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Welcome to our research center for colloidal silver use. The predominant theories on how silver works in the body are covered in this section, as well as practical applications for silver as used in alternative medicine. Dose philosophies are explained, and the various means of using colloidal silver are explained, including oral use, nebulizer use, topical application, and combinational treatments such as cayenne pepper and hydrogen peroxide. This section does not include medical advice from an MD / Doctor, but provides information for research purposes.

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Using Colloidal Silver: Oral Use, Dosing, Nebulising and Combination Uses

Using Colloidal Silver, Benefits of Use / Infections & Tissue Healing - Why do people use it? This introductory document covers the three fundamental medicinal properties of silver, and gives a brief over-view of the colloidal silver world.

Colloidal Silver Uses - Dosage Philosophies - This document provides details on the various methods people employ when using colloidal silver. Dose ideolgies are covered, including a general description of therapeutic doses.

Oral Use of Colloidal Silver - Why drink colloidal silver? This document covers the basics on oral use, briefly explores the silver chloride issue, and documents the use of colloidal silver to treat various conditions.

Oxygen Nebulizers & Silver: An Alternative Delivery Mechanism - Explore the use of nebulizers, oxygen nebulizers, and humidifiers to deliver CS into the lungs for the treatment of lung infections and to bypass the digestion system.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy ( H2O2 ) and Silver - Using CS and hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2 ) as a combined therapy.

Cayenne Pepper and Silver - Utilizing cayenne pepper may improve the effectiveness of colloidal silver. This document explores the ideas behind cayenne pepper use, especially when treating stubborn lung and bronchial infections.

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