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This section provides information concerning Mild Silver Protein products commonly sold as colloidal silver. While it is true that there are many zealous supporters of Mild Silver Protein ( MSP ) use, we present this document to challenge all preconceptions that are exclusively the result of marketing efforts, and not comparative analysis between different types of silver products.

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Mild Silver Protein ( MSP ) - Benefit, Risk, and Comparative Efficacy

The Case for Mild Silver Protein

MSP - ArgyrolStating that Mild Silver Protein is not effective would not be true. The most widely used MSP, Argyrol ( containing between 19-23% silver by content ), has a history of successful use since its development by Dr. Alfred C. Barnes in about 1902. Argyrol, Protargol and Collargol, all silver compounds, are still marketed by Argenol Laboratories out of Spain.

Mild Silver Protein traditionally comes in a concentration from between 150 - 1500 Parts Per Million ( PPM ). In the last few years, however, popular marketing companies have been producing diluted products ( 30 - 50 PPM ), most likely because of the increase in reported Argyria cases associated with Mild Silver Protein use.

The effectiveness of any silver product relies upon enough silver reaching any treatment area in sufficient strength ( and for a long enough duration ) to effectively act upon the bacteria, virii, or fungi. By using Mild Silver Protein, it is extremely easy to deliver a great deal of silver content into the body. This fact alone is responsible for the effectiveness of mild silver protein. Experimental clinical studies have demonstrated that injecting 400-1500 PPM Mild Silver Protein into the human body reduces HIV viral counts.

"First, IV MSP 400 ppm appears to be a safe, effective virucidal agent in HIV-positive patients. Second, it is also clear that high concentrations are probably toxic, as demonstrated by the dramatic drop in AP's hematological status following the 1500-ppm infusion. Third, and most important, is the apparent ability of MSP to dramatically reduce the viral load and cause clinical reversals of rapidly deteriorating patients with HIV."

-Ward Dean, M.D., Mark Mitchell, M.D., Victor Whizar Lugo, M.D.
Clinical Practice of Alternative Medicine, Spring 2001; 2(1):48-53

The Truth about Mild Silver Protein

Mild Silver Protein has been riddled with accusations of negligent and even fraudulent advertising since its widespread use in the early 1900's. This practice has increased dramatically with the popularization of the internet.

Mild Silver protein is made by bonding silver particles with an organic protein such as Knox gelatin and casein protein. Since the particles are usually large ( 1000 nanometers as determined by SEM ), suspension would not be possible without the stabilizer. Furthermore, in compound form the mild silver protein is not effective against pathogens. This fact was documented by Dr. Ronald Gibbs, who discovered bacterial contamination in many mild silver protein products he studied. In compound form, the silver is far less likely to come in contact with pathogens; the ogliodynamic properties of the silver compound are negligant in comparison to isolated silver colloids and isolated ionic silver solutions.

In other words, any true effectiveness of mild silver protein in the body must result from biological chemical reactions that must first break down the silver protein bond.

In fact, you will never see an antibacterial time-kill study done with MSP at 5 Parts Per Million, because it performs extremely poorly. Occassionally we receive complaints from those involved in multi-level marketing of MSP. In each case, we offer a simple, cost-effective challenge: Show us, PPM for PPM, that MSP is anywhere near as effective as quality isolated silver products, and we will change our published information. Nobody has ever met this challenge, because it is not possible to do so.

Furthermore, prolonged use of Mild Silver Protein presents a very real risk of argyria, especially by those using high concentration products intranasally. Generally and statistically speaking, the body is capable of eliminating small concentrations of silver without difficulty. However, when a high PPM silver compound is used intranasally, a great deal of actual silver content is being delivered via the mucus membranes directly to the face.

View our recommended colloidal silver products page, for silver products that are ethically marketed and recommended for those pursuing private research on silver as used in medicine.

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