die-off symptoms and/or exteriorizations may occur. See section on warnings and precautions below.

High Dose MSM Therapy

High dose MSM therapy is an experimental and controversial therapy involving slowly increasing the dosage of MSM to extremely high dosage levels, and has been successfully used by some individuals to treat severe chronic illnesses.

With high dose MSM therapy, astandard therapeutic dose is considered 5 grams, taken twice daily. If well tolerated, dosage is increased by five grams every ten days (to tolerance) until a maximum dosage of 96 grams daily is reached. This dosage is held until desired results are achieved, which can take up to one year.

Although there is no known toxicity associated with high dose MSM therapy, with this experimental protocol, individuals should be well versed in mineral supplementation and detoxification protocols before attempting it. The risks associated with any high dose detox protocol involve upsetting mineral balances in the body.

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What has MSM been Successfully Used for?

Relief from Snoring

A study done at the Oregon Health Sciences University concluded that MSM, when used intranasally in both nostrils before bed, was a successful treatment for snoring. 80% of the 35 study participants experienced significant relief within one to four days of administering treatment.

The MSM was prepared as a 16% water solution. The solution was then administered into each nostril fifteen minutes prior to sleeping.

Pain Relief and as an Anti-inflammatory Agent

MSM supplementation, when used with glucosamine and chondroitin, has been used to help with joint inflammation due to arthritis. MSM has also been used to address muscle pain.

While MSM has not been shown to help rebuild cartlidge, it does act to reduce inflammation, and hence pain associated with inflammation. It also helps to protect cartlidge tissue from damage, according to a study done at the University of California San Deigo.

Researchers at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of California San Diego, La Jolla, demonstrated in animal models that regular supplemention of MSM reduced inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.

Individuals using MSM for any pain issues should build up to the highest dosage level possible (that the body tolerates). As much as three grams in the morning and three grams in the evening have been used for pain relief.

As a dietary aid, MSM is corrective and does not have a drug effect to numb pain. It is therefore superior to NSAID's and pain blockers.

Individuals should notice a significant difference in chronic pain from within three to four weeks of supplementation.

While high levels of MSM are non-toxic, there may be eventual reactions. If the MSM is tolerated well, it still may be prudent to drop dosage levels down after two months of supplementation (and see how the body responds at between 500 mg and 1-2 grams daily).

MSM can be used topically in the form of lotions to address localized conditions such as joint problems.

Reduction of Symoptoms of Environmental Allergies

MSM has been used successfully to reduce the symptoms of some environmental allergy sufferers, and with some individuals with food sensitivies. Some experts belief that this relief is due to MSM's ability to help cleanse the blood. Once an individual achieves a therapeutic dose level, releif is experienced in three to four days.

In the Treatment of Rosacea

MSM has been used successfully via topical application for some sufferers of rosacea.

Healthy Skin, Nails, and Hair

Taking MSM as an oral supplement helps to normalize the body's metabolic function. MSM is essential for healthy collagen and karatin production. As an antioxidant, it can disrupt damaging chain reactions of lipid peroxidation in cell membranes.

Sulphur is critical in the creation of flexible bonds between cells, rather than the stiff cross-linked bonds associated with (premature) aging. MSM therefore promotes healing with extremely flexible tissue. As such, it should be used internally and can be used topically during wound healing.

Wounds heal with more healthy skin and less scar tissue. Damaged muscles and tendons heal with flexible tissue instead of scar tissue.

Individuals who begin supplementation with MSM should notice a difference in the skin in as little as three to four days.

For even better results, MSM can be used in conjuction with raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, used both topically and internally. Furthermore, using premium quality healing clays on the skin and in-bath will promote the healthiest skin and hair (provided that the necessary nutrients are available for the body's use).

Healthy Eyes

MSM, combined with selenium and vitamin C, is an excellent supplement to promote healthy eyesight. In particular, these components work together to protect the eyes from free radical damage.

Managing High Homocysteine Levels

MSM supplementation can significantly help lower high homocysteine (an amino acid) levels in the body. High homocysteine levels have been associated with cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, renal failure, and type II diabetes.

Furthermore, sulphur supplementation should be considered by individuals suffering from MS, arthritis, and type II diabetes where high homocysteine levels are present (supplementation should also include B Vitamins):

"High homocysteine levels interfere with the synthesis of SAM, and thus interfere with methyl donations for neurotransmitters, which are essential for nerve conduction in MS patients. MS patients need the sulfur provided by the pathway for joint and cartilage repair, and even more importantly, for the detox pathways in the liver, since the sulfur detox pathway binds metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium, and MS patients are especially susceptible to these metals and cannot detox them well. To add insult to injury, the metals exert their toxicity in the body by robbing essential proteins of their sulfur groups so that they can't function; this means that in addition to not being able to detox the metals well, the exposure to metals robs their bodies of much needed proteins for cell rebuilding, and also proteins in key enzymes. The ill-effects of heavy metal toxicity include the neurotoxic damage associated with MS The ill-effects of heavy metal toxicity include the neurotoxic damage associated with MS."
- Nutri-West Article on HOMOCYSTEINE REDUX

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MSM - Possible Contraindications, Warnings and Cautions

  • Using MSM can cause digestive discomfort for some people; reduce dosage and build up to desired dose level
  • MSM should not be used by individuals with a sulphur intolerance/allergy
  • Long term use of MSM may deplete molybdenum levels in the body.
  • Very sensitive individuals may experience extreme die-off symptoms and/or exteriorizations when starting MSM. Individuals who experience any increase in symptoms should reduce the dosage down to a level of comfort for between ten and fourteen days. Then, an individual should attempt to increase the dosage levels as the body permits.
    • The starting dose for very sensitive individuals should be as low as 180 mg.
    • A safe maintence dose for sensitive individuals can be as low as 10 mg daily.
      • Individuals with extreme sensitivity will need to carefully experiment to find the right therapeutic dose and the right maintenance dose (see reference sectdion for an article by Anne Pemberton)

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User Experiences

Helped with Back Problem with Side Effect

"Hi, Dr Sahelian, I appreciate your web site and your comments about alternative remedies. I took about 10 grams a day MSM supplement for about 3 months, for a back problem, which the MSM supplement helped greatly. However, after 3 months of taking the MSM, I noted small white pimples on my ears and face. It appeared to me that taking such a large MSM dose for a fairly long time had loaded up my body and that the excess was being excreted thru the skin. I have now stopped the MSM supplement and the extrusion thru the skin seems to be lessening. I thought you would be interested in my possible MSM side effect."
- Anonymous User Comment on Dr. Ray Sahelian's website (see reference section)

Chronic Pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis

"I am a 38 year old woman who has been dealing with rheumatoid Arthritis since my child bearing years. I started seeing an rheumatoid arthritis doctor about 7 years ago and had been using a Naproxen prescription since then for pain, inflammation, morning and night stiffness. Not wanting to continue taking Naproxen for recent concerns about its safety. I started taking MSM supplement product advised by my mother who recently was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I have been taking 3 grams of MSM in the morning and night for the past 3 months with no need for addition pain medications. I am truly amazed at the results I've had. If anyone has had chronic pain from arthritis like I have had it is worth trying MSM supplements."
- Anonymous User Comment on Dr. Ray Sahelian's website (see reference section)

MSM, Healing & Scar Tissue

"MSM does not eliminate scarring, but it helps, and even many years after the formation of a scar, it may alter scar tissue in a positive manner... MSM acts before and after procedures to minimize the amount of scar tissue."
- Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, noted DMSO and MSM expert

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What the Critics Claim

No critic would be foolish enough to down-play the significance of corrected low sulphur levels in the body-- through supplementation or otherwise.

However, individuals such as Jonathan Wright, MD state that long term use of MSM can create a molybdenum deficiency in the body. He states that exogenous (outside) sources of sulfur will drain molybdenum resources; the molybdenum is essential for sulfur metabolism. He counters that a natural provision of sulfur makes what the body needs, and does not create an excess pool which then must drain molybdenum to be metabolized. He recommends supplementing with a product called Homocysteine Redux instead of MSM (which we have no opinion on ).

Therefore, cautious individuals may wish to consider using MSM to restore optimum levels of sulphur in the body, and then ceasing or greatly reducing supplementation.

Once the MSM has done the job that an individual is using it for, MSM doses can be greatly reduced and the individual can modify the diet to include raw, sulphur-rich foods (raw cabbage, garlic, onions...).

However, based on the results that users achieve with MSM, we do not believe that people should be afraid of taking even high doses of MSM. In fact, this provides a great opportunity for individuals to learn how to "listen" to the body.

From between three weeks to two months should, in most cases, be a good supplementation cycle. However, every body is unique.

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Buying/Purchasing MSM

Kala Health - OptiMSM is the only MSM we recommend. Purchase this exceptional MSM in bulk. MSM has a taste that takes some getting used to. However, a family can save alot of money buy purchasing the powder in bulk, and making capsules with the many "mechanical" capsule filling devices available for online purchase.

MSM Alternative - Nutri-West's Homocysteine Redux, an MSM alternative.

 The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain - An excellent, well researched book on the benefits of using MSM as a supplement.

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References and Outside Resources

New Day News - An excellent overview of MSM.

All Natural - Another good reference article on the use of MSM.

Article from Total Health Magazine - MSM article written by Dr.Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D. Phd.

Journal Abstract - MSM animal study done to demonstrate the anti-inflammatory properties of MSM for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Dr. Sahelian - Dr. Ray Sahelian on MSM supplementation.

Homocysteine Redux - An article on the value of Homocysteine Redux over MSM (produced by the product makers)

Article on MSM - Re-sulphation by Anne Pemberton. A must read for extremely sensitive individuals.

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