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This document is designed to look at the prevalent ideas concerning the use of colloidal silver, and provides a broad outline regarding how-- and how much-- colloidal silver users generally utilize, and why. In other sections, we'll share our own philosphy based upon our experience over the years.

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Colloidal Silver Used Orally

Theory on Using Colloidal Silver Internally

No one who has researched the subject of colloidal silver thoroughly would argue with the fact that colloidal silver has proven to be effective as a biocidal agent with antimicrobial properties in laboratory studies. However, a test tube does not share the same properties as a living, breathing human body.

On one hand, a substance that tests as effective against an illness-causing organism in a test tube only has to be partially as successful in the body. Even a 10% improved response in the elimination of illness-causing organisms is often enough to augment the body's natural immune system to turn the tide against that illness in short order.

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that a substance will even reach the area of the body where it is needed, or in an effective form. If it does, there is also no guarantee that it will work in the same manner that it does in a test tube. Dilution factors must be considered, as well as a nearly endless combination of variables in the body's metabolic state.

Colloidal silver has on occasion been described as being a "second" invisible immune system. This might indeed be true, provided that the silver ions and/or particles are small enough to permeate through most human tissues and travel "unrecognized" through the human body, not reacting with other substances in the body, nor bonding with other chemicals and/or organic material.

This is a matter of substantial debate. It is known that silver, including colloidal silver, tends to react strongly with sulfides and chlorides. Some hypothesize that upon drinking colloidal silver, much of the ionic silver bonds with chlorides in the stomach to form silver chloride. Under this theory, ionic silver through oral use would be virtually useless. Others hypothesize that a small amount of ionic silver is surrounded by special proteins ( metalloproteins ) in saliva, and is thus protected from contact with reactive substances when first ingested. Even bolder theorists hypothesize that the silver chloride bond can be severed in the body by utilizing minute amounts of ammonia.

While it stands to reason that some of the silver MUST end up as silver chloride, it also stands to reason that this simplistic view is not all together accurate. The mainstream chemist might simply drop the idea. However, there are experts that spend their entire lives dedicated to this specialized branch of study, and still leave with many questions unanswered. Colloidal and ionic chemistry are a literally branches of science unto themselves.

Based on the responses reported by thousands of colloidal silver users worldwide and on our own experience, silver must be reaching the bloodstream and/or other areas of the body in sufficient strength and in an effective enough form to maintain at least some of its test tube demonstrated effectiveness when ingested orally. Whether this is due to the fact that not all colloidal silver ingested bonds to form silver chloride, or whether at different parts of the metabolic process the chloride-silver bonds break leaving ionic and/or silver particles free to act once again is a matter of debate.

Because of variable conditions as described above, the reported effectiveness of colloidal silver when ingested for various health-related issues often varies from one person to the next, especially in the amounts of colloidal silver needed and the time period whereby relief is experienced. For instance, even in the case of sore throats, relief has been experienced in as little as 15 minutes or as long as four hours ( for the same type of infection and colloidal silver used ). The relief period is often consistent with the user.

It is suspected that correcting any acid imbalance in the body improves the effectiveness of colloidal silver, and may partially explain why the amount of colloidal silver needed varies so widely between different people.

Clearly there are variables that are not simple to isolate when it comes to colloidal silver effectiveness. However, it is equally clear that these unanswered questions should not deter the individual seeking an alternative health solution. One can determine with very little investment whether or not colloidal silver might be an effective solution for any given situation.

The Practice of Drinking Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver, as used orally, has not been proven to do anything in the body. The reverse is equally true.

Although no scientifically acceptable studies have been formally conducted regarding colloidal silver effectiveness in the body, anecdotal evidence suggests the following uses for colloidal silver via oral use ( see table below ). Please note that this list is by no means complete, and more will be added as time progresses.

The dosage levels ( see previous section ) indicated are relative to every person's individual experience as well as the condition, and refer to the amount of colloidal silver actually taken orally, ingested into the body. They are included ONLY as a starting reference point to give a general idea of how some people have used colloidal silver as a remedy. These ideas, expressed in generalities, are by no means to be construed as scientifically acquired evidence. In the future, with the cooperation of any interested researchers/users, we may be able to present more formal data. The uses listed are included through first hand knowledge that a colloidal silver protocol has been used successfully.

Oral Consumption

  • Silver Mineral Supplement Dose
    • One teaspoonful full daily in the morning on an empty stomach
    • Silver held in mouth from 30 seconds to three minutes
  • Medicinal or Therapeutic Dose of Silver
    • One ounce of colloidal silver held in the mouth for at least 30 seconds to three minutes
    • Once daily in the morning up to one ounce every four hours
  • Emergency Dosing
    • 4 ounces per hour
    • Either once per hour or one ounce every 15 minutes
      • See our safety section for information on silver toxicity and argyria


For mouth infections, the idea is to keep a constant supply of colloidal silver in contact with the infection site. Some infections may be slow to respond if the silver is unable to reach the location of the infection.

For best results, prior to use, brush the teeth with a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution, including the tongue. Rinse mouth well. Then, rinse mouth with distilled water if available. Let the colloidal silver taken sit in the mouth for as long as possible. Treating the ears at the same time can prove to be advantageous.

See our page on combining H2O2 with colloidal silver for further thoughts. Combining and/or using H2O2 in the mouth when "canker sores" are present may result in irritation to the sores. Severe infections in the mouth can easily travel to the heart.

Severe infections of any type must be watched carefully. Please do not continue a treatment that is not proving effective in lieu of viable alternatives.

There is strong anectdotal evidence that suggests that oral use of colloidal silver assists the immune system in dealing with viral infections such as Hepatitis C and HIV, through long term use of colloidal silver. However, much more data is needed. It should not be assumed that improved heath as a result of colloidal silver use means that either of these conditions have been eliminated.

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James Heathen (Burien, Washington, US) says...

I make my own CS. Usually around 17-20 ppm, measured with a PWT. I use if for several things. The most miraculous Story I would say is it cured a sinus infection I had. Removed severe pain within a couple hours. max! I was in excruciating pain for 2 days and was not going to the dr just to get a prescription for an antibiotic . Thought of the silver, poured it in my nose like with a nettie, pain went away very fast. I did one more pour later on that night and nothing ever came back. I try to drink a few Oz. Daily .

Arpad Schummer (Cleveland, Ohio, US) says...

I use 15 to 20 PPM colloidal silver (homemade) for many specific things as well as health maintenance. I use a small plastic cup to snort it into my nostrils one at a time and hold my nose for a minute or so. after which I blow my nose and may repeat a second time if my nasal passages haven't completely cleared. My wife had a skin infection after abdominal hernia surgery at the incision site that would not respond to antibiotics internal as well as locally applied. I cleaned the area with iodine and applied a surgical sponge soaked with homemade colloidal silver. Covered it with a clear adhesive bandage to prevent it from drying up and changed the dressing two days later, at which time the site was a clean pink color and on it's way to healing. Which took about two weeks to completely clear. I also use CS mixed with DMSO as an eye wash to alleviate itching tired eyes and to was out dust and debris. GREAT STUFF!

Gary Greenberg (Moorabbin, New South Wales, Australia) says...

When discussing dosage - one ounce or one teaspoon - it would help if you gave the ppm of silver. It ranges from 10ppm to 500ppm. Big difference.


Hi Gary -  We have a whole section, and many articles, on the differences between different types of medicinal silver.

Our website is only about EIS - Electrically Isolated Silver, with PPM ranging from 3 PPM to ~23 PPM.

This particular article is a "general" article on silver use.

Just one example is the following section, which covers the different types of silver products, and other safety issues:

Gordon (New Zealand) says...

Never ever apologies to the Fascist at the FDA which stands for the Facist Department of America run in part by your corrupt politicians , Big Pharma , and Doctors looking for their next upmarket Vehicle.

That's why Doctors are dangerous they prescribe "Petro Chemical Drugs" which in themselves promote Cancer, A hangover from the rockefeller days and responsible for more deaths, than all the wars put together.

clemente (Owasso, US) says...

I prefer Federal Drug Advancement because really that's all they do, assist their masters, Big Pharma!

Brent (Alberta, Canada) says...

We are rediscovering the uses of silver after it was abandoned by the antibiotics rage. The use of silver flies in the face of the financial pocketbooks of the pharmaceutical companies. Such a simple solution and inexpensive way to heal. Even works with the electromagnetism elements of bone healing using positive charged silver laced healing bandages. NASA and Russian scientists are aware and use silver in multiple ways. Yet the FDA seems to be a major stumbling block for advanced application. Sorry FDA but even my grandmother knew a silver coin in your milk helped stop unwanted bacteria and promoted health of an individual.

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