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Frequently Asked Questions for the Colloidal Silver ppm Calculator
Updated September 6, 2001

I make no claims of any kind regarding the safety, uses or effectiveness of colloidal silver (CS). I have simply used basic principles of chemistry to calculate how much silver would be deposited into distilled water (DW) when a given amount of electric current is passed through pure silver electrodes. Then I calculate the parts per million (ppm) as a ratio of the mass of silver deposited to the mass of the DW into which it has been deposited. This is elementary high-school science. You may look up the equations yourself if you like. Try looking up "Faraday's equation for electrolytic deposition" or "Faraday's Constant".

This file will be updated periodically. If you received the calculator from a friend, check the following link for the updated FAQ file and other instructions:

[ The actual spreadsheet may be downloaded by right clicking this link and saving the excel spreadsheet to one's local hard drive.]

Faraday Calculator Spreadsheet

[ Reference the illustrated instructions above and below for proper use of the Spreadsheet ]

Faraday Calculator Spreadsheet

[ For an explanation of the principles and calculations of Faraday's Equation, please see: Bob Lee's "How Much Silver Did I Drink? ]

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