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Pulmonary and Systemic Distribution of Inhaled Ultrafine Silver Particles in Rats


A study conducted by Shinji Takenaka, Erwin Karg, Christa Roth, Holger Schulz, Axel Ziesenis, Ulrich Heinzmann, Peter Schramel, and Joachim Heyder demonstrates that silver retention in lung tissue is dependent on particle sizing. The study involved rats and ICP-MS analysis.

Summary of Findings

The results of the tissue study indicated that:

1. Ultrafine silver particles ( 15 nm modal diameter )

a. Quickly entered the bloodstream via the lung passageways
b. Were quickly eliminated from the lung tissues, with only a 4% burden remaining after 7 days

2. Agglomerated silver particles

a. Were retained undissolved in lung tissue

3. Silver Nitrate ( AgNO3 ) - Dissolved Silver

a. Quickly entered the bloodstream via the lung passageways
b. Was quickly eliminated from lung tissues

For more information, read: The abstract

Using Colloidal Silver & Nebulizers in Inhalation Therapy

The above study demonstrates the importance of using high quality colloidal silver when conducting research experimention with silver in the lungs. Utilizing lower quality CS, containing agglomerated silver particles, may result in undesireable silver retention in lung tissues. The study clearly demonstrates that the risk associated with using ionic silver and particulate silver is not equal. Ionic silver, being completely dissolved, will not represent the same level of risk as particulate silver. True laboratory grade isolated colloidal silver products will have much smaller particles than most home-brewed colloidal silver products.

A medical quality oxygen nebulizer, such as the Brooks-Bradley Oxygen Nebulizer, is the most ideal method of delivering the finest particles into the lungs.

A high quality ultrasonic nebulizer would be the second choice, such as an Omron ultrasonic nebulizer. For $100-200 less, a compressor type nebulizer may be purchased, although these units are not as good as the ultrasonic variety. A compressor type nebulizer produces larger "atomized" particles and directly effects the particle dispersion of the colloidal silver.

Many people utilize ultrasonic humidifiers, such as the models that are readily available for purchase at standard drug stores ( such as Walgreens ). At first glance, it may appear that the "heavy mist" lobbed by these units is more advantageous. However, it is not, unless one is studying a throat condition. The finest mist possible is nearly invisible, and results in much more silver reaching into the lungs, rather than being deposited in the airway passages.

Many people experiment with home-brewed colloidal silver as well, and have reported excellent results with lung conditions. Concerning home-brewed silver, we suggest:

1. For low current, current-limited DC colloidal silver generators, it may be wise to produce LOWER PPM batches to try to ensure the highest quality product ( 5-7 PPM )

2. For those experimenting with basic/simple colloidal silver generators, a higher quality product can only be achieved by reducing CS production time. This means producing a product that is only ( roughly estimated ) between 1-3 PPM.

For the greatest safety for personal experimentation, a quality laboratory or medical grade colloidal silver is recommended.



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