The Basic Colloidal Silver Generator
Part Two: Building the Generator

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This tutorial ( part two ) provides a detailed explanation on how to build the basic low voltage, direct current colloidal silver generator. Having obtained all the parts necessary for construction, assembling the colloidal silver generator will take about 15 minutes. Please note that the basic generator does not include any means of current or voltage control. It is remotely possible that alkaline batteries can explode when wired in series without such controls. If this is a concern, simply wire in a 24 volt light bulb in series.

Colloidal Silver basic colloidal silver generator tutorial

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General Assembly - Preparing the Batteries in Series

Lead and Clamp

Clip off the unused lead: For convenience, cut off the unused battery lead on each clamp attachment.


Attaching the Batteries Together

Attach the battery pairs: Take two nine-volt batteries and snap the positive pole of one to the negative pole of the other ( there is only one way this attachment will work ). Repeat the process for the second set of batteries. The end result is two sets of two batteries attached to each other.


All batteries attached...

Attach the two battery sets together: ( Do not perform this step until you are actually prepared to make your colloidal silver. Take the two battery sets and snap them together. The end result is four batteries attached together, which actually completes a circuit. Note: To avoid a potential hazard created by alkaline batteries wired in series, any concerned user may wire in a 24 volt light bulb in series. We have, however, never heard of a problem with the batteries exploding. This design should never include the batteries being encased without current control.


Positive and Negative Pole

Complete Setup

Complete Setup

The basic generator is now complete. The only remaining step is to prepare the glass and rods for use.

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Colloidal Silver

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