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An Open Letter by Ed Mccabe | Statement of Truth - Author, Ed Mccabe, Posted by Peter Jovan


Response to Saul Energy
By Ed McCabe

Nothing stings sharper than the barbs coming from a friend you have trusted and respected. After a long train of continual abuse, events have reached the place where I cannot continue to be stung and just stand idle. Saul has, without any provocation, unjustly and unkindly stung me several times. I do not know why he would turn toward the darkside, but in my case he has.

For years he has stolen and used substantial parts of my intellectual properties and copywritten works. He has stolen major parts of my copywritten work and claimed it is
solely his.

He has stolen major parts of my copywritten work and claimed it is his and published it under his own name.

He has stolen major parts of my copywritten work and claimed it is his and published it under his own name and never given me proper credit.

He has stolen major parts of my copywritten work and claimed it is his and published it under his name and not given me proper credit while illegally giving other people permission to also steal it and profit from their unauthorized use and publication of my personally discovered at great cost private ideas.

Saul has enabled these people to further injure me by encouraging their publishing and attempting to copyright my already copywritten works illegally under their own names. There is no mention of my authorship.

Saul wounds my respect for him when he says he has NOT learned SUBSTANTIAL things from my work.

Saul wounds my respect for him when he tries to explain it all away by inferring he knows more than I do.

Saul wounds my respect for him when he tries to explain it all away by saying I am often wrong .

My science, to the limit I use it, is beyond reproach and always double checked with experts I respect for accuracy before publication.

If you or your `expert' have a different opinion about it as scientists are always meant to have while in search of truth, we can politely disagree while truth is sought, but it is quite improper and mean spirited to tell everyone you are always right and one of your valuable mentors is wrong solely out of your ego and possible sales greed.

I challenge anyone on or off this world to find anything untrue or intentionally misleading in any of my works especially in my most recent publications.

Everything in my encyclopedic book Flood your Body With Oxygen, Therapy For our Polluted World is true and correct, as far as is humanly possible as of the date of publication. Everything in Flood your Body With Oxygen is the Industry Gold Standard for Active Oxygen Therapies.

If any expert disagrees with an actual, not imagined, statement or assessment I have made, let them step forward into the light to engage in polite debate, and we will settle the matter for the good of all as best we can.

Here's a general example I have too often run into. I will interview hundreds of people about a particular technique. They will all be successful and safe with it. Some `expert' in another related area - who has interviewed no one - publicly declares it doesn't work, I guess solely so he can protect his seemingly expert status.

No one suffers from publicly displayed ego battles more than the suffering public, and I was pressured and lobbied into writing this at all when friends could not stand to hear me spoken of as Saul has been doing to me.

I decided that to let untruth remain unchallenged for too long may imply silent consent, so I am writing this for a public forum now for that purpose and in hopes of educating my errant brother and getting him to stop hurting me and start being polite again.

" Experts" throwing out barbs at me because they secretly somehow perceive me more well known than they are - or a challenge to their fiefdom - only show the world their ignorance.

If subsequent events change our viewpoints of currently defined truth, I will immediately correct my words, my thinking, and my current publications as fast as I can do so to be fully in line with
truth. Truth and helping you is all I care about. If I am wrong, show me and I will change. It diminishes our industry and professions to have this disparagement going on.

Saul had no reasons other than ego, possibly greed, and definitely lack of RESPECT to do all this to me. I have never badmouthed him behind his back as he has done to me. I have always only praised him and his work and his generators and always said good things about them and him.

I often lectured - around Canada and in the Montreal area especially - and referred all inquiries to Saul and his agents to help him get started because I thought he would have a good machine when perfected. I was never compensated for these sales I created solely to help him and the people. He did send me one early unit out of kindness, and I am grateful for that.

But, until I learned of his recent public attacks upon my character, knowledge, and work, I was letting other things that he did to me slide. From the recent sound of Saul and others I doubt they have ever studied or even read my new book. So they imagine what I say in their own minds and declare it untrue.

He has made lots of money off my work and never offered to share it with me.

He did pay expenses to bring me to Vancouver and do a lecture series. He and his friends were very kind to me, and picked my brain for days before and after the weeklong multi-city trip. I still have the hat they gave me and fondly remember the spirit it was given in.

When Saul was not there with me on this trip his assistants questioned me constantly, thereby gaining the data I freely gave away out of camaraderie. This enabled its use later by Saul. To
publicly say they learned nothing but general triviality from me and my books and tapes is untrue in the extreme, and totally disrespectful of what I went through, and that they have profited so easily from.

I often run into this. I collected so much data and made it so easy for so many to learn, they all forget where it came from, and that there was NOTHING public when I started. 1,500+ radio & TV shows and energy draining speaking platforms and other hardships later, we now have an active oxygen industry that everyone takes for granted. If you do not honor your teachers you cheapen yourself.

If he disrespected me in some other way not mentioned above please let me know.

Under duress, Ed McCabe
December 31st 2004

Response by Jason, Jan 1, 2005

Greetings, Peter!

Thank you for posting the recent letter by Ed Mccabe. Do you think that Ed would mind if I added it to an actual page on our website, where it would be more viewable by those who may be seeking balance in the issue?

Ed is one of my alt med researcher idols, and I can think of a few people, over the years, who perhaps owe their lives to that fact. I first began researching the viability of oxygen therapies about nine years ago. Obviously, in the United States there is quite a bit of bad press on the subject. It was Ed Mccabe's first book on oxygen therapies that allowed me to gain a correct perspective, which has guided me truly since that time.

After all that Ed has been through, he deserves a strong measure of respect, and I was also surprised at Saul Pressman's flippant comments.

In fact, this email discussion group was born to be certain that all civil and on-topic oxygen discussion could commence and continue without sensorship.

In the past, Jim's Oxy List certainly sufficed; I was a member for many years under various email addresses, and I felt that Jim ran a fine ship ( so to speak ). Upon his untimely demise, and since this time, when Saul Pressman took over the list, I've seen quite a shift in the quality of content.

If the oxygen therapy world were stagnant, with everything known, printed, and available to the searching public, I would likely have not been as concerned.

But the truth is, I believe we're just starting to scratch the surface, and I'm certainly seeing a resurgence in the United States with ozone therapy, especially the "affordable" home ozone sauna therapy.

There are a great many issues that need to be explored by researchers, and we need those people with world-wide experience to bring to the table the experience and knowledge-- more often than not, currently not translated into English-- so that people have access to unbiased information and authentic experience.

I had the opportunity to briefly correspond with Wayne Bainwright many years ago. While my conclusion was that his therapy was insanely expensive ( especially concerning travel expenses from the United States ), I respected the manner in which he maintained his correspondance.

With the Alt Med and Natural Med world, I'm much more of a philanthropist than anything else. I'm constantly looking for ways to provide solutions to people who-- having been devestated by illness that has left them near-penniless and insuranceless-- NEED it most.

Two weeks ago, I had an incredible meeting with a geneticist. This individual was pre-med before becoming disillusioned with the state of medical and personal care in the United States. He has about five years of extensive experience with ozone therapy. He has since lost quite a bit of interest in ozone, as he is just entering the private sector in a very lucrative field, where he feels he can do much good.

He explained to me a whole emerging genetic science involving the immune system and oxygen's role-- oxygen as organic peroxides-- in the decision making process of the immune system at a cellular level. One day, I hope to document his findings further, as they are strikingly significant. He told me he believes that ozone therapy, as a localized effect, actually resets the immune system.

In particular, he mentioned that any physical trauma that results in an inflammatory response "permanently" and adversely effects the immune system, and that this effect is localized to the point of injury-- or area of infection. Ozone therapy, he stated, actually has the power to reset the immuno-response, managed at the cellular/genetic level.

He also stated, of course, that a ton of research would be required to substantiate these observations.

However, his theory has matched my observations exactly, and is helping to begin to explain some of the many possible "side effects" of ozone sauna therapy.

As an example, a co-researcher experienced the following response: After two months of near-daily ozone sauna therapy, a lesion-based "rash" appeared on the right arm. I asked myself, why the right arm and not the left? Upon further investigation, I discovered that this individual received weekly allergy shots in this arm while a child, at the precise location where the exteriorizations were occuring.

Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not.

I'm glad that Ed published the letter. It helps to answer some of the questions I've had concerning Saul's ideology; or, perhaps I should say to begin a further avenue of inquiry. Saul would group all of these exteriorizations into a general category: healing crisis. However, my observations to date strongly indicate that we should look closer at these phenominon associated with ozone sauna therapy. There IS a difference between: A toxic response, an exteriorization of a latent condition, an immuno-response, and a herxheimer-type reaction. Closely looking at these things may eventually provide a means to address them successfully.

What some call "rash"? To date, I've seen 3 very different forms. The red rash that produces small "corpuscules" with very little inflammation responds nearly instantly to a blend of Illite, Bentonite, and Oligodynamic silver magma applied topically; however, I also need more data in the form of more experience.

I agree with Ed, that we don't need childish and ego-based arguements, pitting personality against personality. It does not serve anyone's best interest.

Never-the-less, if the truth is never shared, then more often than not, illusion reigns while it can.

Best Regards,


Response by Peter Jovan, Jan 2, 2005

We are all on [email protected] I am sorry to say, but I have of course group as well. I have also made another group and am holding it back, just in case called, [email protected] so I don’t think anybody will be able to stop anything anymore.

I have talked to Ed about all of this in length and he is putting together an answer for all of it, but both of us are against opening this up as debate or it will get ugly and time consuming, something we both do not have or want.

You are free to use his post in whatever way you like and I encourage you to do so. He is also very grateful for your comments and appreciates them more than you can imagine.

I agree with you on the fact that we are just scratching the surface and we truly need to do a lot of research and most of all correctly as well as have it published. As you may or may not know, I do not believe in Ozonated saunas to the extent that others do, there are many reasons for this and I do not however stop anyone or discourage them from doing it if it is what they believe. I only advise that they use the right equipment and maintain safety as in all issues related to ozone therapy. Please don’t think of any of that as anything other than though rough. Myself and my colleagues have not yet been able to establish the potential science in ozonated saunas but have been able to establish it in saunas alone, so you might say, the jury is still out.

It is true that I had worked with Basil for two years and I am not ashamed of that. I was one of the people that lost more money than Saul’s friend but I took it as a challenge and educated myself more to what he was doing in regards to ozone application rather than what he was doing to rip people off. At this time I have corrected and perfected his way of using ozone to a place where it can both be used safely and much cheaper than what he had quoted others. This is the best form of ozone therapy without doubt and Ed agrees as well as others in the field. However putting it in application in this world will be nothing short of a battle like no other. So, onward we go in our quest for a better healing modality.

I completely concur with your geneticist friend and yourself on the rash issue, it is no coincidence but you must realize that the action you speak of can also occur with roper cleansing of the body and saunas without ozone. Yes, also there are many types of rashes, which again is another reason for study, but first I want to address the issue of the components being used in the manufacture of units, saunas and everything in between as it does aggravate me that some can just make statements such as “well, we see no deterioration of plastic so why can’t we use it” that coming from a lay person is acceptable but coming from a person that deals with science speaks volumes of their ignorance and for someone that deals with people’s lives it is nothing short of criminal. This industry needs to check itself and demand that only ozone proof components and accessories be used in both manufacture and application. We, as people are exposed to enough pollutants and do not need someone who is supposedly trying to help us eliminate that potentially aggravate it.

I will post to your group if you like but I would also encourage you to come to ours and also encourage you to keep doing what you are it warms me to know that you are there for humanity.

May God Bless You And Keep You Well:

Professor Ozone (Peter)
[email protected]

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