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Pursuits in science, technology, and knowledge are certainly admirable. Ultimately, however, living is a human endeavor. The following people, organizations, and commercial vendors have achieved a level of excellence that is worthy of recognition, based on the principles set forth in our policies and guidelines. It should be noted that while each of the following has naturally complied with these policies and guidelines, that mention here is not a product endorsement, and recognition is not always given based on product quality considerations alone. We consider each of the following extraordinary resources, and a tribute to the human spirit.

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Ronald J. Gibbs - Excellence in Private Research

The late Ronald J. Gibbs receives this award for his fantastic efforts put forth in the book Silver Colloids, Do they Work? Having established a baseline for high quality colloidal silver, Gibbs studied the efficacy of colloidal silver against bacteria ( in laboratory studies ), and concluded that a minimum of 9 parts colloidal silver to 1 part bacteria-laden water is required for colloidal silver to be effective in reducing the bacteria colony count to one. He further concluded that a 20:1 ratio provided optimum efficacy, and cut the required time-factor from six hours to just under an hour. Through his many insights, one can begin to see how colloidal silver products might be effective in the body, where they may be limited, why, and how to best utilize isolated silver products for optimum health.


Bruce Marx - Excellence in Engineering

Bruce Marx, mastermind and founder of CS PRO Systems, Inc., invented the high voltage alternating current ( HVAC ) colloidal silver generator in 1994. In Bruce's own words, "There is a satisfaction in building 'things', and then seeing them fulfill their purpose, but this [ advancing the science of colloidal silver creation ] was even more satisfying." The HVAC method offers great potential for producing large quantities of high quality colloidal silver.

Reid Harvey - Excellence in Humanitarian Service

Ceramic water purification devices are not a new concept. However, Reid Harvey of Earthenware Water Purifiers developed a product and manufacturing process that will provide silver-coated water purification candles to poor people in third world countries ( principally Bangladesh ) for a retail price of about $0.25 per candle! Even more stunning is Reid's plan to develop a small and self-sustaining economic infrastructure that, quite literally, embodies everything the United Nations was meant to be. By providing the manufacturing equipment to local "townships", small business interests will be developed to service and support the local community. Locals will be producing ( and experimenting with processes, no doubt! ) these candles for retail sales within the community.

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