Commercial Silver Uses

This section explores the commercial use of silver. It has been included to given credence to the idea that silver has vast medicinal applications, AND to free the imagination concerning future potential uses of silver.

References have been taken from many locations. Where applicable, original link-backs have been included. However, due to the transient nature of weblinks, the author has attempted to include any and all pertinent information within the website.

Original Article Sources:

Japan explores antibacterial properties of silver commerically.

Silver-coated catheters reduce urinary tract infections by as much as 58%.

Silver based catheters which release ionic silver into tissues approved in EU.

Silver dressing which uses a time release system receives FDA approval.

Silver Electrolysis is proven effective for use with skin graft donor sites.

Silver use for biocidal applications projected to increase by 600%.

Ionic silver is used in major hospitals for antiseptic properties.



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