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Knowledge is power: But only as powerful as the mind which grasps it, the heart which believes in it, and the hands which wield it.

Do you have questions about medicinal silver, alternative medicine, natural medicine, or ozone therapy? Join the " Advanced" Yahoo discussion group and stay current with the latest information. Enjoy advanced topic discussions with those who have been involved in alternative medicine for decades.

Please note that all questions about making and using colloidal silver, or using ozone, etc., must be directed to the Yahoo email discussion group. Thank you for understanding!


Colloidal Silver Production Consulting now offers consulting for small businesses and individuals producing colloidal silver. Do you need your colloidal silver tested? Email us for details. We charge a flat rate consulting fee and introduce you to the applicable labs depending on the complexity of the work needed.

Our consulting fee is $200.00 pre-paid. This includes lab selection and analysis of the results. Client is responsible for submitting the paperwork and samples to the labs.

Very basic testing starts at $300.00 per sample for basic product information/certification.

For state of the art classification and certification, the cost can be as much as $6,000.00 per sample.



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angela clark says...

i have a plasmafire beta v that i'm not using and looking to sale it. any suggestions.


...I would suggest posting it on the ozone generator page and the community message board (see the nav menu above).

Also, how much are you looking to sell it for?

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