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It was recently brought to our attention that an individual ( Mark Metcalf ) has accused of commercial fraud and conspiracy. This document has been designed to address Mark Metcalf's accusations line by line, in the interest of public disclosure. We believe in the right to freedom of speech. However, we also believe in our right to offer a rebuttal.


Mark Metcalf's Accusations & Rebutal

Recently, it was brought to our attention that the following statement, quoted below, incited Mark Metcalf to publish a public attack ( although Metcalf did not give us the courtesy of stating his complaints, nor did he have the integrity to direct his comments to their source, nor did he ever, years ago, respond to our emails to him ).

Our comments which incited his response ( from our page on argyria ):

"Fallacy: Colloidal silver made with salt is completely safe because Dr. Robert O. Becker says that silver chloride is inert and thus harmless, and the EPA has demonstrated that silver chloride is 30 times less toxic than silver nitrate. ( Mark Metcalf is likely ultimately responsible for two cases of Argyria that we are aware of from heeding this misplaced advice ). Mark Metcalf once published that using a salt-produced colloidal silver could never cause argyria. Now he says that it can, but only in individuals who have a 'severe selenium deficiency'."

We stand by our statement.


Long before the first case of argyria was reported from following Metcalf's advice, I personally sent a very long email to Mark Metcalf, requesting that he change his information. I stated that he was placing people at risk for argyria by publishing that colloidal silver made with a sodium/salt primer created an unstable, scientifically proven inferior product. Not only does such a product not work as well as a properly made isolated silver product, but it posed a risk to the well being of his readers.

As we've always done ( and still do ), we ask silver marketeers to publish the complete data available, and let the consumer make an informed choice.

Mark Metcalf never responded.

What Metcalf States

"I have often been attacked by individuals who represent themselves as being impartial and having an interest only in speaking the truth so others will not be harmed by bad information. Inevitably, these humanitarians turn out to be selling a competing product made by “lightning” or some other unique method that no one else can do. In the past I have tried to ignore these individuals. However, a very clever con has been going on for some time now and seems to be gathering momentum."

Here, Mark Metcalf accuses us of being Marshall Dudley of Silver Lightening, and selling products through a con. Of course, all of our close readers know that we support quite a few different companies, and we are not affiliated with them. We support these other organizations because they have proven, fine quality products that exceed consumer expectations. We also receive no reasonable consumer complaints concerning their staff or products.

Mark's statements are very humurous.

Our statement about the silver chloride production issue has been made because I personally spoke to the individuals who acquired argyria using Mark's production methods.

Our information is gaining momentum because it is true. The information presented on has been created by more than 400 people, very few of whom are affiliated in any way with The impartiality of does not rest upon a ther personalities of individuals and opinions, but represents the informed opinions of every major researcher in the silver medicine field.

Even in cases where qualified researchers disagree, both perspectives are shared.

Mark States:

"The site also refers to “good” quality colloidal silver in odd and ambiguous terms like “properly hydrated.”

Apparently, Mark has difficulty reading. We refer to bentonite clay as having to be properly hydrated with silver in order to be completely effective.

" This site says the owner does not sell his own products. This apparently means the proprietor doesn’t sell products he manufactures, but it’s a rather meaningless statement since the products of a number of other companies are sold on the site and it endorses still more companies who sell colloidal silver generators ­ and of course when the reader clicks on the links to those endorsed sites, he or she can be counted both by the original, referring site and by the endorsed websites visited."

We receive no compensation from any colloidal silver product sold. Anyone can advertise through Adsense; we don't even sensor the freedom of speech of the G program, even when we've been pressured to do so by companies marketing competing products. Being Americans, we support the ideology of free trade. However, we reserve the right to NOT recommend products, and we will NOT succumb to pressures, threats, or accusations of any organization ( and it happens a handful of times per year ).

Mark States:

"In the second sentence on the title page, the website states that the proprietor wants to “provide the public with accurate and comprehensive information and research” However, the owner later attacks me by name after altering a quote from my book. He claims I wrote, “the EPA has demonstrated that silver chloride is 30 times less toxic than silver nitrate.” The actual quote is “silver chloride was found to be thirty times less toxic than diluted silver nitrate.” He deleted the word “diluted” and then attacked me on the grounds that silver nitrate is too concentrated to make a good comparison for safety.

What makes the situation even more ridiculous is that I am personally attacked for merely reporting what the EPA proved in their studies. In addition, the “accurate and comprehensive” website does not provide any studies to back up their groundless attacks on silver chloride, attacks that are apparently fabricated as a pretext for attacking me since I reported silver chloride is safe."

This is a special type of insane thinking. We don't quote Mark Metcalf's book; I made a statement about Mark's misrepresenting a study by the EPA to twist it to apply to his product vs. an isolated silver product.

We documented two cases of argyria resulting from Mark's advice. This statement of fact speaks for itself. We have also viewed comparitive analysis of silver chloride, home brew silver solutions. We also present a video in flash format to show that a runaway electrolysis reaction occurs, and let viewers see for themselves what type of an end product Mark is promoting.

Second, silver nitrate has an actual toxicity because it is a nitrate. One cannot reasonably compare the toxicity of these two completely different compounds. Instead, we warn users to look at the actual amount of silver being produced and ingested.

"No credit is given to me, the author of the protocol, even though I have been told by a third party that “the most comprehensive and objective” website owner is fully aware that I am the author and originator of the cure."

Here Mark, while trying to claim that his production process produces a safe product, admits that if one uses it, one may need a cure, which he authored.

As early as 1995, MD's have speculated that the ingredients recommended may have an effect on argyria. Mark Metcalf did not invent this idea. Mark Metcalf did publish this information. However, Mark himself doesn't understand the cure, and I've dealt with others' with argyria who have failed to achieve results because the advice they received was not comprehensive. In our old forum, which was erased ( we had four argyria sufferers posting ), we CAUTIONED people about using the cure, which can be DANGEROUS due to the high amounts of Vitamin E used. Without drinking massive amounts of water, the cure will not be effective, and it can cause harm.

We further and independently studied this matter in great length, drawing from John Hopkins' Center for Environmental Medicine and Dr. Ziem's work, noted environmental toxicity expert.

" Like my site, this site also offers free instructions for making your own colloidal silver generator, but when you click on this option, you are coyly told that making your own generator is not a very good idea. “Please keep in mind that the basic generator creates a product that is inferior to more advanced production methods.” If this does not discourage do-it-yourself enthusiasts, they encounter the following note with the instructions for making your own generator. “Please note that the basic generator does not include any means of current or voltage control. It is remotely possible that alkaline batteries can explode when wired in series without such controls.” Of course nothing could be worse then actually having to use the design, which looks similar to a four-year-old’s building made of tinker toys. In short, the picture makes it obvious that what they are offering is essentially useless.
(FYI: The build your own colloidal silver generator instructions on my site,, include a miniature light bulb wired into the circuit for voltage regulation.)"

We recommend everyone start off with the basic principles of electrolysis and the basic generator, which is as is stated: The most simple generator possible. If one studies this process completely, then one will eventually create a generator of the highest quality, including current limiting, thermal or magnetic stirring, etc., because they will understand the principles of production. This is a research tutorial, not a health product recommendation, and we state this.

Obviously, do it yourself enthusiasts can easily buy the current regulating chip for a few dollars, and employ thermal stirring, water circulation, etc. We state clearly in many parts of our website the elements that need to be present in any quality generator, and we also teach people how to properly test their products for quality control.

Mark States:

"I hired Kimball Laboratories in Utah to perform tests on the end product of the two generators. Of course, if the constant current statements proved to be true, I was prepared to change the design of the colloidal silver generator I manufacture. And why not? I want to know I’m offering the public the most versatile, quality product possible. But the laboratory tests showed the opposite of what these constant current promoters had said. Their sample had considerably less silver in solution when compared to the control sample made from my generator, and their particle size was not smaller."

We state, based on comparative time kill studies done with dozens of products, that particle dispersion is one of the most important attributes of a silver product. This can be proved by testing the killing power of the isolated silver product.

I tell everyone that emails me that if they want their own product featured, that proper COMPARITVE testing needs to be done. I need a TEM, a 7 minute staph time kill study, and, if they want to 'argue' the TEM validity issue, AAS work needs to be done, but IN ADDITION to the TEM. In other words, I really need to know how the silver in responding in solution, not simply some basic spectral analysis tests.

This really tends to upset people, because if they choose to really study their product, then the results, when compared with truly high-grade products, will always justify everything we've said all along.

Mark States:

" There is the seamy possibility that beyond its contrivances to attack me personally, this website may also be a government sting operation."

This gives readers an idea of the general state of mind of Mark Metcalf.

General Notes from the Archives

Here are some quotes by Mark Metcalf, taken from archived pages on his website:

Readers are welcome to read an old copy of his website:

Here, you can read his PR attack peice on Rosemary Jacobs:

On this page, he states he believes that ingesting 16 ounces or more a day is fine. Many of his dedicated readers followed suit:

On the above page, he misquotes Dr. Robert O Becker, which incited Dr. Robert O Becker to make a public announcement seperating himself from colloidal silver ( the R.O.B. rebuttal can be seen on Rosemary Jacob's site ). Robert O Becker made absolutely no such claims about silver and the immune system. That was Bob Becker. Robert O. Becker was always concerned about the general use of silver in the body, as it had not been sufficiently studied.

View the following instruction page, where Metcalf informes his readers that "any old water will do". In his early literature material, he attacks those who caution people about argyria, while promoting the production of silver solutions using tap water and/or salt addititives.

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